The Annual PMCC Convention
The 62st PMCC Convention
The 2024 PMCC Convention is scheduled to be held in York, Pennsylvania on Aug. 8—10, 2024 at the Four Points by Sheraton.

For more information regarding the convention, registration, and making hotel reservations, see this .pdf.

From the host:
York, Pennsylvania is a perfect location for our next convention, August 8-10 at the Four Points by Sheraton.

York itself is an historic city founded in 1741 and serving as the location for the Continental Congress from 1777 to 1778, where the Articles of Confederation were drafted. The downtown features many historic buildings, boutique shops, microbreweries, restaurants, and colorful murals to name a few.

There is also the York Central Market, a lively collection of shops and eateries in an 1880s historic building. There and around downtown you can find handicrafts, soaps, honey, and many other goods. The York County History Center and the Agricultural & Industrial Museum make good stops for anyone interested to dive deeper into the backstories of this area. York County also boasts several parks, nature trails, lakes, and dairies.

Less than 30 miles away is historic Lancaster and the well-known Amish country, and a few more miles from there is Hershey Park, a popular amusement park and chocolate shop headquarters for the whole family.

For history buffs, a similar distance southwest of York is Gettysburg and the national battlefield. Other nearby places of interest include Harrisburg (the Pennsylvania state capital) and Chambersburg. Between York and Lancaster Counties alone, there are a whopping 108 post offices to visit! This includes some of the most unique names, such as Bird-In-Hand and Intercourse.

This will be only the second time Pennsylvania has hosted a convention, the first time being in 1976 in Philadelphia. We plan to have all the regular highlights of the typical convention, including the banquet, auction, ice cream, and of course the finders keepers tables.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact host:
John McKenzie, #5359, at:
115 Charles Street
Rockville, MD 20850

or via email at:

See Convention history here.
What we do at a PMCC Convention
Every year some devoted PMCC locals book a hotel, assemble the details (no small task!), and invite us to explore their corner of the country. There are tables of free postmarks, a couple of philatelic auctions, an ice cream walk, and good friends. It's like a family reunion, complete with t-shirts—albeit one with its own postal station and pictorial cancellation:

PMCC Convention: Temporary Postal Station

We don't just sit around, however. Every year we visit some local post offces. In 2010 we took the ferry to Block Island, RI and in 2011 we took the mailboat to Smith Island in Maryland. 2012: visiting a post office in Missouri.

PMCC Convention: Visiting post offices

There are tables of philatelic material—much of it free for the taking! We usually have a table devoted just to pictorial cancellations:

PMCC Convention: Free postmark tables

The PMCC Convention also features two auctions, one silent and one emceed by some long-time members.

PMCC Convention: Philatelic Auction

Even if you're not the primary collector in your household, you'll probably enjoy yourself.

PMCC Convention: Philatelic Auction

There's a banquet dinner every year. The Director presents plaques for long-time PMCC members and awards to those who have greatly aided the organization during the past year.

PMCC Convention: Banquet Dinner