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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Hawai'i Post Office Photographs (166)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
AieaHonoluluMay 2023E Kalish
. GBC / Pearlridge CPUHonoluluMar 2010E KalishDisc.
AnaholaKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
AnaholaKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
Captain CookHawaiiSep 2016J Emerson
EleeleKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
EleeleKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
Ewa BeachHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Barbers Point StationHonoluluJan 2011J Gallagher
. Ewa StationHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
HaikuMauiNov 2008J Gallagher
HakalauHawaiiMar 2010E KalishSusp. 2020
HaleiwaHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
HanaMauiSep 2016J Emerson
HanaleiKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
HanaleiKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
Hanamaulu Branch [Lihue]KauaiNov 2008J GallagherDisc. 2012
HanapepeKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
HanapepeKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
Hau'ulaHonoluluJan 2013J Gallagher
Hawaii National ParkHawaiiSep 2016J Emerson
HawiHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
HawiHawaiiApr 2023E Kalish
HiloHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
. Downtown StationHawaiiSep 2016J Emerson
. Downtown StationHawaiiApr 2023E Kalish
HolualoaHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
HolualuaHawaiiApr 2023E Kalish
HonaunauHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
HonokaaHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
Honolulu: MPOHonolulu1931N/ANow Downtown Sta.
Honolulu: MPO and P&DCHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
Honolulu: MPO and P&DCHonoluluApr 2023E Kalish
. AH LLC CPUHonoluluMar 2021C DowlingSee HPE 96815
. Ala Moana StationHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Downtown StationHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Downtown StationHonoluluMay 2023E Kalish
. Eaton Square CPUHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Fort Shafter StationHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Hawaii Kai StationHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Hawaii Postal Exp. 96815HonoluluMar 2010E KalishSee AH LLC CPU
. Hawaii Postal Exp. 96819HonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Hickam AFB StationHonoluluMay 2023E Kalish
. Hilton Hawaiian Village CPUHonoluluMar 2010E KalishXerox Business Center
. Int'l Marketplace CPUHonoluluMar 2010E KalishDisc. 2013
. Kaimuki StationHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Kapalama StationHonoluluSep 2016J Emerson
. Makiki StationHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Manoa CPUHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Moiliili StationHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. MOU No. 1HonoluluMay 2023E KalishPearl Harbor
. MOU No. 1 + NAVSUP RMCHonoluluMay 2023E KalishPearl Harbor
. MOU No. 3HonoluluMay 2023E KalishPearl Harbor
. NAVSUP Regional Mail Ctr.HonoluluMay 2023E KalishPearl Harbor
. Restaurant Row CPUHonoluluMar 2010E KalishDisc. 2014
. Sand Point Carrier AnnexHonoluluJan 2011J Gallagher
. Tripler Army Med. Ctr. Sta.HonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Uptown StationHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Waialae-Kahala StationHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Waikiki StationHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
HonomuHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
HonomuHawaiiApr 2023E Kalish
HoolehuaMauiJan 2013J Gallagher
KaaawaHonoluluJan 2013J Gallagher
KahukuHonoluluJan 2013J Gallagher
KahukuHonoluluSep 2016J Emerson
KahuluiMauiSep 2016J Emerson
KailuaHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Kailua CPUHonoluluMar 2010E KalishDisc.
Kailua-KonaHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
. Kailua Candy CPUHawaiiMar 2010E KalishDisc. 2020
. Keauhou Box UnitHawaiiMay 2023E KalishDisc. 2023
. Keauhou CPUHawaiiMar 2010E KalishDisc. / replaced
KalaheoKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
KalaheoKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
KalaupapaKalawaoJan 2011J Gallagher
KamuelaHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
KaneoheHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
KapaaKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
KapaaKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
KapaauHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
KaumakaniKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
KaumakaniKauaiSep 2016J Emerson
KaumakaniKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
KaunakakaiMauiJan 2013J Gallagher
KeaauHawaiiApr 2023E Kalish
KealakekuaHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
Kealia CPO [Anahola]KauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
Kealia CPO [Anahola]KauaiMay 2023E Kalish
KeeauHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
KekahaKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
KekahaKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
KiheiMauiNov 2008J Gallagher
KilaueaKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
KilaueaKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
KoloaKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
KoloaKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
KualapuuMauiJan 2013J Gallagher
Kukuihaele Branch [Honokaa]HawaiiDec 2006J Gallagher
Kukuihaele Branch [Honokaa]HawaiiApr 2023E Kalish
KulaMauiNov 2008J Gallagher
KuniaHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
KurtistownHawaiiDec 2006J Gallagher
KurtistownHawaiiApr 2023E Kalish
LahainaMauiSep 2016J Emerson
. Downtown StationMauiNov 2008J Gallagher
. Wharf CPUMauiNov 2008J GallagherDisc.
LaieHonoluluJan 2013J Gallagher
. BYU CPUHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
Lanai CityMauiJan 2011J Gallagher
LaupahoehoeHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
LawaiKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
LawaiKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
LihueKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
LihueKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
MakawaoMauiNov 2008J Gallagher
MakaweliKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
MakaweliKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
MaunaloaMauiJan 2013J Gallagher
Mililani Branch [Waipahu]HonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
Mountain ViewHawaiiSep 2016J Emerson
Mountain ViewHawaiiApr 2023E Kalish
NaalehuHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
NaalehuHawaiiMay 2023E Kalish
Ninole CPOHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
Ninole CPOHawaiiSep 2016J Emerson
Ocean View Branch [Naalehu]HawaiiMay 2023E KalishReplaced CPU
Ocean View CPU [Naalehu]HawaiiMar 2010E KalishFormer site
Ocean View CPU [Naalehu]HawaiiSep 2016J EmersonDisc. / replaced
Ookala CPOHawaiiDec 2006J GallagherDisc. 2022
PaauiloHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
PaauiloHawaiiSep 2016J Emerson
PaauiloHawaiiApr 2023E Kalish
PahalaHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
PahalaHawaiiMay 2023E Kalish
PahoaHawaiiSep 2016J Emerson
PahoaHawaiiApr 2023E Kalish
PaiaMauiNov 2008J Gallagher
PapaaloaHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
PapaaloaHawaiiSep 2016J Emerson
PapaaloaHawaiiApr 2023E Kalish
PapaikouHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
PapaikouHawaiiApr 2023E Kalish
Pearl CityHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Don Quijote CPUHonoluluMar 2010E KalishDisc. 2017
PepeekeoHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
Princeville Branch [Kilauea]KauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
Princeville Branch [Kilauea]KauaiMay 2023E Kalish
Puhi CPO [Lihue]KauaiNov 2008J GallagherDisc.
PuuneneMauiNov 2008J Gallagher
Schofield Barracks StationHonoluluMay 2023E Kalish[Wahiawa]
VolcanoHawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
WahiawaHonoluluSep 2016J Emerson
WaialuaHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
Waikaloa Station [Kamuela]HawaiiMar 2010E Kalish
WailukuMauiNov 2008J Gallagher
WaimanaloHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
WaimeaKauaiNov 2008J Gallagher
WaimeaKauaiMay 2023E Kalish
WaipahuHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Barbers Point BranchHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Kapolei BranchHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Kapolei CPUHonoluluMar 2010E Kalish
. Waipio Shell CPUHonoluluMar 2010E KalishDisc. 2015

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