Contact Us:

You can email Membership questions to director Doug Carlson at:

Museum / Donations
PMCC Museum Curator Kelvin Kindahl can be reached regarding questions about our museum and possible donations, at:

The Webmaster of PMCC website ( is Evan Kalish. He can also direct any questions or information to its rightful PMCC recipient. No solicitations.

PMCC Bulletin
PMCC Bulletin editor Bill German receives articles from members and requests for ad space.

Officers / Executive Council:

Director: Andrew Mitchell (CT)
Assistant Director: Terry Meier (FL)
Secretary: Robert Stinnett (MO)
Treasurer: David Vikan (ND)

Executive Board:
• Linda Barkley, Bob Slater, Paul Tarnow
• Meghan Alexander, Evan Kalish, John McKenzie
• Gary Hendren, Matthew Kennedy, Gary Splittberger

Updated Feb. 2024.