2003 Transportation Request Form




Name ___________________________________________________ PMCC # _____________________


How many people ? _____________________ Home Phone No. _________________________________


E-mail ________________________________________________________________________________


Arriving by plane:


            Arriving by:     Airline _______________________  Flight #_______________________


            Departing by:  Airline _______________________  Flight # ______________________



Arriving by train:                                                    Arriving by bus:


        Arriving by:      Train #_______________                 Arriving by:     bus #_______________        


        Departing by:  Train #_______________                 Departing  by:  bus #_______________        






Arrival: _____________July/August_________________          Time: _______________ am / pm

                (day)                                   (date)


Departure: ___________ August ___________________         Time: _______________ am / pm

                     (day)                              (date)



If you will have a car available in St. Louis, either your own or rental, we certainly would welcome your assistance in taking others from/to the airport, bus station, or train station.  Also to/from Muny Theater musical show on Friday evening.


________ I will be able to assist with transportation.  When ? __________________________________________


Please send this form as soon as possible to Bob Milligan, 23381 Greenleaf Blvd, Elkhart, IN 46514-4504


Phone # 219-264-7660          E-mail: bob.milligan@prodigy.net


Please include SASE if acknowledgement or reply by mail is desired.