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PMCC Post Office Directory

The United States Postal Service no longer publishes nationwide listings of its facilities. News about post office openings and closings can be notoriously sporadic and difficult to come by, especially with so many changes underway.

The Post Mark Collectors Club's vaunted Post Office Directory is a service offered to help individuals maintain and complete their state or county collections. The Directory includes up-to-date, accurate information for all U.S. states and territories, as well as for U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships, APOs and Diplomatic Post Offices (DPOs), First-Class Letter Mail processing locations, and USPS District information. The Directory consists of 56 separate listings in all.

Each state listing includes information regarding every:

  • Independent Post Office
  • Classified station and branch
  • Contract Postal Unit (both CPU and CPO)
  • Carrier annex and mail processing facility

Also featured:

  • Each facility's ZIP code and county
  • Information about recent openings, suspensions, and discontinuances
  • Notes of interest for unique facilities and postmarks
  • Addresses of major facilities, CPUs, and carrier facilities

Information for each state is compiled by a veteran State Director. The operation is overseen by PMCC member Kent Bickell. While the PMCC cannot assure complete accuracy, our information is cross-referenced among multiple sources—official and otherwise. State listings are updated regularly.

The Post Office Directory is utilized by numerous libraries, researchers, and philatelic organizations—and even, at times, USPS itself! It is particularly handy as a guide against which to cross-reference your postmark collection for completeness.

Note: Two lists for each state are available: ALPHA lists are all-inclusive, with stations, branches, and CPUs listed both alphabetically and with their parent office [see sidebar]. COUNTY supplements are also available for each state.

Can I see for myself, first?

Absolutely! Here's the post office listing for Indiana from 2012 (since revised).

Note the following features:

  • Summary page with listing director information
  • Guide to the terms and abbreviations utilized in the list
  • Alphabetical listing of post offices, branches, stations, CPUs, carrier annexes, and processing facilities—with many types of facilities cross-referenced.
  • Recent openings (these days, primarily contract units), suspensions, and discontinuances
  • Notes regarding distinctive postmarks
  • Annotations regarding which postal facilities do not possess unique postmarking devices
  • Addresses of mail processing facilities, CPUs, and carrier facilities
  • Optional: An alphabetical list of postal facilities, aggregated by county


All Post Office directory listings may be ordered as a digital download or as a printed list delivered by mail. All state lists are available for individual ordering, though many new collectors opt for the complete (53-listing) Post Office Directory. Physical full-Directory shipments come complete with binder. The full Directory is also available as a computer-readable CD.

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Includes all 56 post office listings, plus county list supplements.
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Option 2. I prefer to focus on particular states, thank you!
Order individual ALPHA and/or COUNTY state listings, à la carte, using our spreadsheet order form. The form will automatically calculate the total and, if applicable, the shipping cost, for your order.
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