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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
U.S. Pacific Territory Post Office Photographs (26)
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Link Post Office [Sort] Territory [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
Pago PagoAmerican Samoa (AS)Jan 2013J Gallagher
AganaGuam (GU)Mar 1990J GallagherName chg. to Hagatna
Agat CPUGuam (GU)Mar 1990J GallagherFormer site
Agat CPUGuam (GU)Feb 2000J Gallagher
Dededo CPUGuam (GU)Feb 2000J Gallagher
Guam Main Post Office (Barrigada)Guam (GU)Mar 1990J Gallagher
Inarajan CPUGuam (GU)Mar 1990J GallagherFormer site
Inarajan CPUGuam (GU)Dec 1996J Gallagher
Merizo CPUGuam (GU)Dec 1996J Gallagher
Naval Station StationGuam (GU)Feb 2000J Gallagher
Naval Station StationGuam (GU)Feb 2000J GallagherInt.
Santa Rita CPUGuam (GU)Mar 1990J Gallagher
Santa Rita CPUGuam (GU)Feb 2000J GallagherPost-remodel
Sinajana CPUGuam (GU)Mar 1990J Gallagher
Sinajana CPUGuam (GU)Feb 2000J Gallagher
Tamuning StationGuam (GU)Mar 1990J Gallagher
Umatac CPUGuam (GU)Mar 1990J GallagherDisc.
University of Guam CPUGuam (GU)Mar 1990J GallagherFormer site
University of Guam CPUGuam (GU)Dec 1996J Gallagher
Yigo CPUGuam (GU)Mar 1990J GallagherFormer site
Yigo CPUGuam (GU)Dec 1996J Gallagher
Yona CPUGuam (GU)Mar 1990J Gallagher
SaipanN. Mariana Islands (MP)May 1999J Gallagher
Saipan: Capital Hill CPON. Mariana Islands (MP)May 1999J Gallagher
Saipan: San Vicente CPUN. Mariana Islands (MP)May 1999J Gallagher
Tinian CPON. Mariana Islands (MP)Mar 1990J Gallagher

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