Contact Us:

The Webmaster of PMCC website ( is Evan Kalish. You can e-mail him at:
He can also direct any questions or information to its rightful PMCC recipient. But he will delete your commercial solicitations. Sorry.

You can email Membership questions to director Doug Carlson at:

Museum / Donations
PMCC Museum Curator Gary Hendren can be reached regarding questions about our museum and possible donations, at:

PMCC Bulletin
PMCC Bulletin editor Bill German receives articles from members and requests for ad space.

Officers / Executive Council:

Director: Andrew Mitchell (CT)
Assistant Director: Terry Meier (FL)
Secretary: Robert Stinnett (MO)
Treasurer: David Vikan (ND)

Executive Board:
• Meghan Alexander, Bonita German, John McKenzie
• Linda Barkley, Bob Slater, Paul Tarnow
• Mike Del Grosso, Ray Jorgeson, Heidi Hirschy

Updated April 2022.