The Appalachian Trail

The Postmark Adventures of Kelvin Kindahl, Part 14

July 12 -- Today and tomorrow I will almost finish New Hampshire. I circled around Lake Winnepesaukee, home of the Sophie C. mailboat post office, which is one of the five I need. I chose quantity over quality and did not investigate going to the Sophie C. while I was at its home port of Weirs Beach.

Wolfeboro and Wolfeboro Falls are barely a mile apart but the latter continues to operate as an independent office. Its lobby appears to have been recently renovated, so it doesn't seem like it's about to be closed.

Moultonboro, like many New England post offices ending in "boro", is in a town which spells the name "borough". Their newest postmark has the Moultonborough spelling, but it is not an actual name change.

Hill, NH used to be along the Pemigewasset River, but in 1941 a reservoir was built, which would have flooded the village. A couple of years in advance the townspeople built a new village up above the reservoir and everything moved.

July 13 -- Finished off central New Hampshire today. On to Maine!

July 14 -- Went to a couple of Maine's around-the-world towns - Paris and Norway. At Raymond I first asked for postmarks and got a four-bar cancel. New I asked for some bullseyes, and got those. By this time, the clerk realized what I wanted and told me she had two more bulleyes of a slightly different size, one in red and one in black. All together, I got two four-bars, three red-ink, and one black ink bullseyes, or six different, all self-inking.

Next stop was Windham, which used to be North Windham, when North Windham was made a station of Windham. South Windham now has no carriers operating out of their building, so there was some extra room there. That extra space now houses a district training academy.

In Portland, I went to most of the stations and branches I hadn't been to yet. For a city with only about 10 stations and branches, it will have taken me four trips to actually visit all of them. The last on I hadn't been to is on an island in Casco Bay.