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PMCC online auction item: Kentucky last-day postmarks
The Post Mark Collectors Club offers many opportunities by which you can enhance your postmark collection. The PMCC Bulletin includes monthly 'Service Offers', through which many members pool their postmark requests to given post offices. Tables of (free!) postmarks are available for the taking at the PMCC Convention and, often, at local PMCC Chapter meetings. For those with specific items in mind, PMCC Auctions provide a great way to flesh out your collection.

The PMCC offers two auction 'styles': online, which is open to bidding by anybody; and PMCC members-only Bulletin listings. All proceeds benefit the PMCC—especially the Museum.
PMCC Online Auctions
John F. Kennedy birthday memorial cancel
Sample from a PMCC eBay auction lot:
three covers obtained on John F. Kennedy's birthday, in memoriam.
The PMCC's eBay auctions are listed with seller name stampdance; a link to all active listings for bidding is available here. Our eBay auctions maintain five-star average feedback levels.

Many of the available lots stem from material that is not required in the collections at the PMCC Museum. Much of it is sorted and culled by dedicated Museum Work Week volunteers.

About 200 postmarks are made available per day. Frequent appearances include First-Day covers, stacks of (primarily 2"x4") postmarks from given states, sets of last-day and other DPO cancellations, and assorted mint plate blocks. Most lots are available with opening bids of $0.99, so there are plenty of opportunities to get started!
PMCC Bulletin Auctions
PMCC members have the benefit of bidding on auction lots listed within every issue of the PMCC Bulletin. Many Bulletin lots stem from the PMCC Museum, although members and other donors also choose to contribute material.

Common auction lots not seen in our eBay listings include books, such as old copies of USPS's now-defunct Directory of Post Offices; postmarks from given states sold 'by the pound'; naval ship cancels and cachets; sets of post office linen post cards and photographs; and specialized individual covers.

Provided here are a couple of example months' PMCC Bulletin auction listings: October and November 2012 [.pdfs]. The October file also includes the values of some eventual winning bids. Intrigued by some of these listings? You should join us!