Post Office Photographs
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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Kentucky Post Office Photographs (674)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
BreedingAdairJul 2014J Gallagher
Cane ValleyAdairMar 2009J Emerson
Cane ValleyAdairJul 2014J GallagherInt.
ColumbiaAdairJul 2014J Gallagher
AdolphusAllenJun 1995J Gallagher
HollandAllenJun 2007J EmersonDisc.
LawrenceburgAndersonApr 1992J GallagherFormer site
BandanaBallardApr 2019E Kalish
BarlowBallardAug 1973J Gallagher
BarlowBallardApr 2019E Kalish
BlandvilleBallardAug 1973J Gallagher
KevilBallardAug 1973J Gallagher
KevilBallardApr 2019E Kalish
La CenterBallardApr 2019E Kalish
LovelacevilleBallardAug 1973J Gallagher
WickliffeBallardAug 1973J Gallagher
WickliffeBallardApr 2019E Kalish
AustinBarrenJun 1995J Gallagher
Eighty Eight CPOBarrenNov 2009J Emerson
LucasBarrenJun 1995J Gallagher
OlympiaBathAug 2008J Emerson
OwingsvilleBathSep 2012S Bahnsen
Preston CPOBathAug 2008J Emerson[Owingsville]
Salt LickBathOct 2008E Kalish
SharpsburgBathSep 2005J Gallagher
SharpsburgBathSep 2012S Bahnsen
BeverlyBellJan 2011J Emerson
FrakesBellSep 2012S Bahnsen
HulenBellFeb 2011J EmersonDisc. 2011
IngramBellFeb 2011J Emerson
Kettle IslandBellMay 2007J EmersonDisc. 2011
MiddlesboroBellMay 2007J Emerson
PinevilleBellNov 2018J Emerson
Stoney ForkBellJan 2011J Emerson
Cincinnati [OH] Air Mail FacilityBooneMay 1997J GallagherLocated in Kentucky
ConstanceBooneMay 1997J Gallagher
FlorenceBooneMay 1997J Gallagher
MillersburgBourbonSep 2012S Bahnsen
North MiddletownBourbonMar 2009J Emerson
ParisBourbonFeb 1993J Gallagher
AshlandBoydSep 2012S Bahnsen
. Racers Chevron CPUBoydApr 2019E Kalish
. Racers Chevron CPUBoydApr 2019E KalishInt.
CatlettsburgBoyd1918N/AFormer site
DanvilleBoyleMay 1994J Gallagher
HustonvilleBoyleMay 1994J Gallagher
Junction CityBoyleMay 1994J Gallagher
MitchellsburgBoyleApr 1992J Gallagher
ParksvilleBoyleApr 1992J Gallagher
PerryvilleBoyleApr 1992J Gallagher
AugustaBrackenSep 2005J Gallagher
BrooksvilleBrackenSep 2005J Gallagher
MilfordBrackenSep 2005J GallagherDisc.
ClayholeBreathittFeb 2006J Emerson
JacksonBreathittca. 1916N/AFormer site
JacksonBreathittJun 2019J Gallagher
Juan CPO [Jackson]BreathittMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1979
NoctorBreathittFeb 2006J EmersonDisc. 1992
CloverportBreckinridgeAug 2002J Gallagher
GarfieldBreckinridgeAug 2002J Gallagher
HardinsburgBreckinridgeAug 2002J Gallagher
HarnedBreckinridgeAug 2002J Gallagher
WebsterBreckinridgeAug 2002J Gallagher
ClermontBullittJun 1995J GallagherAt Jim Beam distillery
Lebanon JunctionBullittJun 1995J Gallagher
ShepherdsvilleBullittJul 2014J Gallagher
JetsonButlerJun 2007J Emerson
Welch CreekButler1977J GallagherDisc. 2008
Welchs Creek CPOButlerJun 2007J EmersonDisc. 2008
FredoniaCaldwellMay 2014S Bahnsen
PrincetonCaldwellApr 2015J Gallagher
New ConcordCallowayApr 2008J Emerson
AlexanderCampbellMay 1997J Gallagher
Bellevue Branch [Newport]CampbellOct 2010E Kalish
Dayton Branch [Newport]CampbellOct 2010E KalishDisc. 2011
Fort Thomas Branch [Newport]CampbellOct 2010E Kalish
Highland Heights BranchCampbellSep 2010E Kalish[Newport]
MelbourneCampbellSep 2010E Kalish
NewportCampbellca. 1910N/AFormer site
NewportCampbellOct 2010E Kalish
. NKU CPUCampbellOct 2010E KalishDisc. 2010
. Spence StationCampbellOct 2010E KalishDisc. 2011
Silver GroveCampbellSep 2010E Kalish
MilburnCarlisleSep 2008J Emerson
CarrolltonCarrollFeb 1993J Gallagher
GhentCarrollMar 2009J Emerson
SandersCarrollMay 1997J Gallagher
WorthvilleCarrollFeb 1993J Gallagher
GrahnCarterNov 2009J Emerson
MiddleburgCaseyMay 1994J Gallagher
YosemiteCaseyMay 1994J Gallagher
HerndonChristianJun 1995J Gallagher
PrudenClaiborne, TNJun 2003J EmersonDisc. 2009
WinchesterClarkApr 2019E Kalish
Big CreekClayOct 2011J Gallagher
Fall RockClayDec 2012J Emerson
GarrardClayOct 2011J Gallagher
Goose RockClayOct 2011J Gallagher
HimaClayFeb 2006J Emerson
HimaClayNov 2018J Emerson
ManchesterClayJul 2014J Gallagher
OneidaClayJan 2011J Emerson
Sextons CreekClayJul 2014J Gallagher
AlbanyClintonJul 2014J Gallagher
CrayneCrittendenMay 2014S Bahnsen
MarionCrittenden1977J Gallagher
MarionCrittendenApr 2019E Kalish
BurkesvilleCumberlandJul 2014J Gallagher
DubreCumberlandNov 2009J Emerson
MarrowboneCumberlandNov 2009J Emerson
CurdsvilleDaviessAug 2008J EmersonDisc. 2008
Maple Mount CPODaviessAug 2008J Emerson[Owensboro]
OwensboroDaviess1901N/AFormer site
OwensboroDaviessca. 1911N/AFormer site
StanleyDaviessJul 1994J GallagherDisc. 1997
West LouisvilleDaviessAug 2008J EmersonDisc.
Cave CityEdmonsonJun 1990J Gallagher
Mammoth CaveEdmonsonJun 1990J Gallagher
Mammoth CaveEdmonsonFeb 2020J Emerson
Rocky HillEdmonsonNov 2009J Emerson
Rocky HillEdmonsonFeb 2020J Emerson
SweedenEdmonsonNov 2009J Emerson
IsonvilleElliottNov 2009J EmersonDisc. 2011
Sandy HookElliottSep 2012S Bahnsen
IrvineEstillNov 2009J Emerson
Lexington: MPOFayette1934N/A
Lexington: MPOFayetteFeb 2006J EmersonFormer site
. Barr Street StationFayetteFeb 1993J Gallagher
. Beaumont StationFayetteJul 2014J Gallagher
. Chinoe CPUFayetteSep 2009E KalishDisc.
. Gardenside StationFayetteJul 2014J Gallagher
. Gleneagles CPUFayetteSep 2009E Kalish
. Henry Clay StationFayetteJun 2019J Gallagher
. Liberty Road Carrier AnnexFayetteJun 2019J Gallagher
. Liberty Road StationFayetteJun 2019J Gallagher
. Pip Printing CPUFayetteSep 2009E KalishDisc.
. Postrider StationFayetteOct 2008E Kalish
ElizavilleFlemingSep 2005J GallagherDisc.
EwingFlemingSep 2005J Gallagher
FlemingsburgFlemingSep 2005J Gallagher
HillsboroFlemingSep 2005J Gallagher
Muses MillsFlemingSep 2005J GallagherDisc.
Plummers LandingFlemingSep 2005J GallagherDisc.
WallingfordFlemingSep 2005J Gallagher
AllenFloydAug 1978J Gallagher
AuxierFloydJun 2019J Gallagher
Besty LayneFloydJun 2006J Emerson
BevinsvilleFloydAug 1978J Gallagher
BevinsvilleFloydJun 2006J Emerson
Blue RiverFloydAug 1978J GallagherFormer site
Blue RiverFloydJun 2006J Emerson
BuckinghamFloydAug 1978J GallagherDisc. 1984
DavidFloydAug 1978J Gallagher
DavidFloydJun 2019J Gallagher
DriftFloydAug 1978J GallagherDisc. 2005
DwaleFloydAug 1978J Gallagher
East McDowellFloydAug 1978J GallagherDisc. 1980
EasternFloydJan 2011J Emerson
EmmaFloydAug 1978J GallagherDisc. 1989
EstillFloydAug 1978J GallagherDisc.
GarrettFloydJun 2019J Gallagher
GrethelFloydSep 2012S Bahnsen
HaloFloydAug 1978J GallagherDisc. 1990
Hi HatFloydJun 2006J Emerson
HueysvilleFloydJun 2006J Emerson
HunterFloydAug 1978J GallagherDisc.
LackeyFloydAug 1978J Gallagher
LackeyFloydJun 2019J Gallagher
MartinFloydJun 2019J Gallagher
McDowellFloydAug 1978J Gallagher
MelvinFloydJun 2006J Emerson
MinnieFloydAug 1978J GallagherFormer site; disc.
MinnieFloydJun 2006J EmersonDisc.
OrkneyFloydAug 1978J GallagherDisc. 1984
PrestonsburgFloydJun 2019J Gallagher
PriceFloydAug 1978J GallagherDisc. 1984
PrinterFloydMay 1978J GallagherFormer site
PrinterFloydJan 2011J Emerson
TeaberryFloydJun 2006J Emerson
TramFloydJun 2006J EmersonDisc.
WaylandFloydAug 1978J Gallagher
WaylandFloydJun 2019J Gallagher
WeeksburyFloydJun 2006J Emerson
WheelwrightFloydJun 2006J Emerson
FrankfortFranklinJul 1900N/AFormer site
FrankfortFranklinAug 2002J Gallagher
. Mark's Hallmark CPUFranklinSep 2009E Kalish
. Westside StationFranklinSep 2009E Kalish
. Markwell Center CPUFranklinSep 2009E Kalish
FultonFultonSep 2018J Emerson
HickmanFultonApr 2008J Emerson
SpartaGallatinMay 1997J Gallagher
WarsawGallatinMay 1997J Gallagher
BryantsvilleGarrardFeb 1993J Gallagher
LancasterGarrardFeb 1993J Gallagher
CorinthGrantMay 1997J Gallagher
CrittendenGrantJun 2019J Gallagher
Dry RidgeGrantJun 2019J Gallagher
JonesvilleGrantSep 2012S Bahnsen
MasonGrantMay 1997J GallagherDisc.
WilliamstownGrantFeb 2006J Emerson
Fancy FarmGravesSep 2008J Emerson
Big CliftyGrayson1977J Gallagher
CaneyvilleGrayson1977J Gallagher
ClarksonGrayson1977J Gallagher
Falls of RoughGrayson1977J GallagherDisc. 2007
LeitchfieldGrayson1977J Gallagher
MillwoodGrayson1977J Gallagher
NeafusGrayson1977J Gallagher
SadlerGrayson1977J Gallagher
SouthGrayson1977J GallagherDisc. 1987
Spring LickGrayson1977J GallagherDisc. 1995
SteffGrayson1977J GallagherDisc. 1995
WaxGrayson1977J GallagherDisc. 1994
YeamanGrayson1977J GallagherDisc. 1984
GreensburgGreenJul 2014J Gallagher
SummersvilleGreenJul 2014J Gallagher
FlatwoodsGreenupSep 2012S Bahnsen
South PortsmouthGreenupMay 2019J Zondag
HawesvilleHancockAug 2002J Gallagher
SonoraHardinJun 1995J Gallagher
White MillsHardinNov 2009J Emerson
Ages-BrooksideHarlanFeb 2011J EmersonDisc.
BenhamHarlanFeb 2011J Emerson
ColdironHarlanFeb 2011J Emerson
DayhoitHarlanMay 2007J EmersonDisc.
Grays KnobHarlanMay 2007J Emerson
Holmes MillHarlanFeb 2011J EmersonDisc. 2011
KenvirHarlanFeb 2011J Emerson
Mary AliceHarlanFeb 2011J Emerson
PutneyHarlanNov 2015J Emerson
Wallins CreekHarlanFeb 2011J Emerson
BerryHarrisonSep 2012S Bahnsen
CynthianaHarrisonFeb 1993J Gallagher
BonnievilleHartJun 1995J Gallagher
CanmerHartJun 1990J Gallagher
HardyvilleHartJun 1990J Gallagher
Horse CaveHartNov 2009J Emerson
MunfordvilleHartJun 1990J Gallagher
RowlettsHartJun 1990J Gallagher
BaskettHendersonJul 1994J Gallagher
BaskettHendersonAug 2008J Emerson
BaskettHendersonApr 2019E Kalish
CorydonHendersonApr 2019E Kalish
HendersonHendersonApr 2019E Kalish
ReedHendersonJul 1994J GallagherFormer site
ReedHendersonApr 2019E Kalish
Smith MillsHendersonJul 1994J GallagherFormer site
Smith MillsHendersonApr 2019E Kalish
SpotsvilleHendersonApr 2019E Kalish
SpottsvilleHendersonJul 1994J Gallagher
BethlehemHenryMay 1997J Gallagher
BethlehemHenryMar 2009J Emerson
ButlerHenryMay 1997J Gallagher
CampbellsburgHenryAug 2002J Gallagher
DemossvilleHenryMay 1997J Gallagher
EminenceHenryAug 2002J Gallagher
FalmouthHenryMay 1997J GallagherPost-flood temp. site
New CastleHenryAug 2002J Gallagher
PendletonHenryApr 2019E Kalish
PleasurevilleHenryMay 1997J Gallagher
ClintonHickmanMar 2013J Gallagher
ManitouHopkins1977J Gallagher
NeboHopkins1977J GallagherDisc. 2009
AnnvilleJacksonSep 2012S Bahnsen
Gray HawkJacksonAug 2008J Emerson
Grey HawkJacksonSep 2012S Bahnsen
McKeeJacksonSep 2012S Bahnsen
McKeeJacksonJul 2014J Gallagher
SandgapJacksonJul 2014J Gallagher
TynerJacksonSep 2012S Bahnsen
AnchorageJeffersonMar 2009J Emerson
FishervilleJeffersonFeb 1993J Gallagher
Louisville: MPOJefferson1891N/AFormer site
Louisville: MPOJefferson1938N/AFormer site
Louisville: MPOJeffersonApr 2019E KalishFormer site
Louisville: MPOJeffersonOct 2020J EmersonFormer site
Louisville: MPOJeffersonAug 2002J Gallagher
. Airport Mail FacilityJeffersonJul 2014J Gallagher
. Baxter StationJeffersonDec 2018R Sendejas
. Beuchel StationJeffersonAug 2002J GallagherDisc. 2011
. Cherokee StationJeffersonAug 2002J Gallagher
. Downtown StationJeffersonApr 2019E Kalish
. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.JeffersonApr 2019E Kalish
KeeneJessamineFeb 1993J Gallagher
NicholasvilleJessamineJul 2014J Gallagher
WillmoreJessamineFeb 1993J Gallagher
Boons CampJohnsonAug 2008J Emerson
KeatonJohnsonNov 2009J EmersonDisc. 2010
MeallyJohnsonJan 2011J Emerson
Oil SpringsJohnsonSep 2012S Bahnsen
PaintsvilleJohnsonJun 2019J Gallagher
SitkaJohnsonJan 2011J Emerson
StaffordsvilleJohnsonJun 2019J Gallagher
Tutor KeyJohnsonAug 2008J EmersonDisc.
Van LearJohnsonJun 2019J Gallagher
West Van LearJohnsonJun 2019J Gallagher
WilliamsportJohnsonJan 2011J Emerson
CovingtonKentonca. 1900N/AFormer site
CovingtonKentonOct 2010E Kalish
. Dixie BranchKentonMay 1997J Gallagher
. Latonia StationKentonOct 2010E Kalish
IndependenceKentonMay 1997J Gallagher
KentonKentonMay 1997J GallagherDisc.
Morning ViewKentonMay 1997J Gallagher
CarrieKnottJan 2011J Emerson
EmmalenaKnottJan 2011J Emerson
FistyKnottJan 2011J Emerson
GarnerKnottMay 1978J GallagherDisc.
HindmanKnottJun 2019J Gallagher
KiteKnottFeb 2011J Emerson
LeburnKnottJun 2019J Gallagher
LittcarrKnottOct 2011J Gallagher
MallieKnottFeb 2011J Emerson
MousieKnottJun 2019J Gallagher
RavenKnottMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1986
RedfoxKnottOct 2011J Gallagher
SassafrasKnottOct 2011J Gallagher
TopmostKnottFeb 2011J Emerson
VestKnottJan 2011J Emerson
BarbourvilleKnoxOct 2011J Gallagher
Bryants StoreKnoxFeb 2011J Emerson
CannonKnoxOct 2011J Gallagher
GirdlerKnoxOct 2011J Gallagher
GrayKnoxOct 2011J Gallagher
Green RoadKnoxMar 2003J Emerson
HeidrickKnoxOct 2011J Gallagher
HinkleKnoxFeb 2011J Emerson
ScalfKnoxFeb 2011J Emerson
WoollumKnoxSep 2003J EmersonDisc. 2003
BuffaloLaRueJul 2014J Gallagher
HodgenvilleLaRueJun 1990J Gallagher
HogdenvilleLaRueNov 2009J Emerson
MagnoliaLaRueJun 1990J Gallagher
Mount ShermanLaRueJul 2014J Gallagher
UptonLaRueJun 1995J Gallagher
UptonLaRueMay 2015S Bahnsen
BushLaurelMay 2003J Emerson
East BernstadtLaurelJul 2014J Gallagher
KeavyLaurelSep 2012S Bahnsen
LilyLaurelNov 2018J Emerson
LondonLaurel1919N/AFormer site
LondonLaurelJun 2019J Gallagher
MarydellLaurelMay 2003J EmersonDisc. 2004
PittsburgLaurelJul 2014J Gallagher
LouisaLawrenceMay 2019J Zondag
LowmansvilleLawrenceJan 2011J Emerson
MarthaLawrenceNov 2009J Emerson
MazieLawrenceNov 2009J EmersonDisc. 2004
UlyssesLawrenceJan 2011J EmersonInt.; disc. 2011
BeattyvilleLeeJun 2019J Gallagher
HeidelbergLeeJan 2011J Emerson
LoneLeeAug 2008J EmersonDisc.
PrimroseLeeAug 2008J EmersonDisc. 2011
ZoeLeeAug 2008J Emerson
ZoeLeeSep 2012S Bahnsen
AsherLeslieJan 2011J Emerson
Bear BranchLeslieJan 2011J Emerson
ChappellLeslieFeb 2006J EmersonDisc. 2007
EssieLeslieFeb 2011J Emerson
Sizerock CPO [Hyden]LeslieJan 2011J Emerson
StinnettLeslieFeb 2006J Emerson
WarbranchLeslieJan 2011J EmersonDisc.
YeaddissLeslieFeb 2011J Emerson
BlackeyLetcherOct 2011J Gallagher
BurdineLetcherOct 2011J Gallagher
CromonaLetcherOct 2011J Gallagher
EoliaLetcherFeb 2011J Emerson
Fleming-Neon (Neon)LetcherOct 2011J Gallagher
HallieLetcherJan 2011J Emerson
IsomLetcherOct 2011J Gallagher
JackhornLetcherOct 2011J Gallagher
JenkinsLetcherOct 2011J Gallagher
JeremiahLetcherOct 2011J Gallagher
MaykingLetcherJun 2006J EmersonFormer site
MaykingLetcherOct 2011J Gallagher
NeonLetcherJan 2011J Emerson
PartridgeLetcherFeb 2011J Emerson
PremiumLetcherOct 2011J Gallagher
RoxanaLetcherOct 2011J Gallagher
SecoLetcherOct 2011J Gallagher
WhitesburgLetcherSep 2012S Bahnsen
Emerson CPOLewisAug 2008J Emerson[Vanceburg]
Emerson CPOLewisNov 2009J EmersonInt.
GarrisonLewisMay 2019J Zondag
QuincyLewisMay 2019J Zondag
VanceburgLewisMay 2019J Zondag
Kings MountainLincolnMay 1994J Gallagher
McKinneyLincolnMay 1994J Gallagher
MiracleLincolnFeb 2011J Emerson
MiracleLincolnDec 2017J Emerson
WaynesburgLincolnMay 1994J Gallagher
BurnaLivingstonApr 2019E Kalish
Grand RiversLivingstonApr 2015J Gallagher
HamptonLivingstonApr 2019E Kalish
LedbetterLivingstonApr 2019E Kalish
SalemLivingstonApr 2019E Kalish
SmithlandLivingstonApr 2019E Kalish
TilineLivingstonApr 2019E Kalish
AdairvilleLoganJul 2021J Gallagher
AuburnLoganJul 2021J Gallagher
LewisburgLoganJun 1995J Gallagher
RussellvilleLoganJul 2021J Gallagher
EddyvilleLyonMay 2014S Bahnsen
KuttawaLyonApr 2015J Gallagher
BereaMadisonApr 2019E Kalish
. Berea College CPUMadisonApr 2019E Kalish
BighillMadisonJul 2014J Gallagher
RichmondMadison1896N/AFormer site
RichmondMadisonSep 2012S Bahnsen
. Carrier AnnexMadisonJun 2019J Gallagher
WacoMadisonSep 2012S Bahnsen
BethannaMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1989
Burning ForkMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1991
CarverMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1993
CiscoMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1998
ConleyMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc.
CutunoMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc.
DucoMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1984
EdnaMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc.
ElsieMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 2003
FalconMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherFormer site
FalconMagoffinSep 2012S Bahnsen
Flat ForkMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1996
ForakerMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1989
FredvilleMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1994
FritzMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1990
GapvilleMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 2006
GiffordMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1989
GunlockMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1993
GypsyMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1994
HagerMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1991
HarperMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1989
HendricksMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1992
IvytonMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1997
LickburgMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1986
LogvilleMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1984
MaggardMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1986
MarshallvilleMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc.
Mash ForkMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1988
RoyaltonMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc.
SalyersvilleMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherFormer site
SalyersvilleMagoffinSep 2012S Bahnsen
SeitzMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1992
StellaMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1988
SublettMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1984
WaldoMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1988
WheelersburgMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1992
WonnieMagoffinMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1991
Gravel SwitchMarionNov 2009J Emerson
Calvert CityMarshallApr 2015J Gallagher
GilbertsvilleMarshallApr 2015J Gallagher
BeautyMartinJan 2011J Emerson
BeautyMartinMay 2019J Zondag
HagerhillMartinJun 2019J Gallagher
InezMartinMay 2019J Zondag
LovelyMartinJan 2011J Emerson
PilgrimMartinJan 2011J Emerson
PilgrimMartinMay 2019J Zondag
TomahawkMartinJan 2011J EmersonDisc.
WarfieldMartinMay 2019J Zondag
DoverMasonSep 2005J Gallagher
Mays LickMasonSep 2005J Gallagher
MaysvilleMasonca. 1910N/A
MinervaMasonJun 2014J EmersonDisc.
Sardis CPO [Maysville]MasonSep 2005J Gallagher
WashingtonMasonSep 2005J Gallagher
PaducahMcCrackenJul 1900N/AFormer site
PaducahMcCrackenOct 1938N/AFormer site
PaducahMcCrackenApr 2015J Gallagher
PaducahMcCrackenApr 2019E KalishFormer site
PaducahMcCrackenca. 1911N/AFormer site
. Avondale StationMcCrackenApr 2019E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexMcCrackenApr 2015J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexMcCrackenApr 2019E Kalish
. Lone Oak Hardware CPUMcCrackenApr 2019E KalishExt.
. Lone Oak Hardware CPUMcCrackenApr 2019E Kalish
. Southside StationMcCrackenApr 2019E Kalish
. West Towne Pharmacy CPUMcCrackenApr 2019E Kalish
West PaducahMcCrackenApr 2019E Kalish
Marshes SidingMcCrearyNov 2003J Emerson
Pine KnotMcCrearyOct 2011J Gallagher
StrunkMcCrearyOct 2011J Gallagher
IslandMcLeanJun 2007J Emerson
Island CityMcLeanAug 2008J EmersonExt.; disc. 2009
Island CityMcLeanAug 2008J EmersonDisc. 2009
LivermoreMcLeanJun 2007J Emerson
EkronMeadeAug 2002J Gallagher
GustonMeadeAug 2002J Gallagher
MuldraughMeade1977J Gallagher
MuldraughMeadeAug 2002J Gallagher
RhodeliaMeade1977J Gallagher
RhodeliaMeadeAug 2007J Emerson
DennistonMenifee1975J Gallagher
KoreaMenifee1975J Gallagher
HarrodsburgMercerMar 2009J Emerson
SalvisaMercerApr 1992J Gallagher
BeaumontMetcalfeAug 2003J EmersonDisc. 2008
Knob LickMetcalfeMar 2009J Emerson
SubtleMetcalfeFeb 2003J EmersonDisc. 2003
Sulphur Wells CPO [Edmonton]MetcalfeNov 2003J EmersonDisc.
. Ruth Hunt CPUMongtomeryApr 2019E Kalish
Mount HermonMonroeNov 2009J Emerson
TompkinsvilleMonroeSep 2012S Bahnsen
HopeMontgomery1975J Gallagher
JeffersonvilleMontgomerySep 2012S Bahnsen
Mount SterlingMontgomery1977J GallagherFormer site
Mount SterlingMontgomerySep 2012S Bahnsen
Cannel CityMorganFeb 2006J Emerson
CottleMorgan1975J Gallagher
CrockettMorganSep 2012S Bahnsen
ElkforkMorganFeb 2006J EmersonDisc. 2006
IndexMorgan1975J Gallagher
Lost CreekMorganFeb 2006J Emerson
MaloneMorganFeb 2006J Emerson
OphirMorganFeb 2006J EmersonDisc.
White OakMorganMay 1978J GallagherDisc. 1991
Wrigley CPOMorganFeb 2006J EmersonExt.; disc. 2010
Wrigley CPOMorganFeb 2006J EmersonDisc. 2010
DunmorMuhlenbergMay 2019L Frizzell
GreenvilleMuhlenbergJun 2007J Emerson
South CarrolltonMuhlenbergJun 2007J Emerson
Bardstown [Carriers]NelsonJul 2014J Gallagher
Bardstown [Retail]NelsonSep 2009E Kalish
. Town & Country CPUNelsonSep 2009E Kalish
. Wilson & Muir CPUNelsonSep 2009E KalishDisc.; int.
BostonNelsonJul 2014J Gallagher
BrooksNelsonJul 2014J Gallagher
ClermontNelsonJul 2014J Gallagher
Coxs CreekNelsonJul 2014J Gallagher
HillviewNelsonJul 2014J Gallagher
NazarethNelsonSep 2009E Kalish
New HavenNelsonJul 2014J Gallagher
New HopeNelsonJul 2014J Gallagher
CarlisleNicholasSep 2012S Bahnsen
BeaverOhioJun 2006J Emerson
BucknerOldhamApr 2019E Kalish
GoshenOldham1977J Gallagher
La GrangeOldhamApr 2019E Kalish
WestportOldhamOct 2020J Emerson
GratzOwenFeb 1993J Gallagher
New LibertyOwenMay 1997J Gallagher
OwentonOwenSep 2012S Bahnsen
Perry ParkOwenSep 2012S Bahnsen
BoonevilleOwsleyJun 2019J Gallagher
VincentOwsleyAug 2008J Emerson
DeMossvillePendletonApr 1997J Gallagher
AryPerryFeb 2006J Emerson
BonnymanPerryOct 2011J Gallagher
BuckhornPerryDec 2012J Emerson
ChaviesPerryJan 2011J Emerson
CombsPerryOct 2011J Gallagher
DelphiaPerryFeb 2011J Emerson
DelphiaPerryFeb 2011J Emerson
DicePerryJan 2011J Emerson
DwarfPerryFeb 2006J Emerson
Gays CreekPerryJan 2011J EmersonDisc.
HappyPerryFeb 2006J Emerson
HardburlyPerryJan 2011J EmersonDisc. 2010
HazardPerryOct 2011J Gallagher
. Downtown StationPerryOct 2011J Gallagher
JeffPerryFeb 2006J Emerson+ Viper P.O.
KryptonPerryMay 1978J GallagherFormer site
KryptonPerryJan 2011J Emerson
RowdyPerryFeb 2006J EmersonDisc. 2010
SlempPerryFeb 2011J Emerson
ViccoPerryOct 2011J Gallagher
ViperPerryFeb 2006J Emerson+ Jeff P.O.
YerkesPerryJan 2011J Emerson
AshcampPikeJan 2011J Emerson
BelfryPikeMay 2019J Zondag
CanadaPikeJun 2006J Emerson
CanadaPikeMay 2019J Zondag
FedscreekPikeJun 2006J Emerson
Fords BranchPikeJan 2011J Emerson
Forest HillsPikeJun 2006J Emerson
Forest HillsPikeMay 2019J Zondag
FreeburnPikeMay 2019J Zondag
HardyPikeJan 2011J Emerson
HardyPikeMay 2019J Zondag
HellierPikeJan 2011J Emerson
JonancyPikeJan 2011J Emerson
KimperPikeMay 2019J Zondag
Lick CreekPikeJan 2011J Emerson
LookoutPikeJan 2011J EmersonDisc. 2009
MajesticPikeJun 2006J Emerson
McAndrewsPikeJun 2006J Emerson
McAndrewsPikeMay 2019J Zondag
McCarrPikeMay 2019J Zondag
Mouth CardPikeJun 2006J Emerson
MyraPikeJan 2011J Emerson
PhelpsPikeMay 2019J Zondag
PhyllisPikeJan 2011J Emerson
Pikeville: Downtown StationPikeJun 2006J Emerson
PinsonforkPikeMay 2019J Zondag
RaccoonPikeJun 2006J Emerson
Robinson CreekPikeJan 2011J Emerson
SteelePikeJan 2011J Emerson
StopoverPikeJun 2006J Emerson
Clay CityPowellSep 2012S Bahnsen
StantonPowellSep 2012S Bahnsen
BronstonPulaskiJul 2014J Gallagher
BurnsidePulaskiJul 2014J Gallagher
EubankPulaskiMay 1994J Gallagher
FergusonPulaskiMay 1994J Gallagher
NancyPulaskiJul 2014J Gallagher
Science HillPulaskiMay 1994J Gallagher
SomersetPulaskiJul 2014J Gallagher
. West Somerset StationPulaskiJul 2014J Gallagher
Mount OlivetRobertsonSep 2005J Gallagher
Mount VernonRockcastleMay 2014S Bahnsen
WildieRockcastleJun 2019J Gallagher
FarmersRowanOct 2008E Kalish
Morehead: Morehead Univ. CPURowanNov 2009J Emerson
JamestownRussellMar 2011S Bahnsen
Russell SpringsRussellMar 2011S Bahnsen
GeorgetownScottFeb 1993J GallagherFormer site
SadievilleScottFeb 1993J Gallagher
Stamping GroundScottFeb 1993J Gallagher
BagdadShelbyAug 2002J Gallagher
FinchvilleShelbyFeb 1993J Gallagher
SimpsonvilleShelbyJul 2014J Gallagher
WaddyShelbyAug 2002J Gallagher
FranklinSimpsonJun 1990J Gallagher
Mount EdenSpencerMay 1994J GallagherDisc.
TaylorsvilleSpencerMay 1994J Gallagher
ElkhornTaylorMay 2004J Emerson
MannsvilleTaylorMar 2011S Bahnsen
AllensvilleToddJul 2021J Gallagher
CliftyToddJun 1995J Gallagher
ElktonToddJul 2021J Gallagher
FairviewToddJun 2019L Frizzell
GuthrieToddJul 2021J Gallagher
TrentonToddJul 2021J Gallagher
CadizTriggJun 1995J Gallagher
CeruleanTriggJun 1995J Gallagher
BedfordTrimbleAug 2002J Gallagher
MiltonTrimbleFeb 1993J Gallagher
MorganfieldUnionAug 2008J Emerson
SturgisUnionApr 2019E Kalish
SullivanUnion1977J GallagherFormer site
SullivanUnionApr 2019E Kalish
UniontownUnionApr 2019E Kalish
WaverlyUnionJul 1994J Gallagher
WaverlyUnionApr 2019E Kalish
Bowling GreenWarrenMar 1941N/AFormer site
Bowling GreenWarrenSep 2012S Bahnsen
. CPU #2WarrenSep 2009E KalishCD Warehouse CPU
OaklandWarrenJun 1990J Gallagher
Park CityWarrenJun 1990J Gallagher
RockfieldWarrenSep 2012S Bahnsen
Smiths GroveWarrenJun 1990J Gallagher
WoodburnWarrenJun 1990J Gallagher
MackvilleWashingtonApr 1992J Gallagher
SpringfieldWashingtonMar 2009J Emerson
WillisburgWashingtonApr 1992J Gallagher
AlphaWayneJul 2014J Gallagher
MonticelloWayneSep 2012S Bahnsen
ClayWebster1977J Gallagher
ClayWebsterApr 2019E Kalish
ProvidenceWebster1977J Gallagher
SebreeWebsterJul 2021J Emerson
WheatcroftWebster1977J GallagherFormer site
WheatcroftWebsterApr 2019E Kalish
CorbinWhitleyMay 2014S Bahnsen
EmlynWhitleyOct 2011J Gallagher
RockholdsWhitleyOct 2011J Gallagher
WilliamsburgWhitleyApr 2019E Kalish
WoodbineWhitleyOct 2011J Gallagher
CamptonWolfeJun 2019J Gallagher
RogersWolfeSep 2012S Bahnsen
VersaillesWoodfordSep 2009E Kalish
. Computer Surgeons CPUWoodfordSep 2009E Kalish

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