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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Rhode Island Post Office Photographs (153)
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AdamsvilleNewportOct 2006J EmersonOriginal site
AdamsvilleNewportca. 1950E LeHuquetFormer site
AdamsvilleNewportJul 1977J Gallagher
AdamsvilleNewportMay 2003J Gallagher
AdamsvilleNewportAug 2016E Kalish
AlbionProvidenceMay 1985J Gallagher
AlbionProvidenceMay 2014E KalishFormer site
Apponaug Branch [Warwick]KentOct 2006J Emerson
AshawayWashingtonMay 2009J Gallagher
BarringtonBristolJun 2004J Gallagher
Block IslandWashingtonJul 2010J Gallagher
Block IslandWashingtonJul 2010J Gallagher
BradfordWashingtonMay 2009J Gallagher
BristolBristolSep 2016E Kalish
CarolinaWashingtonMay 2009J Gallagher
Central Falls BranchProvidenceJul 2011E Kalish[Pawtucket]
Centredale BranchProvidenceOct 1998J Gallagher[PVD] Former site
Centredale BranchProvidenceMay 2009J Gallagher[Providence]
CharlestownWashingtonMay 2014J Gallagher
ChepachetProvidenceMay 1985J Gallagher
ChepachetProvidenceOct 1998J Gallagher
ChepachetProvidenceMay 2016E Kalish
ClayvilleProvidenceJul 2011E Kalish
CoventryKentOct 1998J Gallagher
CoventryKentNov 2013E Kalish
Cranston Branch [Providence]ProvidenceMay 2014E Kalish
Cumberland BranchProvidenceMay 2009J Gallagher[Pawtucket]
East GreenwichKentMay 1985J GallagherFormer site
East GreenwichKentJul 2011E Kalish
East Providence BranchProvidence2000N/A[Providence]
Esmond BranchProvidenceJun 2004J Gallagher[Providence]
ExeterWashingtonMay 2009J Gallagher
FiskevilleProvidenceMay 1985J Gallagher
FiskevilleProvidenceJul 2011E Kalish
ForestdaleProvidenceMay 2014J Gallagher
ForestdaleProvidenceMay 2014E Kalish
FosterProvidenceJul 2011E Kalish
GlendaleProvidenceMay 2009J Gallagher
Greene CPO [Coventry]KentNov 2013E Kalish
Greene CPO [Coventry]KentNov 2013E KalishInt.
GreenvilleProvidenceMay 1985J Gallagher
GreenvilleProvidenceJul 2011E Kalish
HarmonyProvidenceMay 1985J Gallagher
HarmonyProvidenceOct 1998J Gallagher
HarmonyProvidenceMay 2016E Kalish
HarrisvilleProvidenceMay 1985J Gallagher
HarrisvilleProvidenceMay 2002S Bahnsen
HopeProvidenceca. 1994D KellickFormer site
HopeProvidenceJul 2011E Kalish
Hope ValleyWashingtonJul 2011E Kalish
HopkintonWashingtonMay 2009J Gallagher
HopkintonWashingtonJul 2011E Kalish
HopkintonWashingtonApr 2019J Emerson
JamestownNewportMay 1985J Gallagher
JamestownNewportApr 2017E Kalish
Johnston BranchProvidenceJul 2011E Kalish[Providence]
Kingston BranchWashingtonMay 1985J Gallagher[Wakefield]
Kingston BranchWashingtonJun 2004J Gallagher[Wakefield]
Lincoln BranchProvidenceJun 2004J Gallagher[Pawtucket]
Little ComptonNewportJul 1977J GallagherFormer site
Little ComptonNewportMay 2003J Gallagher
Little ComptonNewportAug 2016E Kalish
ManvilleProvidenceMay 1985J Gallagher
ManvilleProvidenceJun 2004J Gallagher
ManvilleProvidenceMay 2014E Kalish
MaplevilleProvidenceMay 2009J Gallagher
Middletown BranchNewportMay 1985J Gallagher[Newport]
Middletown BranchNewportJun 2004J Gallagher[Newport]
Narragansett BranchWashingtonMay 1985J Gallagher[Wakefield]
Narragansett BranchWashingtonOct 2006J Emerson[Wakefield]
NewportNewportApr 2017E Kalish
. Broadway StationNewportMay 1986V FischerFormer site
. Broadway StationNewportApr 2017E Kalish
. NETC CMFNewportApr 2018E KalishExt.
. NETC CMFNewportApr 2018E Kalish
. NETC StationNewportApr 2018E KalishNorth side
. NETC StationNewportApr 2018E KalishSouth side
. NETC StationNewportApr 2018E KalishInt.
North KingstownWashingtonMay 1985J Gallagher
North KingstownWashingtonJun 2004J Gallagher
North ScituateProvidenceMay 1985J Gallagher
North ScituateProvidenceJul 2011E Kalish
PascoagProvidenceMay 1985J Gallagher
PascoagProvidenceMay 2009J Gallagher
PawtucketProvidenceJul 2011E Kalish
. Darlington StationProvidenceJun 2004J Gallagher
PortsmouthNewportJul 1977J GallagherFormer site
PortsmouthNewportJun 2004J Gallagher
PortsmouthNewportApr 2017E Kalish
Providence: MPOProvidence1901N/AFormer site
Providence: MPOProvidenceDec 1906N/AFormer site
Providence: MPOProvidenceca. 1965N/A
Providence: MPO and P&DCProvidenceApr 2017E Kalish
. Annex StationProvidenceJul 2011E Kalish
. Bryant University CPUProvidenceMay 2016E Kalish
. Corliss Park Station / AnnexProvidenceApr 2017E Kalish
. East Bay DDUProvidenceMay 2002S Bahnsen
. East Bay DDUProvidenceNov 2013E Kalish
. East Providence CPUProvidenceNov 2013E Kalish
. East Side Marketplace CPUProvidenceJul 2011E Kalish
. East Side StationProvidenceOct 1998J GallagherFormer site
. East Side StationProvidenceJun 2004J Gallagher
. Elmwood StationProvidenceMay 1985J Gallagher
. Elmwood StationProvidenceJun 2004J Gallagher
. Friar StationProvidenceMay 2009J Gallagher
. Friar StationProvidenceMay 2009J GallagherExt.
. Garden City BranchProvidenceJun 2004J GallagherExt.
. Garden City BranchProvidenceMay 2014E KalishExt.
. Garden City BranchProvidenceMay 2014E Kalish
. Mail & More CPUProvidenceNov 2013E KalishCranston
. North StationProvidenceJul 2011E Kalish
. Olneyville StationProvidenceJun 2004J Gallagher
. Riverside BranchProvidenceSep 2016E Kalish
. Rumford BranchProvidenceNov 2013E Kalish
. Washington Park StationProvidenceMay 2009J Gallagher
. Weybosset Hill StationProvidenceJun 2004J Gallagher
Prudence Island CPOBristolMay 2009J Gallagher[Bristol]
RockvilleWashingtonJul 2011E Kalish
SaunderstownWashingtonMay 1985J Gallagher
SaunderstownWashingtonJun 2004J Gallagher
ShannockWashingtonMay 2009J Gallagher
ShannockWashingtonMay 2016E Kalish
SlatersvilleProvidenceMay 2014E Kalish
SlocumWashingtonMay 2009J Gallagher
SlocumWashingtonApr 2019J Emerson
Smithfield BranchProvidenceMay 2009J Gallagher
TivertonNewportca. 1960E LeHuquetFormer site
TivertonNewportJul 1977J GallagherFormer site
TivertonNewportJun 2004J Gallagher
TivertonNewportApr 2017E Kalish
Valley Falls BranchProvidenceMay 2009J Gallagher[PWT] Disc. 2011
WakefieldWashingtonOct 2006J EmersonFormer site
WakefieldWashingtonMay 2016E Kalish
WarrenBristolJun 2004J Gallagher
WarwickKentOct 1998J Gallagher
. Conimicut StationKentNov 2013E Kalish
. Pilgrim StationKentJul 2011E Kalish
West KingstonWashingtonMay 1985J Gallagher
West KingstonWashingtonJun 2004J Gallagher
West WarwickKentJun 2004J GallagherFormer site
West WarwickKentJul 2011E Kalish
WesterlyWashingtonMay 2009J Gallagher
. High Street StationWashingtonMay 2009J Gallagher
. High Street StationWashingtonJul 2011E Kalish
. Senior Citizens Center CPUWashingtonJul 2011E Kalish
. Watch Hill CPUWashingtonOct 2000J Gallagher
. Weekapaug CPUWashingtonOct 2000J Gallagher
Wood River JunctionWashingtonMay 2009J Gallagher
WoonsocketProvidenceca. 1912N/AFormer site
WoonsocketProvidenceJun 2004J Gallagher
. Walnut Hill StationProvidenceJun 2004J Gallagher
WyomingWashingtonca. 1960E LeHuquetFormer site
WyomingWashingtonJun 2004J Gallagher

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