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New: U.S. Postal Abbreviations
How do I write to Palau, again?

Postal Unit Glossary
Learn the difference between a station and branch, CPO and CPU!

What's My Postmark Worth? [.pdf]
A response to a frequently asked question.

From the PMCC Bulletin [.pdfs]
A U.S. Four-Bar Postmark Reference
What's a Highway Post Office?
What's a Star Route?
To Cut or Not to Cut? (To 2x4.)
There's no wrong way to get involved.
The PMCC Directory of Post Offices is a service offered to help individuals maintain and complete their state or county collections. The Directory includes up-to-date and accurate lists of the current available Post Offices, branches, and contract stations for all U.S. states and territories. Find out more! A great answer to "How do I get more postmarks!?" Hundreds of postmarks are made available every week, and proceeds benefit the PMCC Museum. The Willett-Thompson postmark collection is one of the most extensive single collections known and is in the holdings of the PMCC Museum. The PMCC has mounted this collection on acid-free paper and preserved it in mylar page protectors. The Collection occupies more than 300 binders.

Thanks to the PMCC's efforts you can view the collection for yourself, digitally! The entire catalogue has been scanned, and the full set of graphic files is available for puchase on CD. More information, and an order form, are available here.
Last-day cancel: Spot, NC
A last-day cancel (part of the PMCC Museum's collection) from Spot, N.C.