2002 PMCC Convention Registration





Registration ($5/person, max. $12/family) $_________

Saturday Evening Banquet at Chuck-a-Rama Restaurant Number____ x $10 each = $_________

Group Photograph (8x10) Number____ x $12 each = $_________

2002 Convention Cachets (set of 3) Number____ x $5 per set = $_________

Please send a #10 SASE w/65 cents postage if not attending

Tour of Salt Lake City, Park City P.O. and Olympic Venue Number____ x $10 each = $_________

Convention T-Shirt S, M, L, or XL (please circle) Number____ x $10 each = $_________

XXL Number____ x $11 each = $_________

T-shirt orders must be received by July 8. Add $3.50 postage if not attending

Booster Dollars (Thank you!) $_________

Total Enclosed $_________

_____ Check here if you will have a vehicle (own or rental) at the convention and would be willing to help with transportation to the ice cream social and/or the Saturday night banquet.

_____ Check here to be given names of people interested in sharing rooms.

Mail to: Glen Penrod, 209 North 775 East, American Fork, UT 84003. Make checks payable to PMCC.

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2002 PMCC Convention Exhibition Entry Form

Name___________________________________________________________________ PMCC #________

Title of Exhibit____________________________________________________________________________

Description of format_______________________________ Will you bring or send your exhibit?_____________

Category (choose one)

___1. Theme "An Encounter with History" ____4. Topical

___2. Postal History ____5. General

___3. Geographic

Assistance requested (include address) ______________________________________________________________


Copy this form for multiple entries. Mail to Glen Penrod (address above)

For more info by e-mail: glenpenrod@yahoo.com