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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Wyoming Post Office Photographs (230)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
AftonLincolnApr 2021J Emerson
Aladdin CPO [Sundance]CrookOct 2012E Kalish
AlcovaNatronaMay 1992J Gallagher
AlcovaNatronaOct 2010J Gallagher
Alpine CPO [Afton]LincolnOct 2006G Splittberger
AlvaCrookOct 2012E Kalish
ArapahoeFremontApr 1994J Gallagher
ArvadaSheridanSep 2008E Kalish
AuburnLincolnApr 2021J Emerson
BaggsCarbonApr 1994J Gallagher
BaggsCarbonMay 2016G Splittberger
BairoilSweetwaterApr 1994J Gallagher
BairoilSweetwaterSep 2010J Emerson
BairoilSweetwaterSep 2020J Emerson
BannerSheridanJun 1997J Gallagher
BasinBig HornAug 2006G Splittberger
BeulahCrookSep 2008E Kalish
Big HornSheridanJun 1997J Gallagher
Big PineySubletteApr 1994J Gallagher
Bill CPOConverseMay 1997J Gallagher
BondurantSubletteApr 1994J Gallagher
BondurantSubletteMay 2014J Gallagher
BoulderSubletteMay 2014J Gallagher
BuffaloJohnsonJul 2016J Emerson
BufordAlbanyJun 1997J Gallagher
BurlingtonBig HornJun 2018G Splittberger
ByronBig HornJun 2018G Splittberger
CarpenterLaramieNov 2017J Emerson
CasperNatronaOct 1932N/AFormer site
. Downtown StationNatronaOct 2010J Gallagher
CasperNatronaOct 2010J Gallagher
CentennialAlbanySep 2015J Emerson
CheyenneLaramieca. 1905N/AFormer site
. Airport StationLaramieJun 1994J Gallagher
. Station ALaramieJun 1994J Gallagher
ChugwaterPlatteApr 2009G Splittberger
ClearmontSheridanSep 2008E Kalish
ClearmontSheridanMar 2019G Splittberger
CodyParkca. 1928N/AFormer site
CodyParkMay 2007G Splittberger
CokevilleLincolnJul 2016J Emerson
CoraSubletteMay 2014J Gallagher
CowleyBig HornJul 2011G Splittberger
CrowheartFremontOct 2015M Kesy
DanielSubletteApr 1994J Gallagher
DanielSubletteSep 2011J Emerson
DaytonSheridanJul 2016J Emerson
DeaverBig HornMar 2004G Splittberger
DeaverBig HornMar 2015G Splittberger
Devils TowerCrookSep 2008E Kalish
Devils TowerCrookMar 2019G Splittberger
DiamondvilleLincolnApr 1994J Gallagher
DiamondvilleLincolnJul 2016J Emerson
DixonCarbonApr 1994J Gallagher
DixonCarbonNov 2021J Emerson
DouglasConverseApr 1916N/A
DouglasConverseApr 2009G Splittberger
EdenSweetwaterApr 1994J Gallagher
EdgertonNatronaMay 1992J Gallagher
EdgertonNatronaJun 2019G Splittberger
Elk MountainCarbonMay 1992J Gallagher
Elk MountainCarbonOct 2010J Gallagher
EmblemBig HornJun 2018G Splittberger
EncampmentCarbonNov 2021J Emerson
Ethete CPOFremontApr 1994J Gallagher
Etna CPO [Afton]LincolnApr 2021J Emerson
EvanstonUintaca. 1908N/AFormer site
EvanstonUintaOct 2006G Splittberger
EvansvilleNatronaOct 2010J Gallagher
FairviewLincolnApr 2021J Emerson
FarsonSweetwaterApr 1994J Gallagher
FarsonSweetwaterMay 2014J Gallagher
Fort BridgerUintaAug 2013J Emerson
Fort LaramieGoshenMay 1992J Gallagher
Fort WashakieFremontApr 1994J GallagherFormer site
Fort WashakieFremontSep 2011J Emerson
Four Corners CPOWestonJun 1997J GallagherFormer site
Four Corners CPOWestonJun 2009J Emerson[Newcastle]
Four Corners CPOWestonSep 2022J Emerson
FrannieParkMar 2004G Splittberger
FrannieParkMar 2015G Splittberger
FrontierLincolnApr 1994J Gallagher
GilletteCampbellNov 1935N/AFormer site
GlendoPlatteApr 2009G Splittberger
GlenrockConverseOct 2010J Gallagher
GrangerSweetwaterJul 2016J Emerson
Granite CañonLaramie1975J Gallagher
Green RiverSweetwaterMar 1932N/AFormer site
GreybullBig HornJan 1940N/A
GreybullBig HornAug 2006G Splittberger
GuernseyPlatteSep 2014M Wasko
HannaCarbonMay 1992J Gallagher
HannaCarbonOct 2008E Kalish
HartvillePlatteSep 2011J Emerson
Hawk SpringsGoshenMay 1997J Gallagher
Hiland CPONatronaJun 1997J Gallagher
HillsdaleLaramieApr 2015M Kesy
Horse CreekLaramie1975J GallagherDisc.
Horse CreekLaramieSep 2015M KesyDisc.
HudsonFremontMay 2007G Splittberger
HudsonFremontJul 2016J Emerson
HulettCrookOct 2012E Kalish
HyattvilleBig HornAug 2006G Splittberger
HyattvilleBig HornJun 2018G Splittberger
Iron MountainLaramie1975J Gallagher
JacksonTetonMay 2014J Gallagher
Jay EmGoshenMay 1997J Gallagher
Jeffrey City CPOFremontApr 1994J Gallagher
JelmAlbanyOct 2013J Emerson+ Woods Landing
KayceeJohnsonJul 2014G Splittberger
KeelineNiobraraMay 1992J GallagherDisc. 1995
KellyTetonSep 2008E Kalish
KemmererLincolnFeb 1936N/A
KemmererLincolnJun 2009J Emerson
KinnearFremontApr 1994J Gallagher
La BargeLincolnApr 1994J Gallagher
LagrangeLaramieMay 1997J Gallagher
LanderFremont1921N/AFormer site
LanderFremontApr 1994J GallagherFormer site
LaramieAlbanyOct 2010J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexAlbanyOct 2010J Gallagher
. Spring Creek CPUAlbanyOct 2010J Gallagher
LeiterSheridanJun 1997J Gallagher
LeiterSheridanMar 2019G Splittberger
LinchJohnsonMay 1992J Gallagher
LinchJohnsonJun 2019G Splittberger
LingleGoshenMay 1992J Gallagher
Little AmericaSweetwaterSep 2011J Emerson
Little AmericaSweetwaterJul 2016J Emerson
Lost SpringsConverseMay 1997J GallagherDisc.
Lost SpringsConverseJul 2007J EmersonDisc.
LovellBig HornMar 2004G Splittberger
LovellBig HornMar 2015G Splittberger
LuskNiobraraMay 2014J Gallagher
LysiteFremontJul 2016J Emerson
MandersonBig HornJun 2018G Splittberger
ManvilleNiobraraMay 1997J Gallagher
ManvilleNiobraraMay 2014J Gallagher
MarbletonSubletteApr 1994J Gallagher
McKinnonSweetwaterApr 1994J Gallagher
Medicine BowCarbonMay 1992J GallagherFormer site
Medicine BowCarbonJun 1997J GallagherFormer site
Medicine BowCarbonOct 2010J Gallagher
MeeteetseParkMay 2006G Splittberger
MeridenLaramieMay 1997J Gallagher
MidwestNatronaMay 1992J Gallagher
MidwestNatronaJun 2019G Splittberger
MillsNatronaMay 1992J Gallagher
MoorcroftCrookNov 2004G Splittberger
MooseTetonOct 2006G Splittberger
MoranTetonSep 2008E Kalish
Mountain ViewUintaApr 1994J Gallagher
NewcastleWestonMar 1933N/A
NewcastleWestonJun 1997J Gallagher
NewcastleWestonMar 2019G Splittberger
NodeNiobraraMay 1992J GallagherDisc. 1994
OpalLincolnJul 2016J Emerson
OsageWestonMar 2019G Splittberger
OshotoCrookJun 1997J GallagherDisc.
ParkmanSheridanJun 2012G Splittberger
PavillionFremontApr 1994J Gallagher
Pine BluffsLaramieJul 2007J Emerson
PinedaleSubletteMay 2014J Gallagher
Point of Rocks CPOSweetwaterApr 2021J Emerson[Rock Spgs.]; ext.
Point of Rocks CPOSweetwaterApr 2021J Emerson[Rock Springs]
Powder RiverNatronaJun 1997J Gallagher
Powder RiverNatronaJul 2016J Emerson
PowellParkca. 1938N/A
PowellParkApr 2005G Splittberger
PowellParkSep 2022J Emerson[Newcastle]
RalstonParkApr 2005G Splittberger
RalstonParkSep 2022J Emerson
RawlinsCarbonca. 1910N/AFormer site
RawlinsCarbonApr 1994J Gallagher
RecluseCampbellJun 1997J GallagherFormer site
RecluseCampbellSep 2008E Kalish
RivertonFremontApr 1994J Gallagher
RivertonFremontSep 2011J Emerson
Rock RiverAlbanyJun 1997J Gallagher
Rock RiverAlbanyOct 2010J Gallagher
Rock SpringsSweetwaterca. 1911N/AFormer site
RozetCampbellSep 2008E Kalish
Saint StephensFremontApr 1994J GallagherExt.
Saint StephensFremontSep 2022J EmersonExt.
Saint StephensFremontSep 2022J Emerson
SaratogaCarbonOct 2010J Gallagher
SaratogaCarbonSep 2022J Emerson
SaveryCarbonApr 1994J Gallagher
SaveryCarbonSep 2015M Kesy
ShawneeConverseMay 1997J Gallagher
ShellBig HornJul 2016J Emerson
SheridanSheridanca. 1910N/AFormer site
SheridanSheridanSep 2014M Wasko
Shirley Basin CPO [Casper]CarbonMay 1992J GallagherDisc. 1994
Shirley Basin CPO [Casper]CarbonMay 1992J GallagherInt.; disc. 1994
ShoshoniFremontJul 2016J Emerson
SinclairCarbonOct 2008E Kalish
SmootLincolnOct 2006G Splittberger
SmootLincolnApr 2021J Emerson
StorySheridanJun 2019G Splittberger
SundanceCrookSep 2008E Kalish
Ten SleepWashakieJul 2016J Emerson
ThayneLincolnOct 2006G Splittberger
ThermopolisHot SpringsMay 1933N/A
ThermopolisHot SpringsApr 2006M Garrow
Tie SidingAlbanyMay 1992J GallagherClosed 2015
Tie SidingAlbanyOct 2010J GallagherClosed 2015
TorringtonGoshenJun 1933N/A
TorringtonGoshenJul 2007J Emerson
UptonWestonMar 2019G Splittberger
Van TassellNiobraraMay 1992J GallagherDisc.
Van TassellNiobraraMay 2014J GallagherDisc.
VeteranGoshenMay 1997J Gallagher
WamsutterSweetwaterJul 2016J Emerson
WapitiParkSep 2008E Kalish
WheatlandPlatteJun 1936N/AFormer site
WheatlandPlatteApr 2009G Splittberger
WilsonTetonApr 1994J GallagherFormer site
WilsonTetonOct 2000N/A
WilsonTetonMay 2014J Gallagher
WorlandWashakieca. 1936N/AFormer site
Wright CPO [Gillette]CampbellMay 1997J Gallagher
WyarnoSheridanJun 1997J GallagherSusp.
Yellowstone National ParkParkSep 2008E Kalish
. Canyon StationParkSep 2008E Kalish
. Grant Village StationTetonSep 2008E Kalish
. Old Faithful StationTetonSep 2008E Kalish
Yellowstone ParkParkDec 1937N/ARenamed Y.N.P. 1962
YoderGoshenMay 1997J Gallagher

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