The Bulletin is Post Mark Collectors Club's award-winning newsletter, which is received by every PMCC member 11 times a year. The Bulletin features news and stories of interest to philatelists and postmark collectors. Display advertising in the PMCC Bulletin provides an effective way of reaching your audience at a reasonable price.

Display Advertising

Ads are sold on a column-inch basis. One column-inch measures 3.5 inches by one inch. A full page measures seven by ten inches.

Current ad rates:
  Number of Insertions
Column-inches ONE THREE ELEVEN
One $4.00 $10.00 $30.00
Two $7 $18 $55
Three $10 $27 $81
Quarter-page: 5 $16.00 $40.00 $125.00
Half-page: 10 $28 $75 $225
Full-page: 20 $50 $135 $400

Premiums and surcharges:
Non-member surcharge: A surcharge of 10% is placed on the display advertising rates for advertisers who are not current members of the PMCC.
Color enhancement: A surcharge of 10% is placed on requests for color advertising.
Odd sizes: 10% surcharge; contact for details.
Last page: Contact for details.

Visual images:
All requests with visual images must arrive ready to scan or via e-mail in a .jpg format. Images may be cropped or resized for space considerations.


First day of the month prior to the month of publication (Example: Feb. 1 for the March Bulletin). Note: There is no August Bulletin; submission is July 25 for the September issue.

Contact and payment

There are two ways to pay and to communicate your ad information to PMCC Bulletin editor Bill German:
Email all images / copy to:

Payment can be made to the PMCC via PayPal at the address:

Via U.S. Mail:
Send all copy and/or images to:
Bill German, Editor
257 Mockingbird Circle
Lexington, SC 29073-7709
→ Make checks or money-orders payable to Post Mark Collectors Club. If you are not acknowledged within two weeks, please inquire.

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