Post Office Photographs
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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Michigan Post Office Photographs (752)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
GreenbushAlconaAug 2014J Emerson
GreenlandAlconaMay 2004M Gollnick
MikadoAlconaMay 2009J Gallagher
Au TrainAlgerNov 1999N/A
ChathamAlgerMay 1990J Gallagher
Christmas CPOAlgerMay 1990J Gallagher
DeertonAlgerMay 1990J Gallagher
Eben JunctionAlgerNov 1999N/A
MunisingAlgerAug 2014J Emerson
Rumely CPOAlgerMay 1990J GallagherExt.
ShingletonAlgerAug 2014J Emerson
TrenaryAlgerMay 1990J Gallagher
AlleganAlleganAug 2004S Bahnsen
BradleyAlleganJul 1994J Gallagher
BradleyAlleganAug 2014J Gallagher
BurnipsAlleganJul 1994J Gallagher
GlennAlleganJul 1994J GallagherDisc.
GlennAlleganOct 2003S BahnsenDisc.
HopkinsAlleganJul 1994J Gallagher
MolineAlleganAug 2014J Gallagher
OtsegoAlleganAug 2015S Bahnsen
PlainwellAlleganAug 2015S Bahnsen
ShelbyvilleAlleganAug 2014J Gallagher
WaylandAlleganAug 2014J Gallagher
AlpenaAlpenaMay 2009J Gallagher
HerronAlpenaMay 2009J Gallagher
Hubbard LakeAlpenaMay 2009J Gallagher
LachineAlpenaMay 2009J Gallagher
OssinekeAlpenaMay 2009J Gallagher
AlbaAntrimJun 1995J Gallagher
AlbaAntrimOct 2003S Bahnsen
AlbaAntrimOct 2017E Kalish
AldenAntrimJun 1995J Gallagher
BellaireAntrimJun 1995J Gallagher
Central LakeAntrimJun 1995J Gallagher
EastportAntrimJun 1995J Gallagher
EastportAntrimApr 2004M Gollnick
Elk RapidsAntrimJun 1995J Gallagher
EllsworthAntrimJun 1995J Gallagher
KewadinAntrimJun 1995J Gallagher
MancelonaAntrimJun 1995J Gallagher
MancelonaAntrimOct 2017E Kalish
Au GresArenacMay 2009J Gallagher
OmerArenacMay 2009J Gallagher
StandishArenacSep 2004J Gallagher
StandishArenacMay 2009J Gallagher
SterlingArenacSep 2004J Gallagher
TurnerArenacMay 2009J Gallagher
TwiningArenacMay 2009J Gallagher
BaragaBaragaApr 2004M Gollnick
CovingtonBaragaMay 1990J Gallagher
L'AnseBaragaMay 1990J Gallagher
PelkieBaragaMay 1990J Gallagher
SkaneeBaragaMay 1990J Gallagher
WattonBaragaMay 1990J Gallagher
CloverdaleBarryAug 2014J Gallagher
DeltonBarryAug 2014J Gallagher
DowlingBarryAug 2014J Gallagher
FreeportBarryAug 2014J Gallagher
HastingsBarryAug 2014J Gallagher
Hickory CornersBarryAug 2014J Gallagher
MiddlevilleBarryAug 2014J Gallagher
Bay CityBayca. 1893N/AFormer site
Bay CityBayDec 1932N/A
Bay CityBaySep 2004J Gallagher
. Station ABaySep 2004J Gallagher
EssexvilleBaySep 2004J Gallagher
KawkawlinBaySep 2004J Gallagher
LinwoodBaySep 2004J Gallagher
PinconningBaySep 2004J Gallagher
BenzoniaBenzieJun 1995J Gallagher
BeulahBenzieJun 1995J Gallagher
ElbertaBenzieJun 1995J Gallagher
ElbertaBenzieApr 2004M Gollnick
FrankfortBenzieJun 1995J Gallagher
FrankfortBenzieAug 2014J Emerson
. Pilgrim CPUBenzieJun 1995J Gallagher
HonorBenzieJun 1995J Gallagher
Lake AnnBenzieJun 1995J Gallagher
ThompsonvilleBenzieJun 1995J Gallagher
BarodaBerrienJul 1994J Gallagher
BarodaBerrienAug 2013S Bahnsen
Benton HarborBerrienAug 2013S Bahnsen
. Orchards Mall BranchBerrienAug 2013S Bahnsen
Berrien CenterBerrienJul 1994J GallagherDisc.
Berrien CenterBerrienAug 2015S BahnsenDisc.
Berrien SpringsBerrienAug 2015S Bahnsen
BridgmanBerrienAug 2015S Bahnsen
BuchananBerrienApr 2014S Bahnsen
ColomaBerrienAug 2015S Bahnsen
Eau ClaireBerrienAug 2015S Bahnsen
GalienBerrienApr 2005M DelGrosso
HarbertBerrienJul 1994J Gallagher
HarbertBerrienAug 2013S Bahnsen
LakesideBerrienJul 1994J GallagherDisc.
New BuffaloBerrienApr 2014S Bahnsen
New TroyBerrienJul 1994J Gallagher
New TroyBerrienAug 2013S Bahnsen
NilesBerrienApr 2014S Bahnsen
NottawaBerrienAug 2004S Bahnsen
RiversideBerrienJul 1994J Gallagher
RiversideBerrienAug 2015S Bahnsen
Saint JosephBerrienAug 2013S Bahnsen
SawyerBerrienJul 1994J Gallagher
StevensvilleBerrienAug 2015S Bahnsen
Three OaksBerrienApr 2014S Bahnsen
Union PierBerrienJul 1994J Gallagher
Union PierBerrienAug 2013S Bahnsen
WatervlietBerrienJul 1994J Gallagher
BronsonBranchAug 2015S Bahnsen
ColdwaterBranchAug 2015S Bahnsen
QuincyBranchAug 2015S Bahnsen
AlbionCalhounAug 2004S Bahnsen
Battle CreekCalhounAug 1907N/AFormer site
Battle CreekCalhounOct 2017E Kalish
. Family Fare #1972 CPUCalhounOct 2017E KalishInt.
BedfordCalhounAug 2014J Gallagher
CerescoCalhounOct 2017E Kalish
HomerCalhounApr 2005M DelGrosso
MarshallCalhounOct 2017E Kalish
DowagiacCassJul 1994J Gallagher
EdwardsburgCassApr 2005M DelGrosso
JonesCassApr 2005M DelGrosso
MarcellusCassAug 2004S Bahnsen
Bay ShoreCharlevoixJun 1995J Gallagher
Bay Shore CPO [Charlevoix]CharlevoixMay 2004M Gollnick
Beaver IslandCharlevoixAug 2014J Emerson
Boyne CityCharlevoixJun 1995J Gallagher
Boyne CityCharlevoixOct 2017E Kalish
Boyne FallsCharlevoixJun 1995J Gallagher
Boyne FallsCharlevoixOct 2017E Kalish
CharlevoixCharlevoixJun 1995J GallagherFormer site
CharlevoixCharlevoixMay 2004M Gollnick
East JordanCharlevoixJun 1995J Gallagher
Walloon LakeCharlevoixJun 1995J GallagherFormer site
Walloon LakeCharlevoixOct 2017E Kalish
Burt LakeCheboyganOct 2017E Kalish
Mackinaw CityCheboyganMay 2004M Gollnick
WolverineCheboyganAug 2014J Emerson
DafterChippewaOct 2003S Bahnsen
HulbertChippewaOct 2003S Bahnsen
ParadiseChippewaAug 2014J Emerson
Sault Sainte MarieChippewaca. 1910N/AFormer site
Trout LakeChippewaOct 2017E Kalish
ClareClareMay 1990J Gallagher
ClareClareOct 2017E Kalish
FarwellClareOct 2017E Kalish
BathClintonOct 2017E Kalish
DeWittClintonOct 2017E Kalish
FowlerClintonAug 1992S Bahnsen
Maple RapidsClintonSep 2004J Gallagher
Saint JohnsClintonSep 2004J Gallagher
. Hallmark CPUClintonSep 2004J GallagherDisc.
FredericCrawfordAug 2014J Gallagher
GraylingCrawfordAug 2014J Gallagher
Bark RiverDeltaAug 2006J Gallagher
Bark RiverDeltaSep 2017E Kalish
CornellDeltaOct 2017E Kalish
EscanabaDeltaOct 2017E Kalish
GardenDeltaMay 1990J Gallagher
GardenDeltaOct 2017E Kalish
GladstoneDeltaOct 2017E Kalish
NahmaDeltaMay 1990J GallagherDisc.
PerkinsDeltaMay 1990J Gallagher
PerkinsDeltaAug 2014J Emerson
Rapid RiverDeltaMay 1990J Gallagher
Rapid RiverDeltaOct 2017E Kalish
Rock HillDeltaMay 1990J Gallagher
WellsDeltaAug 2006J Gallagher
ChanningDickinsonAug 2006J Gallagher
FelchDickinsonAug 2006J Gallagher
Foster CityDickinsonAug 2006J Gallagher
Iron MountainDickinsonAug 2006J Gallagher
KingsfordDickinsonSep 2017E Kalish+ U.P. M.P.C.
Loretto CPODickinsonAug 2006J GallagherExt.
NorwayDickinsonAug 2006J Gallagher
QuinnesecDickinsonAug 2006J Gallagher
QuinnesecDickinsonSep 2017E Kalish
Ralph CPO [Felch]DickinsonAug 2006J Gallagher
SagolaDickinsonAug 2006J Gallagher
Upper Peninsula Mail Proc. Ctr.DickinsonSep 2017E Kalish+ Kingsford
VulcanDickinsonAug 2006J Gallagher
VulcanDickinsonSep 2017E Kalish
BellevueEatonOct 2017E Kalish
CharlotteEatonOct 2017E Kalish
DimondaleEatonOct 2017E Kalish
Eaton RapidsEatonOct 2017E Kalish
Grand LedgeEatonOct 2017E Kalish
OlivetEatonOct 2017E Kalish
PottervilleEatonOct 2017E Kalish
AlansonEmmetApr 2004M GollnickFormer site
AlansonEmmetOct 2017E Kalish
BrutusEmmetApr 2004M Gollnick
Carp LakeEmmetOct 2017E Kalish
ConwayEmmetOct 2017E Kalish
Cross VillageEmmetOct 2017E Kalish
Good Hart CPO [Harbor Spgs.]EmmetOct 2017E KalishExt.
Good Hart CPO [Harbor Spgs.]EmmetOct 2017E Kalish
Harbor SpringsEmmetOct 2017E Kalish
. Wequetonsing StationEmmetOct 2017E Kalish
LeveringEmmetOct 2017E Kalish
OdenEmmetOct 2017E Kalish
PellstonEmmetOct 2017E Kalish
PetoskeyEmmetJun 1995J Gallagher
PetoskeyEmmetOct 2017E Kalish
. Bay View CPOEmmetOct 2017E Kalish
. Bay View CPOEmmetOct 2017E KalishInt.
Flint: Southwest StationGeneseeApr 2015S Bahnsen
Grand BlancGeneseeApr 2015S Bahnsen
Swartz CreekGeneseeAug 2016Linn's Stamp
BeavertonGladwinSep 2004J Gallagher
GladwinGladwinSep 2004J Gallagher
RhodesGladwinSep 2004J Gallagher
BessemerGogebicSep 2017E Kalish
IronwoodGogebicSep 2017E Kalish
MareniscoGogebicSep 2017E Kalish
RamsayGogebicMay 2004M Gollnick
RamsayGogebicSep 2017E Kalish
WakefieldGogebicSep 2017E Kalish
WatersmeetGogebicSep 2017E Kalish
AcmeGrand TraverseJun 1995J Gallagher
AcmeGrand TraverseApr 2004M Gollnick
Fife LakeGrand TraverseJun 1995J Gallagher
Fife LakeGrand TraverseOct 2017E Kalish
GrawnGrand TraverseJun 1995J Gallagher
GrawnGrand TraverseOct 2017E Kalish
InterlochenGrand TraverseJun 1995J Gallagher
InterlochenGrand TraverseOct 2017E Kalish
KingsleyGrand TraverseJun 1995J Gallagher
KingsleyGrand TraverseOct 2017E Kalish
MayfieldGrand TraverseJun 1995J Gallagher
MayfieldGrand TraverseOct 2017E Kalish
Old MissionGrand TraverseJun 1995J Gallagher
Traverse City P&DFGrand TraverseOct 2017E Kalish
Traverse CityGrand Traverseca. 1910N/AFormer site
Traverse CityGrand TraverseJun 1995J Gallagher
Traverse CityGrand TraverseOct 2017E Kalish
. Barlow BranchGrand TraverseOct 2017E Kalish
WilliamsburgGrand TraverseJun 1995J Gallagher
AlmaGratiotAug 2014J Emerson
Elm HallGratiotAug 2014J Gallagher
Elm HallGratiotOct 2017E Kalish
ElwellGratiotAug 2014J Gallagher
FenwickGratiotAug 2014J Gallagher
IthacaGratiotOct 2017E Kalish
MiddletonGratiotSep 2004J Gallagher
North StarGratiotOct 2017E Kalish
PerrintonGratiotSep 2004J Gallagher
PompeiiGratiotOct 2017E Kalish
RiverdaleGratiotOct 2017E Kalish
Saint LouisGratiotOct 2017E Kalish
SheridanGratiotAug 2014J Gallagher
SumnerGratiotOct 2017E Kalish
AllenHillsdaleAug 2015S Bahnsen
HillsdaleHillsdaleAug 2015S Bahnsen
JonesvilleHillsdaleAug 2015S Bahnsen
ReadingHillsdaleApr 2005M DelGrosso
Somerset CenterHillsdaleAug 2015S Bahnsen
Atlantic MineHoughtonApr 2004M Gollnick
CalumetHoughtonMay 2004M Gollnick
ChassellHoughtonMay 2004M Gollnick
Copper CityHoughtonMay 1990J Gallagher
Dollar BayHoughtonMay 1990J Gallagher
HancockHoughtonMay 2004M Gollnick
HoughtonHoughtonMay 1990J Gallagher
HoughtonHoughtonMay 2004M Gollnick
HubbellHoughtonMay 1990J Gallagher
Kearsarge CPOHoughtonMay 1990J Gallagher
Kenton CPOHoughtonMay 1990J Gallagher
Lake LindenHoughtonMay 1990J Gallagher
Lake LindenHoughtonMay 2004M Gollnick
NisulaHoughtonMay 1990J Gallagher
PainesdaleHoughtonMay 1990J Gallagher
SidnawHoughtonMay 1990J Gallagher
South RangeHoughtonMay 2004M Gollnick
ToivolaHoughtonMay 1990J Gallagher
Bad AxeHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
Bay PortHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
CasevilleHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
ElktonHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
FilionHuronSep 2007S BahnsenDisc. 2007
Harbor BeachHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
KindeHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
OwendaleHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
PigeonHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
Port AustinHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
Port HopeHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
RuthHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
SebewaingHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
UblyHuronSep 2007S Bahnsen
East LansingInghamOct 2017E Kalish
. MSU Student Union CPUInghamOct 2017E Kalish
HaslettInghamSep 2004J Gallagher
HaslettInghamOct 2017E Kalish
HoltInghamOct 2017E Kalish
Lansing: MPOInghamOct 2017E Kalish
. Delta BranchInghamOct 2017E Kalish
. Delta Carrier AnnexInghamOct 2017E Kalish
. Downtown StationInghamSep 2004J Gallagher
. Downtown StationInghamOct 2017E Kalish
. Merrill Street StationInghamOct 2017E Kalish
. Merrill Street StationInghamOct 2017E Kalish
. Southwest Carrier AnnexInghamOct 2017E Kalish
LeslieInghamAug 2015S Bahnsen
MasonInghamOct 2017E Kalish
OkemosInghamOct 2017E Kalish
WebbervilleInghamSep 2004J Gallagher
WilliamstonInghamSep 2004J Gallagher
BeldingIoniaAug 2014J Gallagher
IoniaIoniaAug 2014J Gallagher
LyonsIoniaMar 2005S Bahnsen
OrleansIoniaAug 2014J Gallagher
Palo CPO [Fenwick]IoniaAug 2014J Gallagher
Palo CPO [Fenwick]IoniaAug 2014J GallagherInt.
SaranacIoniaAug 2014J Gallagher
East TawasIoscoMay 2009J Gallagher
HaleIoscoMay 2009J Gallagher
Long LakeIoscoMay 2009J Gallagher
National CityIoscoMay 2009J Gallagher
OscodaIoscoMay 2009J Gallagher
Tawas CityIoscoMay 2009J Gallagher
WhittemoreIoscoMay 2009J Gallagher
AlphaIronSep 2017E Kalish
AmasaIronAug 2006J Gallagher
CaspianIronAug 2006J Gallagher
Crystal FallsIronSep 2017E Kalish
GaastraIronAug 2006J Gallagher
Iron RiverIronAug 2006J Gallagher
StambaughIronAug 2006J Gallagher
StambaughIronSep 2017E Kalish
BlanchardIsabellaSep 2004J Gallagher
Mount PleasantIsabellaOct 2017E Kalish
RosebushIsabellaMay 1990J Gallagher
RosebushIsabellaAug 2014J Gallagher
ShepherdIsabellaSep 2004J Gallagher
WeidmanIsabellaAug 2014J Gallagher
WinnIsabellaSep 2004J Gallagher
BrooklynJacksonAug 2015S Bahnsen
ClarklakeJacksonAug 2015S Bahnsen
Grass LakeJacksonAug 2015S Bahnsen
JacksonJacksonAug 2015S Bahnsen
. Jackson Crossing StationJacksonAug 2015S Bahnsen
Pleasant LakeJacksonAug 2015S Bahnsen
Rives JunctionJacksonAug 2015S Bahnsen
ClimaxKalamazooAug 2004S Bahnsen
ComstockKalamazooAug 2004S Bahnsen
Kalamazoo P&DFKalamazooAug 2015S Bahnsen+ Oshtemo
KalamazooKalamazooca. 1960N/AFormer site
KalamazooKalamazooAug 2015S Bahnsen
. Arcadia Creek StationKalamazooAug 2015S Bahnsen
OshtemoKalamazooJul 1994J GallagherFormer site
OshtemoKalamazooAug 2015S Bahnsen+ Kalamazoo P&DF
Parchment BranchKalamazoo2001S Bahnsen[Kalamazoo]
PortageKalamazooAug 2015S Bahnsen
KalkaskaKalkaskaJun 1995J Gallagher
KalkaskaKalkaskaOct 2017E Kalish
Rapid CityKalkaskaJun 1995J Gallagher
South BoardmanKalkaskaJun 1995J Gallagher
South BoardmanKalkaskaOct 2017E Kalish
AdaKentJun 1995J Gallagher
AltoKentAug 2014J Gallagher
BelmontKentJun 1995J Gallagher
Byron CenterKentAug 2014J Gallagher
CaledoniaKentAug 2014J Gallagher
CannonsburgKentJun 1995J Gallagher
Cedar SpringsKentJun 1995J Gallagher
Comstock ParkKentAug 2014J Gallagher
Grand Rapids: MPOKent1901N/AFormer site
Grand Rapids: MPOKentNov 1910N/AFormer site
Grand Rapids: MPO and P&DCKentAug 2015S Bahnsen
. Air Mail FacilityKentJun 1995J GallagherDisc.
. Eastown StationKentAug 2014J Gallaghera.k.a. Station C
. Ledyard StationKentAug 2014J Gallagher
. Northeast StationKentAug 2014J Gallagher
. Northwest StationKentAug 2014J Gallagher
. Rogers Plaza BranchKentAug 2014J Gallagher
. Seymour Square StationKentJun 1995J Gallagher
. Wyoming Carrier AnnexKentAug 2014J Gallagher
GrandvilleKentJun 1995J Gallagher
Kent CityKentAug 2014J Gallagher
Kentwood BranchKentJun 1995J Gallagher[Grand Rapids]
LowellKentAug 2014J Gallagher
RockfordKentAug 2014J Emerson
Sand LakeKentJun 1995J Gallagher
SpartaKentAug 2014J Gallagher
Wyoming BranchKentJun 1995J Gallagher[Grand Rapids]
AhmeekKeweenawMay 1990J Gallagher
AhmeekKeweenawApr 2004M Gollnick
AllouezKeweenawMay 1990J Gallagher
Copper HarborKeweenawMay 1990J Gallagher
Copper HarborKeweenawMay 2004M Gollnick
MohawkKeweenawMay 1990J Gallagher
BaldwinLakeJun 1995J Gallagher
BranchLakeJun 1995J Gallagher
ChaseLakeJun 1995J Gallagher
IdlewildLakeJun 1995J Gallagher
IronsLakeJun 1995J Gallagher
LutherLakeJun 1995J Gallagher
LapeerLapeerApr 2015S Bahnsen
CedarLeelanauJun 1995J Gallagher
EmpireLeelanauJun 1995J Gallagher
EmpireLeelanauApr 2004M Gollnick
Glen ArborLeelanauJun 1995J Gallagher
Lake LeelanauLeelanauJun 1995J Gallagher
LelandLeelanauJun 1995J Gallagher
Maple CityLeelanauJun 1995J Gallagher
NorthportLeelanauJun 1995J Gallagher
OmenaLeelanauJun 1995J Gallagher
BlissfieldLenaweeApr 2010J Emerson
Cement CityLenaweeAug 2015S Bahnsen
MorenciLenaweeMay 2002S Bahnsen
MorenciLenaweeJul 2013S Bahnsen
PalmyraLenaweeAug 2005M Gollnick
RigaLenaweeAug 2005M Gollnick
FowlervilleLivingstonSep 2004J Gallagher
FowlervilleLivingstonSep 2005S Bahnsen
Hell CPOLivingstonApr 2010J Emerson
HowellLivingstonSep 2004J Gallagher
McMillanLuceAug 2014J Emerson
CurtisMackinacMay 1990J Gallagher
CurtisMackinacOct 2017E Kalish
EngadineMackinacMay 1990J Gallagher
EngadineMackinacOct 2017E Kalish
Gould CityMackinacMay 1990J Gallagher
Gould CityMackinacOct 2017E Kalish
Mackinac IslandMackinacJul 1975J Gallagher
Mackinac IslandMackinacJun 2015K Elkins
MoranMackinacMay 1990J Gallagher
MoranMackinacOct 2017E Kalish
NaubinwayMackinacMay 1990J Gallagher
NaubinwayMackinacOct 2017E Kalish
Saint IgnaceMackinacMay 1990J Gallagher
Saint IgnaceMackinacOct 2017E Kalish
EastpointeMacombApr 2010J EmersonFormerly East Detroit
New BaltimoreMacombApr 2015S Bahnsen
RosevilleMacombApr 2015S Bahnsen
WarrenMacombApr 2015S Bahnsen
ArcadiaManisteeJun 1995J Gallagher
ArcadiaManisteeApr 2004M Gollnick
Bear LakeManisteeJun 1995J Gallagher
BrethrenManisteeJun 1995J Gallagher
CopemishManisteeJun 1995J Gallagher
EastlakeManisteeJun 1995J Gallagher
Filer CityManisteeJun 1995J Gallagher
KalevaManisteeJun 1995J Gallagher
ManisteeManisteeJun 1995J Gallagher
OnekamaManisteeJun 1995J Gallagher
OnekamaManisteeNov 2004S Bahnsen
WellstonManisteeJun 1995J Gallagher
Arnold CPOMarquetteOct 2017E KalishExt.
Arnold CPOMarquetteOct 2017E Kalish
Big BayMarquetteJan 2000N/A
Big BayMarquetteOct 2017E Kalish
ChampionMarquetteMay 2004M Gollnick
ChampionMarquetteOct 2017E Kalish
GwinnMarquetteNov 1999N/A
GwinnMarquetteOct 2017E Kalish
IshpemingMarquetteOct 1999N/A
IshpemingMarquetteOct 2017E Kalish
Little LakeMarquetteDec 1999N/AExt.
Little LakeMarquetteAug 2014J EmersonExt.
Little LakeMarquetteOct 2017E KalishExt.
Little LakeMarquetteOct 2017E Kalish
MarquetteMarquetteDec 1888N/AFormer site
MarquetteMarquetteApr 2004M Gollnick
MarquetteMarquetteAug 2014J Emerson
. Northern Michigan U. CPUMarquetteOct 2017E KalishExt.
. Northern Michigan U. CPUMarquetteOct 2017E Kalish
MichigammeMarquetteMay 1990J GallagherFormer site
MichigammeMarquetteMay 2004M Gollnick
National Mine CPOMarquetteMay 2004M Gollnick[Ishpeming]
NegauneeMarquetteOct 2017E Kalish
PalmerMarquetteMay 1990J Gallagher
PalmerMarquetteOct 2017E Kalish
RepublicMarquetteMay 1990J Gallagher
RepublicMarquetteOct 2017E Kalish
SkandiaMarquetteMay 1990J Gallagher
CusterMasonJun 1995J Gallagher
FountainMasonJun 1995J Gallagher
Free SoilMasonJun 1995J Gallagher
LudingtonMasonJun 1995J Gallagher
ScottvilleMasonJun 1995J Gallagher
WalhallaMasonJun 1995J Gallagher
BarrytonMecostaAug 2014J Gallagher
Big RapidsMecostaSep 2004J Gallagher
Chippewa LakeMecostaAug 2014J Gallagher
MecostaMecostaSep 2004J Gallagher
MorleyMecostaSep 2004J Gallagher
ParisMecostaJun 1995J Gallagher
ParisMecostaSep 2004J Gallagher
RemusMecostaSep 2004J Gallagher
RodneyMecostaSep 2004J Gallagher
StanwoodMecostaSep 2004J Gallagher
CarneyMenomineeAug 2006J Gallagher
DaggettMenomineeSep 2017E Kalish
HarrisMenomineeAug 2006J Gallagher
HarrisMenomineeSep 2017E Kalish
HermansvilleMenomineeSep 2017E Kalish
IngallsMenomineeAug 2006J Gallagher
IngallsMenomineeSep 2017E Kalish
MenomineeMenomineeAug 2006J Gallagher
NadeauMenomineeAug 2006J Gallagher
NadeauMenomineeSep 2017E Kalish
PerronvilleMenomineeAug 2006J Gallagher
PowersMenomineeAug 2006J Gallagher
SpaldingMenomineeSep 2017E Kalish
StephensonMenomineeAug 2006J Gallagher
StephensonMenomineeSep 2017E Kalish
WallaceMenomineeAug 2006J Gallagher
WallaceMenomineeSep 2017E Kalish
WilsonMenomineeAug 2006J Gallagher
ColemanMidlandSep 2004J Gallagher
EdenvilleMidlandSep 2004J Gallagher
HopeMidlandSep 2004J Gallagher
MidlandMidlandSep 2004J Gallagher
. Downtown StationMidlandSep 2004J Gallagher
SanfordMidlandSep 2004J Gallagher
FalmouthMissaukeeAug 2014J Gallagher
McBainMissaukeeAug 2014J Gallagher
MerrittMissaukeeAug 2014J Gallagher
Azalia CPO [Monroe]MonroeJul 2007J GallagherDisc.
DundeeMonroeJul 2007J Gallagher
Erie Branch [Monroe]MonroeOct 2010E Kalish
LambertvilleMonroeOct 2010E Kalish
Luna Pier [Monroe]MonroeOct 2010E Kalish
MonroeMonroeApr 2015S Bahnsen
Ottawa LakeMonroeAug 2005M Gollnick
PetersburgMonroeJul 2007J Gallagher
SamariaMonroeOct 2010E Kalish
TemperanceMonroeOct 2010E Kalish
Carson CityMontcalmSep 2004J Gallagher
Cedar LakeMontcalmOct 2017E Kalish
CoralMontcalmJun 1995J Gallagher
CrystalMontcalmSep 2004J Gallagher
CrystalMontcalmOct 2017E Kalish
EdmoreMontcalmSep 2004J Gallagher
EdmoreMontcalmOct 2017E Kalish
GreenvilleMontcalmAug 2014J Emerson
Howard CityMontcalmJun 1995J Gallagher
Howard CityMontcalmMay 2004M Gollnick
LakeviewMontcalmSep 2004J Gallagher
McBridesMontcalmOct 2017E Kalish
PiersonMontcalmJun 1995J Gallagher
Six LakesMontcalmSep 2004J Gallagher
StantonMontcalmAug 2014J Gallagher
VestaburgMontcalmSep 2004J Gallagher
VestaburgMontcalmOct 2017E Kalish
AtlantaMontmorencyMay 2009J Gallagher
HillmanMontmorencyMay 2009J Gallagher
LewistonMontmorencyMay 2009J Gallagher
BaileyMuskegonApr 2004M Gollnick
BaileyMuskegonAug 2014J Gallagher
CasnoviaMuskegonAug 2014J Gallagher
FruitportMuskegonJun 1995J Gallagher
HoltonMuskegonMay 2004M Gollnick
MontagueMuskegonJun 1995J GallagherFormer site
MuskegonMuskegonJun 1995J Gallagher
Muskegon Heights BranchMuskegonJun 1995J Gallagher[Muskegon]
North Muskegon BranchMuskegonJun 1995J Gallagher[Muskegon]
RavennaMuskegonJun 1995J Gallagher
Twin LakeMuskegonApr 2004M Gollnick
WhitehallMuskegonJun 1995J Gallagher
BitelyNewaygoJun 1995J Gallagher
BrohmanNewaygoJun 1995J Gallagher
FremontNewaygoAug 2014J Gallagher
. Sta #3 CPUNewaygoAug 2014J Gallagher
. Sta #3 CPUNewaygoAug 2014J GallagherInt.
FremontNewaygoApr 2004M Gollnick
GrantNewaygoApr 2004M Gollnick
GrantNewaygoAug 2014J Gallagher
NewaygoNewaygoJun 1995J GallagherFormer site
NewaygoNewaygoAug 2014J Gallagher
White CloudNewaygoJun 1995J Gallagher
White CloudNewaygoAug 2014J Gallagher
FarmingtonOaklandJul 2007J Gallagher
FerndaleOaklandAug 2014J Emerson
New HudsonOaklandJul 2007J Gallagher
NoviOaklandJul 2007J Gallagher
OrtonvilleOaklandMay 2007S Bahnsen
WixomOaklandJul 2007J Gallagher
HartOceanaJun 1995J Gallagher
HesperiaOceanaNov 2004S Bahnsen
MearsOceanaJun 1995J Gallagher
New EraOceanaJun 1995J Gallagher
New EraOceanaJun 2009S Bahnsen
PentwaterOceanaJun 1995J Gallagher
RorthburyOceanaJun 1995J Gallagher
ShelbyOceanaJun 1995J Gallagher
WalkervilleOceanaJun 1995J Gallagher
LuptonOgemawMay 2009J Gallagher
PrescottOgemawMay 2009J Gallagher
Rose CityOgemawMay 2009J Gallagher
Skidway Lake CPO [Prescott]OgemawMay 2009J Gallagher
South BranchOgemawMay 2009J Gallagher
West BranchOgemawMay 2009J Gallagher
BerglandOntonagonMay 2004M Gollnick
BerglandOntonagonSep 2017E Kalish
Bruce CrossingOntonagonMay 1990J Gallagher
Bruce CrossingOntonagonSep 2017E Kalish
EwenOntonagonMay 1990J Gallagher
EwenOntonagonSep 2017E Kalish
GreenlandOntonagonMay 1990J Gallagher
GreenlandOntonagonSep 2017E Kalish
Mass CityOntonagonMay 2004M Gollnick
Mass CityOntonagonSep 2017E Kalish
OntonagonOntonagonSep 2017E Kalish
RocklandOntonagonMay 1990J Gallagher
RocklandOntonagonSep 2017E Kalish
Trout CreekOntonagonMay 1990J Gallagher
Trout CreekOntonagonSep 2017E Kalish
White PineOntonagonMay 1990J Gallagher
White PineOntonagonSep 2017E KalishExt.
White PineOntonagonSep 2017E Kalish
EvartOsceolaAug 2014J Gallagher
HerseyOsceolaJun 1995J Gallagher
Le RoyOsceolaJun 1995J Gallagher
MarionOsceolaAug 2014J Gallagher
Reed CityOsceolaJun 1995J Gallagher
SearsOsceolaAug 2014J Gallagher
TustinOsceolaJun 1995J Gallagher
CominsOscodaAug 2014J Emerson
ElmiraOtsegoJun 1995J Gallagher
ElmiraOtsegoOct 2017E Kalish
WatersOtsegoMay 1990J Gallagher
AllendaleOttawaJun 1995J Gallagher
ConklinOttawaJun 1995J Gallagher
CoopersvilleOttawaJun 1995J Gallagher
FerrysburgOttawaJun 1995J Gallagher
Grand HavenOttawaJun 1995J Gallagher
HudsonvilleOttawaJun 1995J GallagherFormer site
HudsonvilleOttawaMar 2005S Bahnsen
JamestownOttawaJul 1994J Gallagher
JenisonOttawaJun 1995J Gallagher
LamontOttawaJun 1995J Gallagher
NunicaOttawaJun 1995J Gallagher
Spring LakeOttawaJun 1995J Gallagher
ZeelandOttawaJun 2009S Bahnsen
Rogers CityPresque IsleAug 2014J Emerson
Higgins LakeRoscommonMay 1990J Gallagher
Houghton LakeRoscommonMay 1990J Gallagher
Houghton Lake HeightsRoscommonMay 1990J Gallagher
PrudenvilleRoscommonMay 1990J Gallagher
RoscommonRoscommonMay 1990J Gallagher
Saint HelenRoscommonMay 1990J Gallagher
Saginaw: Boardwalk BranchSaginawMay 2009J Gallagher
. Township BranchSaginawMay 2009J Gallagher
AlgonacSaint ClairApr 2015S Bahnsen
AnchorvilleSaint ClairApr 2015S Bahnsen
CapacSaint ClairApr 2015S Bahnsen
Fair HavenSaint ClairApr 2015S Bahnsen
Marine CitySaint ClairApr 2015S Bahnsen
Port HuronSaint Clairca. 1933N/AFormer site
Port HuronSaint ClairApr 2015S Bahnsen
Saint ClairSaint ClairAug 2014J Emerson
ColonSaint JosephApr 2010J Emerson
ConstantineSaint JosephMay 2004S Bahnsen
LeonidasSaint JosephApr 2005M DelGrosso
MendonSaint JosephApr 2005M DelGrosso
SturgisSaint JosephAug 2015S Bahnsen
Three RiversSaint JosephApr 2005M DelGrosso
White PigeonSaint JosephAug 2015S Bahnsen
ArgyleSanilacJul 2014J Emerson
SanduskySanilacJul 2014J Emerson
CooksSchoolcraftMay 1990J Gallagher
CooksSchoolcraftOct 2017E Kalish
GermfaskSchoolcraftMay 1990J Gallagher
GulliverSchoolcraftMay 1990J Gallagher
GulliverSchoolcraftOct 2017E Kalish
ManistiqueSchoolcraftMay 1990J Gallagher
MastiniqueSchoolcraftOct 2017E Kalish
BancroftShiawasseeAug 2010J Gallagher
ByronShiawasseeAug 2010J Gallagher
CorunnaShiawasseeAug 2010J Gallagher
DurandShiawasseeAug 2010J Gallagher
HendersonShiawasseeAug 2010J Gallagher
LaingsburgShiawasseeAug 2010J Gallagher
MorriceShiawasseeAug 2010J Gallagher
New LothropShiawasseeAug 2010J Gallagher
OwossoShiawasseeAug 2010J Gallagher
PerryShiawasseeAug 2010J Gallagher
ShaftsburgShiawasseeAug 2010J Gallagher
VernonShiawasseeAug 2010J Gallagher
CaroTuscolaJul 2014J Emerson
CovertVan BurenJul 1994J Gallagher
Grand JunctionVan BurenAug 2004S Bahnsen
HartfordVan BurenAug 2004S Bahnsen
LawrenceVan BurenAug 2004S Bahnsen
Paw PawVan BurenAug 2014J Emerson
South HavenVan BurenJul 1994J Gallagher
Ann Arbor: MPOWashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
. Green Road StationWashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
. Liberty StationWashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
. South University StationWashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
Bridgewater CPO [Saline]WashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
ChelseaWashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
ChelseaWashtenawAug 2015S Bahnsen
DexterWashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
ManchesterWashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
Salem CPO [Northville]WashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
SalineWashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
WhittakerWashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
WillisWashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
YpsilantiWashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
. Adams Street StationWashtenawJul 2007J Gallagher
Allen ParkWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
Canton Branch [Wayne]WayneJul 2007J Gallagher
DearbornWayneApr 2015S Bahnsen
Dearborn HeightsWayneApr 2015S Bahnsen
Detroit: MPOWayneJun 1900N/AFormer site
Detroit: MPOWayneMay 1934N/AFormer site
Detroit: MPOWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
. Grand River StationWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
. Harper StationWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
. Livernois StationWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
. Mount Elliott StationWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
. Northwestern StationWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
. Old Redford Carrier AnnexWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
. Old Redford StationWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
. Park Grove StationWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
. Seven Oaks StationWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
Ecorse Branch [Detroit]WayneJul 2007J Gallagher
Garden CityWayneApr 2015S Bahnsen
Grosse IleWayneApr 2015S Bahnsen
Grosse Pointe Branch [Detroit]WayneApr 2015S Bahnsen
Hamtramck BranchWayneJul 2007J Gallagher[Detroit]
Hamtramck Carrier AnnexWayneJul 2007J Gallagher[Detroit]
Highland Park BranchWayneJul 2007J Gallagher[Detroit]
Lincoln ParkWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
Lincoln ParkWayneApr 2015S Bahnsen
LivoniaWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
New BostonWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
NorthvilleWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
PlymouthWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
. Purcell StationWayneApr 2010J Emerson
Redford Branch [Detroit]WayneJul 2007J Gallagher
River Rouge Branch [Detroit]WayneJul 2007J Gallagher
Riverview Branch [Wyandotte]WayneApr 2015S Bahnsen
RomulusWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
SouthgateWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
TaylorWayneApr 2015S Bahnsen
Wayne: Westland Center Mall BranchWayneJul 2007J Gallagher
Westland Branch [Wayne]WayneJul 2007J Gallagher
WyandotteWayneApr 2015S Bahnsen
BoonWexfordOct 2017E Kalish
BuckleyWexfordJun 1995J GallagherFormer site
BuckleyWexfordOct 2017E Kalish
CadillacWexfordOct 2017E Kalish
HariettaWexfordOct 2017E Kalish
HarriettaWexfordNov 2004S Bahnsen
MesickWexfordJun 1995J Gallagher
MesickWexfordOct 2017E Kalish

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