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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Connecticut Post Office Photographs (428)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
SheltonFairfeldca. 1940N/A
South NorwalkFairfeldFeb 1938N/ANow Norwalk MPO
StamfordFairfeldMar 1941N/AFormer site
BethelFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish
BotsfordFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish
BridgeportFairfieldFeb 1892N/AFormer site
BridgeportFairfieldSep 1934N/A
BridgeportFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
. Barnum StationFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish
. Bayview StationFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish
. Central Commons CPUFairfieldJun 2009E KalishDisc. 2011
. Noble StationFairfieldJun 2009E Kalish
BrookfieldFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
Candlewood Isle CPOFairfieldMay 2006J GallagherDisc.
Cos CobFairfieldJul 2011E Kalish
DanburyFairfieldca. 1916N/ANow Downtown Sta.
DanburyFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
. Charles One-Stop Conv. CPUFairfieldMar 2011E KalishNow Michael's
. Downtown StationFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish
. Michael's One Stop CPUFairfieldMay 2017E KalishReplaced Charles
. Route 6 Mailroom CPUFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish
DarienFairfieldJul 2011E Kalish
. Noroton Heights StationFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
Easton Branch [Bridgeport]FairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
FairfieldFairfieldApr 1936N/AFormer site
FairfieldFairfieldMay 2006J GallagherFormer site
FairfieldFairfieldMay 2013E Kalish
. Commerce StationFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
. Commerce StationFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish
. Katona Corners CPUFairfieldMay 2011E KalishDisc.
GeorgetownFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
Greens FarmsFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
Greens FarmsFairfieldApr 2017E Kalish
GreenwichFairfield1917N/AFormer site
GreenwichFairfieldMay 1938N/ARear
GreenwichFairfieldMay 2013E Kalish
. Downtown StationFairfieldMay 2013E KalishReplaced G.A.S. *
. Glenville StationFairfieldMay 2013E Kalish
. Greenwich Avenue StationFairfieldMay 2009E Kalish* Disc. 2012
HawleyvilleFairfieldMay 2006J GallagherFormer site
HawleyvilleFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish
MonroeFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish
New CanaanFairfieldMay 2013E KalishFormer site
New CanaanFairfieldMay 2014E Kalish
New CanaanFairfieldFeb 2017E Kalish
New Fairfield Branch [Danbury]FairfieldMar 2011E Kalish
NewtownFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish
NorwalkFairfieldJul 2011E Kalish
. Belden StationFairfieldJul 2011E Kalish
. Sta. #1 CPUFairfieldMay 2009E Kalisha.k.a. Glen's Variety CPU
. Westport Carrier AnnexFairfieldJul 2010E Kalish
Old GreenwichFairfieldJul 2011E Kalish
ReddingFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
Redding RidgeFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
RidgefieldFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
RiversideFairfieldJul 2011E Kalish
RowaytonFairfieldJul 2011E Kalish
SheltonFairfieldOct 2006J Emerson
. Bridgeport Avenue Shell CPUFairfieldMay 2015E Kalish
. Bridgeport Avenue Shell CPUFairfieldMay 2015E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexFairfieldMay 2015E Kalish
. Huntington StationFairfieldMay 2015E Kalish
ShermanFairfieldApr 2014E Kalish
SouthportFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish
Stamford P&DCFairfieldJul 2011E Kalish
. Atlantic Avenue StationFairfieldMay 2006J GallagherDisc. 2013
. Barry Place Carrier AnnexFairfieldMay 2013E Kalish
. Bull's Head StationFairfieldMay 2013E KalishReplaced R.S. **
. Camp Avenue StationFairfieldMay 2013E Kalish
. Glenbrook StationFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
. Glenbrook StationFairfieldMay 2013E Kalish
. High Ridge Printing ... CPUFairfieldMay 2013E Kalish
. Martina's ... CPUFairfieldMay 2009E KalishDisc.
. Ridgeway StationFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher** Disc. 2013
. Shippan Candies CPUFairfieldMay 2009E Kalish
. Summer Atlantic StationFairfieldApr 2017E Kalish
. West Avenue StationFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
StevensonFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
Stratford Postal StoreFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish[Bridgeport]
Trumbull BranchFairfieldMar 2011E Kalish[Bridgeport]
West ReddingFairfieldMay 2006J Gallagher
Weston Branch [Westport]FairfieldMay 2013E Kalish
WestportFairfieldAug 1936N/AFormer site
WestportFairfieldMay 2006J GallagherFormer site
WestportFairfieldMay 2013E Kalish
. Fast Stop CPUFairfieldMar 2011E KalishDisc. 2013
. Saugatuck StationFairfieldMay 2006J GallagherDisc.
WiltonFairfieldMay 2013E Kalish
AvonHartfordMay 2017E Kalish
Berlin Station [Kensington]HartfordMay 2015E Kalish
BloomfieldHartfordJun 2016E Kalish
BristolHartfordca. 1912N/AFormer site
BristolHartfordMar 1937N/AFormer site
BristolHartfordJun 2016E Kalish
. Forestville StationHartfordMay 2013E Kalish
. Shop Rite CPUHartfordJun 2016E KalishExt.
. Shop Rite CPUHartfordJun 2016E Kalish
Broad BrookHartfordAug 2016E Kalish
BurlingtonHartfordMay 2013E Kalish
CantonHartfordMay 2017E Kalish
Canton CenterHartfordMay 2017E Kalish
CollinsvilleHartfordMay 2017E Kalish
East BerlinHartfordMay 2015E Kalish
East GlastonburyHartfordJun 2016E Kalish
East GranbyHartfordMay 2017E Kalish
East Hartford BranchHartfordNov 1939N/A[Hartford]
East Hartford BranchHartfordMay 2002J Gallagher[Hartford]
East HartlandHartfordAug 1998J Gallagher
East WindsorHartfordMay 2002J Gallagher
East Windsor HillHartfordMay 2002J Gallagher
East Windsor HillHartfordJun 2018J Emerson
East Windsor HillHartfordOct 2013E Kalish
EnfieldHartfordMay 2002J Gallagher
. Enfield Street StationHartfordAug 2016E Kalish
FarmingtonHartfordMay 2013J Gallagher
GlastonburyHartfordMar 1937N/AFormer site
GlastonburyHartfordJul 2010E Kalish
GranbyHartfordMay 2017E Kalish
Hartford: MPOHartfordJul 1903N/AFormer site
Hartford: MPOHartfordApr 1933N/AFormer site
Hartford: MPO and P&DCHartfordOct 2013E Kalish
Hartford: MPO and P&DCHartfordOct 2013E Kalish
. Airport Mail FacilityHartfordOct 2013E KalishBradley Int'l Branch
. Airport Mail FacilityHartfordOct 2013E KalishBradley Int'l Branch
. Ann Street StationHartfordMay 2013E Kalish
. Barry Square StationHartfordJul 2010E Kalish
. Bishop's Corner BranchHartfordJun 2016E Kalish
. Blue Hills StationHartfordOct 2013E Kalish
. Murphy Road Carrier AnnexHartfordJul 2010E Kalish
. Old State House StationHartfordMay 2013E Kalish
. Shield Street BranchHartfordJun 2016E Kalish
. Silver Lane BranchHartfordMay 2002J Gallagher
. Unity Plaza StationHartfordOct 2013E Kalish
. Washington Street StationHartfordJul 2010E Kalish
. West Hartford BranchHartfordJun 2016E Kalisha.k.a. LaSalle Rd. Br.
KensingtonHartfordMay 2015E Kalish
ManchesterHartford1933N/AFormer site
ManchesterHartfordOct 2014E Kalish
. Buckland StationHartfordOct 2014E Kalish
MarionHartfordMay 2013E Kalish
MarlboroughHartfordJun 2016E Kalish
MilldaleHartfordMay 2015E Kalish
New BritainHartfordca. 1911N/AFormer site
New BritainHartfordca. 1930N/AFormer site
New BritainHartfordMay 2015E Kalish
. Polmart CPUHartfordMay 2015E Kalish
Newington Branch [Hartford]HartfordJun 2016E Kalish
North CantonHartfordMay 2013J Gallagher
North GranbyHartfordMay 2017E Kalish
Northeast Area OfficesHartfordAug 2016E Kalish[Windsor]
PlainvilleHartfordca. 1935N/A
PlainvilleHartfordMay 2013E Kalish
PlantsvilleHartfordMay 2015E Kalish
PoquonockHartfordOct 2013E Kalish
Rocky HillHartfordJul 2010E Kalish
SimsburyHartfordMay 2017E Kalish
South GlastonburyHartfordJul 2010E Kalish
South WindsorHartfordAug 2016E Kalish
. Bissell StationHartfordAug 2016E Kalish
SouthingtonHartfordJun 1940N/A
SouthingtonHartfordMay 2006J Gallagher
SouthingtonHartfordMay 2015E Kalish
SuffieldHartfordAug 2016E Kalish
ThompsonvilleHartfordFeb 1937N/ARenamed Enfield
UnionvilleHartfordMay 2002J Gallagher
WeatogueHartfordMay 2017E Kalish
West GranbyHartfordMay 2017E Kalish
West SimsburyHartfordMay 2013J Gallagher
West SuffieldHartfordAug 2016E Kalish
Wethersfield BranchHartfordJul 2010E Kalish[Hartford]
WindsorHartfordJun 1941N/AFormer site
WindsorHartfordOct 2013E Kalish
Windsor LocksHartfordOct 2013E Kalish
BantamLitchfieldMay 2013E Kalish
BethlehemLitchfieldMay 2002J Gallagher
BridgewaterLitchfieldJun 2016E Kalish
CanaanLitchfieldMay 2013J Gallagher
ColebrookLitchfieldMay 2013J Gallagher
CornwallLitchfieldApr 2014E Kalish
Cornwall BridgeLitchfieldSep 2013J Emerson
East CanaanLitchfieldMay 2013J Gallagher
Falls VillageLitchfieldMay 2013J Gallagher
GaylordsvilleLitchfieldApr 2014E Kalish
GoshenLitchfieldMay 2002J Gallagher
Harwinton BranchLitchfieldMay 2013E Kalish[Torrington]
KentLitchfieldApr 2014E Kalish
LakevilleLitchfieldOct 1941N/A
LakevilleLitchfieldMay 2000J Gallagher
LitchfieldLitchfieldMay 2013E Kalish
MorrisLitchfieldMay 2013E Kalish
New HartfordLitchfieldMay 2017E Kalish
New MilfordLitchfieldJan 1936N/AFormer site
New MilfordLitchfieldMay 2013E Kalish
New Preston-Marbledale Br.LitchfieldMay 2013E Kalish[Washington Depot]
NorfolkLitchfieldMay 2013J Gallagher
OakvilleLitchfieldMar 1940N/A
OakvilleLitchfieldJun 2016E Kalish
PequabuckLitchfieldAug 1998J Gallagher
PequabuckLitchfieldJun 2016E Kalish
Pine MeadowLitchfieldOct 2006J Emerson
Pleasant ValleyLitchfieldMay 2013J Gallagher
PlymouthLitchfieldJun 2016E Kalish
RivertonLitchfieldAug 2016E Kalish
RoxburyLitchfieldJun 2016E Kalish
SalisburyLitchfieldMay 2013J Gallagher
SharonLitchfieldMay 2013J Gallagher
South KentLitchfieldApr 2014E Kalish
TaconicLitchfieldJan 2011E Kalish
TerryvilleLitchfieldJun 2016E Kalish
ThomastonLitchfieldca. 1938N/A
ThomastonLitchfieldOct 2006J Emerson
TorringtonLitchfieldca. 1910N/AFormer site
TorringtonLitchfieldNov 1936N/AFormer site
TorringtonLitchfieldMay 2013J Gallagher
Washington DepotLitchfieldMay 2013E Kalish
Washington Green BranchLitchfieldMay 2013E Kalish[Washington Depot]
WatertownLitchfieldJun 2016E Kalish
. Hy LaBonne and Sons CPULitchfieldJun 2016E Kalish
. Hy LaBonne and Sons CPULitchfieldJun 2016E KalishInt.
West CornwallLitchfieldMay 2013J Gallagher
WinstedLitchfieldJun 1937N/A
WinstedLitchfieldMay 2013J Gallagher
WoodburyLitchfieldJun 2016E Kalish
CenterbrookMiddlesexMay 2014E Kalish
ChesterMiddlesexJun 2016E Kalish
ClintonMiddlesexFeb 1937N/A
ClintonMiddlesexMay 2013E Kalish
CobaltMiddlesexJun 2016E Kalish
CromwellMiddlesexMay 2015E Kalish
. Cartridge World CPUMiddlesexMay 2015E Kalish
Deep RiverMiddlesexJun 2016E Kalish
DurhamMiddlesexMay 2015E Kalish
East HaddamMiddlesexJun 2016E Kalish
East HamptonMiddlesexca. 1938N/A
East HamptonMiddlesexJun 2016E Kalish
EssexMiddlesexMay 2014E Kalish
HaddamMiddlesexJun 2016E Kalish
HigganumMiddlesexJun 2016E Kalish
IvorytonMiddlesexMay 2014E Kalish
Killingworth CPO [Deep River]MiddlesexMay 2014E Kalish
Killingworth CPO [Deep River]MiddlesexMay 2014E KalishInt.
Middle HaddamMiddlesexJun 2016E Kalish
MiddlefieldMiddlesexMay 2015E Kalish
MiddletownMiddlesexFeb 1919N/AFormer site
MiddletownMiddlesexMay 2015E Kalish
. It's Only Natural CPUMiddlesexJun 2016E KalishExt.
MoodusMiddlesexSep 2013J Emerson
Old SaybrookMiddlesexMay 2013E Kalish
PortlandMiddlesexMay 1942N/A
PortlandMiddlesexJun 2016E Kalish
RockfallMiddlesexMay 2015E Kalish
WestbrookMiddlesexMay 2013E Kalish
AnsoniaNew Havenca. 1914N/A
AnsoniaNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
Beacon FallsNew HavenMay 2006J Gallagher
BranfordNew HavenNov 1927N/AFormer site
BranfordNew HavenMay 2011E Kalish
. Short Beach StationNew HavenJul 2010E Kalish
. Stony Creek StationNew HavenJul 2010E Kalish
CheshireNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
DerbyNew Haven1932N/A
DerbyNew HavenSep 1995N/A
GuilfordNew HavenJul 2010E Kalish
. Guilford-Madison Carrier Ax.New HavenMay 2011E Kalish
Hamden BranchNew HavenMay 2006J Gallagher
MadisonNew HavenFeb 1940N/A
MadisonNew HavenJul 2010E Kalish
. North Madison CPUNew HavenMay 2014E KalishRobert's; int.
MeridenNew Havenca. 1907N/AFormer site
MeridenNew Havenca. 1932N/AFormer site
MeridenNew HavenMay 2006J GallagherFormer site
MeridenNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
. Station ANew HavenMay 2006J GallagherDisc.
MiddleburyNew HavenJun 2016E Kalish
MilfordNew HavenMay 2011E Kalish
. Devon StationNew HavenMay 2006J Gallagher
. Downtown StationNew HavenJul 2011E Kalish
MilfordNew Haven1932N/ANow Downtown Sta.
NaugatuckNew HavenJul 1952N/AFormer site
NaugatuckNew HavenMay 2001J GallagherFormer site
NaugatuckNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
. Union City StationNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
New Haven: MPONew Haven1901N/AFormer site
New Haven: MPONew HavenMay 2011E Kalish
. Allingtown BranchNew HavenJun 2016E Kalish
. Amity StationNew HavenMay 2006J Gallagher
. Baybrook BranchNew HavenMay 2011E Kalish
. Centerville-Mt. Carmel Br.New HavenMay 2015E Kalish
. E-Z Mail & More CPUNew HavenJun 2016E Kalish
. East Haven BranchNew HavenMay 2011E KalishPrev. disc.
. Fair Haven StationNew HavenMay 2011E Kalish
. Federal StationNew HavenMay 2011E Kalish
. Foxon CPUNew HavenJun 2010E KalishFormer site
. Hall Benedict Drug CPUNew HavenMay 2009E KalishDisc.
. Kilby StationNew HavenMay 2011E Kalish
. Mount Carmel Carrier AnnexNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
. Trolley Square BranchNew HavenMay 2011E Kalish
. Westville StationNew HavenOct 2006J Emerson
. Whitneyville BrachNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
. Yale StationNew HavenMay 2011E Kalish
North BranfordNew HavenMay 2011E Kalish
North HavenNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexNew HavenMay 2014E Kalish
NorthfordNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
OrangeNew HavenMay 2006J Gallagher
ProspectNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
SeymourNew Havenca. 1917N/A
SeymourNew HavenMay 2001J Gallagher
. Haynes Materials CPUNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
SouthburyNew HavenJun 2016E Kalish
Southern Connecticut P&DCNew HavenMay 2011E KalishWallingford
Stratford BranchNew HavenMay 2006J Gallagher[Bridgeport]
WallingfordNew Havenca. 1903N/AFormer site
WallingfordNew Havenca. 1903N/AFormer site
WallingfordNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
. Yalesville StationNew HavenMay 2015E Kalish
WaterburyNew Havenca. 1910N/AFormer site
WaterburyNew HavenApr 1933N/A
WaterburyNew HavenMay 2013E Kalish
. East End StationNew HavenMay 2013E Kalish
. Lakewood StationNew HavenJun 2016E Kalish
. Plaza StationNew HavenJun 2016E Kalish
West Haven BranchNew HavenMay 2011E Kalish[New Haven]
Wolcott Branch [Waterbury]New HavenJun 2016E Kalish
BalticNew LondonApr 2015E Kalish
BozrahNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
ColchesterNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
. Westchester Market CPUNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
. Westchester Market CPUNew LondonJun 2016E KalishInt.
East LymeNew LondonMay 2016E Kalish
Gales FerryNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
. Mashantucket Pequot CPUNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
GilmanNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
GrotonNew LondonJul 2011E Kalish
. Borough StationNew LondonNov 2013E Kalish
. Groton Long Point StationNew LondonJul 2011E Kalish
. Naval Sub Base StationNew LondonDec 2017E KalishExt.
. Naval Sub Base StationNew LondonDec 2017E Kalish+ OMC
HadlymeNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
HanoverNew LondonApr 2015E Kalish
Jewett CityNew LondonOct 2014E Kalish
LebanonNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
LedyardNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
MontvilleNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
MysticNew Londonca. 1926N/A
MysticNew LondonJul 2011E Kalish
New LondonNew Londonca. 1898N/AFormer site
New LondonNew Londonca. 1934N/A
New LondonNew LondonAug 2016E Kalish
NianticNew LondonMay 2013E Kalish
North FranklinNew LondonMay 2004J Gallagher
North StoningtonNew LondonNov 2013E Kalish
NorwichNew Londonca. 1904N/A
NorwichNew LondonDec 1939N/AFormer site
NorwichNew LondonOct 2006J Emerson
. Preston Market CPUNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
. Rose City Carrier AnnexNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
OakdaleNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
Old LymeNew LondonJul 2011E Kalish
Old MysticNew LondonNov 2013E Kalish
PawcatuckNew LondonJul 2011E Kalish
South LymeNew LondonMay 2013E Kalish
StoningtonNew LondonNov 1941N/A
StoningtonNew LondonJul 2011E Kalish
TaftvilleNew LondonApr 2015E Kalish
UncasvilleNew LondonJun 2016E Kalish
VersaillesNew LondonApr 2015E Kalish
VoluntownNew LondonMay 2014J Gallagher
WaterfordNew LondonJul 2011E Kalish
West Mystic Branch [Mystic]New LondonJul 2011E Kalish
YanticNew LondonJun 2016E KalishDisc.
AmstonTollandJun 2016E Kalish
AndoverTollandJun 2016E Kalish
BoltonTollandJun 2016E Kalish
ColumbiaTollandJun 2016E Kalish
CoventryTollandJun 2016E Kalish
EllingtonTollandAug 2016E Kalish
HebronTollandJun 2016E Kalish
Mansfield CenterTollandJun 2016E Kalish
RockvilleTollandca. 1914N/ARenamed; old site
RockvilleTollandca. 1930N/ARenamed; old site
SomersTollandAug 2016E Kalish
SomersvilleTollandAug 2016E Kalish
StaffordTollandAug 2016E Kalish
Stafford SpringsTollandAug 2016E Kalish
StaffordvilleTollandAug 2016E Kalish
Storrs-MansfieldTollandJun 2016E Kalish
TollandTollandOct 2014E Kalish
Vernon-RockvilleTollandAug 2016E Kalish
. Talcottville StationTollandMay 2000J Gallagher
WillingtonTollandOct 2014E Kalish
AshfordWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
BallouvilleWindhamApr 2015E Kalish
BrooklynWindhamJun 2016E Kalish
CanterburyWindhamMay 2014J Gallagher
Central VillageWindhamMay 2014J Gallagher
ChaplinWindhamMay 2014J Gallagher
DanielsonWindhamca. 1936N/A
DanielsonWindhamMay 2014J Gallagher
DayvilleWindhamApr 2015E Kalish
East KillinglyWindhamApr 2015E Kalish
East WoodstockWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
EastfordWindhamMay 2014J Gallagher
Grosvenor DaleWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
HamptonWindhamMay 2014J Gallagher
MoosupWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
North GrosvenordaleWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
North WindhamWindhamMay 2014J Gallagher
OnecoWindhamca. 1910N/AFormer site
OnecoWindhamMay 2014J Gallagher
PlainfieldWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
PomfretWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
Pomfret CenterWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
PutnamWindhamca. 1933N/A
PutnamWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
QuinebaugWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
RogersWindhamApr 2015E Kalish
ScotlandWindhamMay 2014J Gallagher
South WindhamWindhamJun 2016E Kalish
South WoodstockWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
SterlingWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
ThompsonWindhamOct 2014E Kalish
WaureganWindhamMay 2014J Gallagher
WillimanticWindhamJan 1911N/AFormer site
WillimanticWindhamMay 2014J Gallagher
WindhamWindhamMar 1994N/A
WindhamWindhamMay 2014J Gallagher
WoodstockWindhamOct 2014E Kalish

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