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Sorting postmarks at the National Postmark Museum The Margie Pfund Memorial Postmark Museum and Research Library (also known as the National Postmark Museum or PMCC Museum) is located near Bellevue, Ohio in the Historic Lyme Village.

The museum is open for tours on the first and third Wednesday afternoons of each month. The Fire Lands Stamp Club meets at the museum on those same evenings. The library is available to club members for postal history research. The Post Mark Collectors Club is organized to encourage postmark collecting and the study of postal history, and to provide support for the Museum and Library. The goal of the museum is to provide education about postmarks and preserve postmark history.

The Museum's holdings comprise the largest single collection of postmarks in the world, with nearly two million philatelic and postal history items in all.

The Primary Collection at the PMCC National Postmark Museum and Library consists of covers from the United States and its related territories, spanning a range from stampless covers to the ink-jet cancels of today. It is an active collection, continuously expanding.

Some items are housed in separate collections. Among these are Railway Post Offices (RPO), Highway Post Offices (HPO), military (several categories), First Day Covers (FDC), 7-1-71 covers (covers commemorating the official establishment of the U.S. Postal Service), slogan cancels, first flight covers, pictorial cancels, stamp show covers, post office dedication covers, airport dedication covers, inaugural covers, mailer's postmark permits, and a few others. There are smaller collections of material from the United Nations and Canada.

A visual tour of many of the museum's holdings can be found here.

Ord, Nebraska 1881 postmark
An 1881 postmark from the Willett-Thompson collection [part of a full cover]
The Willett-Thompson Collection, predominately older material from the 19th and early 20th centuries, is a closed collection, mounted in more than 400 protective albums. Assembled, for the most part more than sixty years ago, the Willett-Thompson collection is a reflection of the times in which it was gathered. There are pieces in this collection from post offices from which no full covers are known. The entire collection has been scanned and is available for purchase on CD or DVD here.

In addition, the Museum has an extensive collection of post office photographs and post office view cards: greater than 55,000 in all. There are pictures of most currently operating post offices in the country, including many buildings which have since been replaced; pictures of many discontinued post offices; and pictures of most surviving Depression-era post office murals and other WPA art. This collection is also growing rapidly.

The museum library houses more than 1,400 post office, postal history and related philatelic books, including an extensive run of Postal Guides, Post Office Directories, state post office books, and a large philatelic periodical collection.

The museum is named in honor of first curator, and early PMCC member, Margie Pfund. Bernice Mittower was the museum curator from 1969 to 1994 and cornerstone of the Post Mark Museum for 25 years. She was a driving force behind its growth until her death in 1994.

New Site, MS postmark
The new (current) museum building opened on October 23, 2003. You can learn more details about the Museum's History.

All work at the Museum is contributed by volunteers. The Post Mark Collectors Club is a non-profit organization and Affiliate #62 of The American Philatelic Society.

The Museum accepts donations [which are tax-deductible!] from the general public. For more information, contact the Curator [information in sidebar].