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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Maryland Post Office Photographs (605)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
AbellSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
AberdeenHarfordAug 2010E Kalish
Aberdeen Proving GroundHarfordAug 2010E Kalish
Aberdeen Proving GroundHarfordAug 2010E Kalish
AbingdonHarfordApr 2007J Gallagher
AccidentGarrettJul 2011J Emerson
AccokeekPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
AdamstownFrederickFeb 2009J Gallagher
AllenWicomico1974J Gallagher
AllenWicomicoSep 2011E Kalish
AnnapolisAnne Arundelca. 1901N/AFormer site
AnnapolisAnne ArundelApr 1995J GallagherFormer site
AnnapolisAnne ArundelAug 2014E KalishFormer site
AnnapolisAnne ArundelJul 2019J Gallagher
. Delivery Distribution UnitAnne ArundelAug 2014E Kalish
. Eastport StationAnne ArundelApr 1995J GallagherFormer site
. Eastport StationAnne ArundelAug 2014E Kalish
. Legion Avenue StationAnne ArundelApr 1995J Gallagher
. Legion Avenue StationAnne ArundelAug 2014E Kalish
. Naval Academy StationAnne ArundelAug 2014E KalishExt.
Annapolis JunctionHowardOct 1994J GallagherFormer site
Annapolis JunctionHowardAug 2014E Kalish
ArnoldAnne ArundelOct 2009J Gallagher
AshtonMontgomeryFeb 2009J Gallagher
Aspen Hill BranchMontgomeryMay 2004J Gallagher
Aspen Hill BranchMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish[Silver Spring]
Aspen Hill Carrier AnnexMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish[Silver Spring]
AvenueSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
BaldwinBaltimoreDec 2021J Gallagher
Baltimore: MPOBaltimore 1910N/AFormer site
Baltimore: MPOBaltimore I.C.May 1932N/ANow Calvert Sta.
Baltimore: MPO and P&DCBaltimore I.C.Jun 2012E Kalish
. Arlington StationBaltimore I.C.Feb 2009J Gallagher
. Arlington StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2018K Kindahl
. Baltimore Visitor Center CPUBaltimore I.C.Mar 2017J GallagherExt.
. Baltimore Visitor Center CPUBaltimore I.C.Mar 2017J GallagherInt.
. Branch #16 CPUBaltimoreAug 2013E KalishFreedom Drugs
. Brooklyn South Carrier AnnexBaltimore I.C.Jul 2019J Gallagher
. Calvert StationBaltimore I.C.Jun 2012E Kalish
. Carroll StationBaltimore I.C.Nov 2021J Gallagher
. Clifton StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2018K Kindahl
. Clifton-East End StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2013E Kalish
. Contract Branch #43 CPUBaltimoreAug 2013E KalishGoucher Coll.
. Contract Branch #93 CPUBaltimoreAug 2013E KalishTowson Univ.
. Drug City Pharmacy CPUBaltimoreAug 2013E Kalish
. Druid StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2010E Kalish
. Eastpoint Mall BranchBaltimoreAug 2010E Kalish
. Franklin StationBaltimore I.C.Nov 2021J Gallagher
. Govans StationBaltimore I.C.Nov 2021J Gallagher
. Gwynn Oak BranchBaltimoreJan 2022J Gallagher
. Halethorpe BranchBaltimoreFeb 2009J Gallagher
. Hamilton StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2018K Kindahl
. Highlandtown StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2010E Kalish
. Lexington Pharmacy CPUBaltimore I.C.Mar 2017J Gallagher
. Loch Raven BranchBaltimoreAug 2013E Kalish
. Market Center StationBaltimore I.C.Sep 2009E Kalish
. Mondawmin Mall StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2010E Kalish
. Mondawmin Mall StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2018K Kindahl
. Mount Washington StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2013E Kalish
. Northwood StationBaltimore I.C.Jun 2009J Gallagher
. Nottingham BranchBaltimoreAug 2013E Kalish
. Patterson StationBaltimore I.C.Sep 2009E KalishFells Point
. Raspeburg StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2013E Kalish
. Roland Park StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2013E Kalish
. Security Square BranchBaltimoreJan 2022J Gallagher
. South StationBaltimore I.C.Jun 2012E Kalish
. Southeast StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2010E Kalish
. Towson Town Ctr. Mall Br.BaltimoreFeb 2009J Gallagher
. Walbrook StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2018K Kindahl
. Waverly StationBaltimore I.C.Aug 2018K Kindahl
. Windsor Mill BranchBaltimoreJan 2001J Gallagher
. Wockenfuss Candies CPUBaltimore I.C.Mar 2017J Gallagher
. Wockenfuss Candies CPUBaltimore I.C.Mar 2017J GallagherInt.
BarclayQueen Anne'sOct 2009J Gallagher
BeallsvilleMontgomeryJan 2006J Gallagher
Bel AirHarfordAug 2013E Kalish
Bel AltonCharlesApr 2001J Gallagher
BelcampHarfordAug 2010E Kalish
BeltsvillePrince George'sJul 2014E Kalish
BensonHarfordAug 2013E Kalish
BerlinWorcesterDec 2001J Gallagher
BerlinWorcesterOct 2019E Kalish
BethesdaMontgomeryApr 2011J EmersonFormer site
BethesdaMontgomeryJun 2012E Kalish
. Arlington Road StationMontgomeryJun 2012E KalishPrev. disc.
. Friendship Heights StationMontgomeryJun 2012E Kalish
. News Express CPUMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
. Westlake BranchMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
BethlehemCarolineSep 2011K Kindahl
BethlehemCarolineSep 2019E Kalish
BettertonKentOct 2009J Gallagher
BettertonKentSep 2019E Kalish
Big PoolWashingtonNov 2011E Kalish
BishopvilleWorcesterOct 1994J Gallagher
BishopvilleWorcesterOct 2019E Kalish
BittingerGarrettMay 2015J Emerson
BivalveWicomico1975J Gallagher
BivalveWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
BoonsboroWashingtonSep 2009E Kalish
BoringBaltimoreMar 1994J Gallagher
BoringBaltimoreDec 2021P Soroka
BowiePrince George'sMay 2004J Gallagher
. West Bowie StationPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
BoydsMontgomeryFeb 2009J Gallagher
BozmanTalbotSep 2011J Gallagher
Braddock HeightsFrederickJul 2022E Kalish
BrandywinePrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
BrentwoodPrince George'sFeb 2009J Gallagher
BrookevilleMontgomeryMar 1994J GallagherFormer site
BrookevilleMontgomeryJan 2001J Gallagher
BrooklandvilleBaltimore1973J GallagherFormer site
BrooklandvilleBaltimoreJun 1990J GallagherFormer site
BrooklandvilleBaltimoreJan 2022J Gallagher
Brooklyn-Curtis Bay BranchAnne ArundelJun 2012E Kalish[Baltimore]
Broomes IslandCalvertSep 1993J Gallagher
BrownsvilleWashingtonJul 1988J GallagherDisc.
BrunswickFrederickJun 2012E Kalish
Bryans RoadCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
BuckeystownFrederickJan 2006J Gallagher
BurkittsvilleWashingtonJul 1988J Gallagher
BurkittsvilleFrederickJul 2022E Kalish
BurtonsvilleMontgomeryJul 2014E Kalish
BushwoodSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
ButlerBaltimoreMay 2004J Gallagher
ButlerBaltimoreDec 2021P Soroka
Cabin JohnMontgomeryMay 2004J Gallagher
CaliforniaSaint Mary'sApr 2011J Emerson
CallawaySaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
CallawaySaint Mary'sFeb 2001J Gallagher
Calvert DDCPrince George'sMay 2004J GallagherHyattsville
CambridgeDorchesterSep 2011E Kalish
Cape Saint Claire CPOAnne ArundelOct 2009J Gallagher[Annapolis]
Capitol HeightsPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
. Hampton Park BranchPrince George'sAug 2013E Kalish+ So. MD P&DC
CarrolltonCarrollAug 1973J GallagherDisc. 1983
CascadeWashingtonNov 2011E Kalish
Catonsville BranchBaltimoreOct 2007J Emerson[Baltimore]
Catonsville Carrier AnnexBaltimoreNov 2021J Gallagher[Baltimore]
CavetownWashingtonNov 2011E Kalish
CeciltonCecilAug 2014E Kalish
CentrevilleQueen Anne'sAug 2014E Kalish
ChapticoSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
CharlestownCecilAug 2010E Kalish
Charlotte HallSaint Mary'sAug 1975J GallagherFormer site
Charlotte HallSaint Mary'sFeb 2001J Gallagher
ChaseBaltimoreApr 2007J Gallagher
ChaseBaltimoreAug 2013E Kalish
CheltenhamPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
Chesapeake CityCecilMay 2004J Gallagher
Chesapeake CityCecilAug 2014E Kalish
ChesterQueen Anne'sAug 2014E Kalish
ChestertownKentMay 2004J Gallagher
ChestertownKentSep 2019E Kalish
Chevy Chase BranchMontgomeryJun 2012E Kalish[Bethesda]
ChewsvilleWashingtonNov 2011E Kalish
ChildsCecilJul 1994J Gallagher
ChildsCecilAug 2013E Kalish
Church CreekDorchesterSep 2011E Kalish
Church HillQueen Anne'sAug 2014E Kalish
ChurchtonAnne ArundelJun 2009J Gallagher
ChurchvilleHarfordAug 2013E Kalish
ClarksburgMontgomeryNov 2011E Kalish
ClarksvilleHowardMay 2004J Gallagher
Clear SpringWashingtonJun 2016R Sendejas
ClementsSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
ClintonPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
ClintonPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
Cobb IslandCharlesApr 2001J Gallagher
Cobb IslandCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
Cockeysville-Hunt ValleyBaltimoreMar 1994J Gallagher
Colesville BranchMontgomeryJul 2014E Kalish[Silver Spring]
College ParkPrince George'sFeb 2009J Gallagher
. Berwyn CPUPrince George'sJul 2014E KalishExt.
. Berwyn CPUPrince George'sJul 2014E KalishInt.
. North College Park BranchPrince George'sMay 2004J Gallagher
ColoraCecilOct 2019E Kalish
Coltons PointSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
ColumbiaHowardNov 2013J Gallagher
ComptonSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
ConowingoCecilJul 1994J Gallagher
ConowingoCecilMay 2004J Gallagher
ConowingoCecilOct 2019E Kalish
CordovaTalbotSep 2019E Kalish
CrapoDorchesterSep 2011E Kalish
Cresaptown BranchAlleganyNov 2011E Kalish[Cumberland]
CrisfieldSomersetSep 2011J Gallagher
CrocheronDorchesterJan 2001J GallagherDisc.
CrocheronDorchesterSep 2011E KalishDisc.
CroftonAnne ArundelAug 2014E Kalish
CrownsvilleAnne ArundelAug 2014E Kalish
CrumptonQueen Anne'sAug 2014E Kalish
CumberlandAlleganyca. 1904N/AFormer site
CumberlandAlleganyca. 1933N/AFormer site
CumberlandAlleganyNov 2011E Kalish
. PharmaCare CPUAlleganySep 2009E Kalish
. PharmaCare West CPUAlleganyNov 2011E Kalish
. Station AAlleganyNov 2011E Kalish
DamascusMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
DameronSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
DarlingtonHarfordOct 2019E Kalish
DavidsonvilleAnne ArundelSep 2011K Kindahl
Deal IslandSomersetSep 2019E Kalish
DealeAnne ArundelDec 2021J Gallagher
DelmarSussex, DESep 1999J GallagherIn Delaware
DelmarSussex, DESep 2019E KalishIn Delaware
DentonCarolineOct 1994J Gallagher
DentonCarolineSep 2019E Kalish
DerwoodMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
DetourCarrollAug 1973J GallagherDisc. 1993
DickersonMontgomeryJun 2012E Kalish
DraydenSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
DraydenSaint Mary'sFeb 2001J Gallagher
Dundalk Branch [Baltimore]BaltimoreSep 2010J Emerson
DunkirkCalvertSep 1993J Gallagher
EarlevilleCecilOct 2009J Gallagher
EarlevilleCecilAug 2014E Kalish
East New MarketDorchesterSep 2019E Kalish
Eastern Shore P&DFTalbotSep 2011K KindahlEaston
EastonTalbotSep 2011J Gallagher
Eckhart MinesAlleganyAug 2019J Emerson
EdenSomersetOct 2019E Kalish
EdgewaterAnne ArundelDec 2021J Gallagher
EdgewoodHarfordApr 2007J Gallagher
Elk MillsCecilMay 2004J Gallagher
Elk MillsCecilAug 2013E Kalish
ElkridgeHowardMay 2004J Gallagher
ElktonCecilAug 2013E Kalish
Ellicott CityHowardJan 2001J Gallagher
. Ellicott Mills StationHowardJan 2001J Gallagher
. Enchanted Forest BranchHowardFeb 2009J Gallagher
EmmittsburgFrederickNov 2011E Kalish
EssexBaltimoreAug 2013E Kalish
. Essex Pharmacy CPUBaltimoreAug 2013E Kalish
. Essex Pharmacy CPUBaltimoreAug 2013E KalishInt.
EwellSomersetSep 2011J Gallagher
EwellSomersetSep 2019E Kalish
FairplayWashingtonSep 2009E Kalish
FallstonHarfordAug 2013E Kalish
FaulknerCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
FederalsburgCarolineSep 2011K Kindahl
Ferndale CPOAnne ArundelMar 1995J Gallagher
FinksburgCarrollJun 2009J GallagherFormer site
FinksburgCarrollNov 2021J Gallagher
Fishing CreekDorchesterSep 2011E Kalish
FlintstoneAlleganyOct 2009J Gallagher
Forest HillHarfordDec 2020P Soroka
ForkBaltimoreJun 2009J Gallagher
Fort George G. MeadeAnne ArundelAug 2010E Kalish
Fort HowardBaltimoreApr 2007J Gallagher
Fort WashingtonPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
. National Harbor CPUPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
Frederick P&DFFrederickNov 2011E Kalish
FrederickFrederickNov 2011E Kalish
. A-1 Services CPUFrederickNov 2011E KalishDisc. 2020
. A-1 Services CPUFrederickNov 2011E KalishDisc. 2020; int.
. College Estates StationFrederickNov 2011E Kalish
. Hood College CPUFrederickNov 2011E KalishDisc. 2019; ext.
. Hood College CPUFrederickNov 2011E KalishDisc. 2019
FreelandBaltimoreDec 2020P Soroka
FruitlandWicomico1974J Gallagher
FruitlandWicomicoOct 2019E Kalish
FultonHowardJan 2001J Gallagher
FunkstownWashingtonDec 2018J Gallagher
GaithersburgMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
. Diamond Farms StationMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
. Kentlands StationMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
GalenaKentAug 2014E Kalish
GalesvilleAnne ArundelDec 2021J Gallagher
GambrillsAnne ArundelJan 2001J Gallagher
GaplandWashingtonJul 1988J GallagherDisc. 1992
Garrett ParkMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
GeorgetownKentAug 2014E Kalish
GirdletreeWorcesterSep 1999J Gallagher
GirdletreeWorcesterOct 2019E Kalish
Glen BurnieAnne ArundelJun 2012E Kalish
GlenelgHowardJan 2001J Gallagher
Glenn DalePrince George'sFeb 2009J Gallagher
GlyndonBaltimoreMar 1994J Gallagher
GoldsboroCarolineSep 1999J Gallagher
GoldsboroCarolineSep 2019E Kalish
GrasonvilleQueen Anne'sOct 2009J Gallagher
Great MillsSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
Great MillsSaint Mary'sApr 2011J EmersonOld site
Great MillsSaint Mary'sApr 2011J Emerson
GreenbeltPrince George'sNov 1937A RothsteinFormer site
GreenbeltPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
. Goddard Space Flight Ctr. CPUPrince George'sAug 2014N/A
GreensboroCarolineSep 2019E Kalish
HagerstownWashingtonNov 2011E Kalish
. Halfway CPUWashingtonNov 2011E Kalish
. Northern StationWashingtonNov 2011E Kalish
HampsteadCarrollNov 2021J Gallagher
HancockWashingtonDec 2018J Gallagher
HanoverAnne ArundelMay 2004J Gallagher
HarwoodAnne ArundelSep 1993J Gallagher
HarwoodAnne ArundelDec 2021J Gallagher
Havre de GraceHarfordAug 2013E Kalish
HebronWicomico1974J GallagherFormer site
HebronWicomicoMay 2002J Gallagher
HebronWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
HelenSaint Mary'sAug 1975J GallagherSusp. 2012
HelenSaint Mary'sFeb 2001J GallagherSusp. 2012
HendersonCarolineSep 1999J Gallagher
HendersonCarolineSep 2019E Kalish
HenrytonCarrollAug 1973J GallagherDisc. 1982
HighlandHowardMar 1994J GallagherFormer site
HighlandHowardMay 2004J Gallagher
HillsboroCarolineOct 1994J Gallagher
HillsboroCarolineSep 2019E Kalish
HollywoodSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
HurlockDorchesterSep 2019E Kalish
HyattsvillePrince George'sJul 2014E Kalish
. Landover BranchPrince George'sAug 2013E Kalish
. Landover Hills BranchPrince George'sAug 2013E Kalish
. Prince Georges Plaza StationPrince George'sJul 2014E Kalish
. Prince Georges Plaza StationPrince George'sJul 2014E Kalish
. Prince Georges Plaza StationPrince George'sJul 2014E KalishInt.
. West Hyattsville StationPrince George'sJul 2014E Kalish
Indian HeadCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
InglesideQueen Anne'sSep 1999J Gallagher
InglesideQueen Anne'sSep 2019E Kalish
IronsidesCharlesJun 2009J GallagherSusp. 2012
IssueCharlesApr 2001J GallagherSusp. 2020
IssueCharlesAug 2014E KalishSusp. 2020
JarrettsvilleBaltimoreMay 2004J Gallagher
JeffersonFrederickFeb 2009J Gallagher
JessupAnne ArundelAug 2010E Kalish
JoppaBaltimoreJun 2009J Gallagher
KeedysvilleWashingtonSep 2009E Kalish
KennedyvilleKentOct 2009J Gallagher
KennedyvilleKentSep 2019E Kalish
KensingtonMontgomeryAug 2010E Kalish
. White Flint Mall BranchMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
KeymarCarrollAug 1973J GallagherFormer site
KeymarCarrollNov 2011E Kalish
KingsvilleBaltimoreMay 2004J Gallagher
La PlataCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
LadiesburgFrederickNov 2011E KalishDisc. 2015
Langley Park BranchPrince George'sAug 2010E Kalish[Hyattsville]
Langley Park BranchPrince George'sJul 2014E Kalish[Hyattsville]
Lanham-SeabrookPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
LaurelPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexPrince George'sDec 2018J Gallagher
. Laurel Centre BranchPrince George'sFeb 2009J GallagherClosed
. Laurel Commons BranchPrince George'sDec 2018J Gallagher
. Montpelier BranchPrince George'sSep 1993J Gallagher
. Montpelier BranchPrince George'sAug 2010E Kalish
Lavale Branch [Cumberland]AlleganyOct 2009J Gallagher
Laytonsville CPOMontgomeryMay 2004J Gallagher[Gaithersburg]
Laytonsville CPOMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish[Gaithersburg]
Leisure World BranchMontgomeryMay 2004J Gallagher[Silver Spring]
LeonardtownSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
Lexington ParkSaint Mary'sAug 1975J GallagherFormer site
Lexington ParkSaint Mary'sFeb 2001J Gallagher
Lineboro CPO [Manchester]CarrollAug 1973J Gallagher
LinkwoodDorchesterApr 2001J Gallagher
LinkwoodDorchesterSep 2011E Kalish
Linthicum IMFAnne ArundelAug 2010E Kalish
LinthicumAnne ArundelAug 2010E Kalish
LinwoodCarrollAug 1973J GallagherDisc. 1992
Little OrleansAlleganyNov 2011E Kalish
LothianAnne ArundelSep 1993J GallagherFormer site
LovevilleSaint Mary'sJun 1973J GallagherFormer site
LovevilleSaint Mary'sAug 1975J GallagherFormer site
LovevilleSaint Mary'sFeb 2001J Gallagher
Lutherville-TimoniumBaltimoreFeb 2009J Gallagher
. Lutherville Pharmacy CPUBaltimoreMar 2017J Gallagher
. Lutherville Pharmacy CPUBaltimoreMar 2017J GallagherInt.
ManchesterCarrollNov 2021J Gallagher
MarburyCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
Mardela SpringsWicomicoOct 1994J GallagherFormer site
Mardela SpringsWicomicoFeb 2000J Gallagher
Marion StationSomersetSep 2011J Gallagher
Marion StationSomersetSep 2019E Kalish
MarydelCarolineSep 1999J Gallagher
MarydelCarolineSep 2019E Kalish
Maryland LineBaltimoreDec 2020P Soroka
MasseyKentOct 2009J Gallagher
MasseyKentSep 2019E Kalish
MaugansvilleWashingtonNov 2011E Kalish
MaugansvilleWashingtonJan 2021R Calvert
MayoAnne ArundelDec 2021J Gallagher
MechanicsvilleSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
MechanicsvilleSaint Mary'sFeb 2001J Gallagher
Middle River Branch [Baltimore]BaltimoreApr 2007J Gallagher
MiddleburgCarrollAug 1973J GallagherDisc. 1993
MiddletownFrederickJul 2022E Kalish
MidlandAlleganyJul 2011J Emerson
MillersCarrollAug 1973J GallagherDisc. 1984
MillersvilleAnne ArundelAug 2014E Kalish
MillingtonKentOct 2009J Gallagher
Mitchellville Branch [Bowie]Prince George'sSep 2011K Kindahl
MonktonBaltimoreDec 2020P Soroka
Montgomery Village BranchMontgomeryJul 2000J Gallagher[Gaithersburg]
MorganzaSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
Mount AiryCarrollAug 1973J GallagherDisc. 1981
Mount RainierPrince George'sJul 2014E Kalish
Mount VictoriaCharlesApr 2001J Gallagher
Mount VictoriaCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
Mountain Lake ParkGarrettAug 2007J Emerson
MyersvilleFrederickJul 2022E Kalish
NanjemoyCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
NanticokeWicomicoFeb 2000J Gallagher
NanticokeWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
New MidwayFrederickFeb 2009J Gallagher
New MidwayFrederickNov 2011E Kalish
NewarkWorcesterDec 2001J Gallagher
NewarkWorcesterOct 2019E Kalish
NewburgCharlesApr 2001J Gallagher
NewburgCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
NewcombTalbotSep 2011J Gallagher
North EastCecilMay 2004J Gallagher
OaklandGarrettAug 2007J Emerson
Ocean CityWorcesterDec 2001J GallagherNow Finance Sta.
Ocean CityWorcesterOct 2019E Kalish
. Finance StationWorcesterOct 2019E Kalish
. Midtown StationWorcesterDec 2001J GallagherNow Main P.O.
. Montego Bay BranchWorcesterSep 1991J GallagherDisc.
. Wockenfuss Candies CPUWorcesterOct 2019E Kalish
. Wockenfuss Candies CPUWorcesterOct 2019E KalishInt.
Ocean Pines Branch [Berlin]WorcesterDec 2001J Gallagher
Ocean Pines Branch [Berlin]WorcesterOct 2019E Kalish
OdentonAnne ArundelJan 2001J Gallagher
OdentonAnne ArundelAug 2014E Kalish
OldtownAlleganyMay 2015J Emerson
OlneyMontgomeryFeb 2009J Gallagher
OwingsCalvertSep 1993J Gallagher
Owings MillsBaltimoreNov 2021J Gallagher
OxfordTalbotSep 2011J Gallagher
Oxon Hill BranchPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish[Ft. Washington]
Park HallSaint Mary'sAug 1975J GallagherFormer site
Park HallSaint Mary'sFeb 2001J Gallagher
ParktonBaltimoreDec 2020P Soroka
Parkville Branch [Baltimore]BaltimoreFeb 2009J Gallagher
ParsonsburgWicomicoMay 2002J Gallagher
ParsonsburgWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
PasadenaAnne ArundelJan 2001J Gallagher
PatapscoCarrollAug 1973J Gallagher
Patuxent RiverSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
Perry HallBaltimoreAug 2013E Kalish
Perry PointCecilAug 2010E Kalish
Perry PointCecilAug 2010E Kalish
PerrymanHarfordApr 2007J Gallagher
PerryvilleCecilMay 2004J Gallagher
PhoenixBaltimoreDec 2020P Soroka
Pikesville Branch [Baltimore]BaltimoreFeb 2009J Gallagher
Piney PointSaint Mary'sFeb 2001J Gallagher
PintoAlleganyAug 2007J Emerson
PittsvilleWicomicoMay 2002J Gallagher
PittsvilleWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
Pocomoke CityWorcesterOct 2019E Kalish
Point of RocksFrederickJun 2012E Kalish
PomfretCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
Port DepositCecilAug 2013E Kalish
Port TobaccoCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
PotomacMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
PowellvilleWicomico1975J GallagherDisc.
PowellvilleWicomicoApr 2001J GallagherDisc.
PrestonCarolineSep 2011K Kindahl
Princess AnneSomersetSep 2011J Gallagher
Princess AnneSomersetSep 2019E Kalish
PylesvilleHartfordMay 2017P Tarnow
QuanticoWicomico1974J GallagherFormer site
QuanticoWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
Queen AnneTalbotOct 1994J Gallagher
Queen AnneTalbotSep 2019E Kalish
QueenstownQueen Anne'sSep 1999J Gallagher
QueenstownQueen Anne'sAug 2014E Kalish
RandallstownBaltimoreNov 2021J Gallagher
ReisterstownBaltimoreNov 2021J Gallagher
RhodesdaleDorchesterSep 2019E Kalish
RiderwoodBaltimoreAug 2013E Kalish
RidgelyCarolineOct 1994J Gallagher
RidgelyCarolineSep 2019E Kalish
Rising SunCecilOct 2019E Kalish
RivaAnne ArundelSep 2011K Kindahl
RiverdalePrince George'sJul 2014E Kalish
. Kenilworth StationPrince George'sMay 2004J Gallagher
Riviera Beach BranchAnne ArundelJan 2001J Gallagher[Pasadena]
Rock HallKentSep 2019E Kalish
RockvilleMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
. Courthouse StationMontgomeryJun 2004J EmersonDisc. 2006
. King Farm Shell CPUMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
. Pike StationMontgomeryMay 2004J Gallagher
. Twinbrook BranchMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
Rocky RidgeFrederickFeb 2009J Gallagher
Rosedale Branch [Baltimore]BaltimoreAug 2013E Kalish
Royal OakTalbotSep 2011J Gallagher
SabillasvilleFrederickFeb 2009J Gallagher
Saint InigoesSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
Saint Mary's CitySaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
Saint MichaelsTalbotSep 2011J Gallagher
SalisburyWicomicoFeb 2000J Gallagher
SalisburyWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
. College Square StationWicomicoFeb 2000J Gallagher
. College Square StationWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
. Main Street StationWicomicoFeb 2000J Gallagher
. Main Street StationWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
. Route 13 StationWicomicoFeb 2000J Gallagher
. Route 13 StationWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
Sandy SpringMontgomeryFeb 2009J Gallagher
Sandy SpringMontgomeryJul 2014E Kalish
SavageHowardAug 2014E Kalish
ScotlandSaint Mary'sAug 1975J GallagherSusp. 2011
SecretaryDorchesterSep 2019E Kalish
SevernAnne ArundelJun 2012E Kalish
Severna ParkAnne ArundelJan 2001J Gallagher
Shady SideAnne ArundelDec 2021J Gallagher
SharpsburgWashingtonJul 1988J Gallagher
SharpsburgWashingtonSep 2009E Kalish
SharptownWicomicoFeb 2000J Gallagher
SharptownWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
SherwoodTalbotSep 2011J Gallagher
ShowellWorcesterOct 1994J GallagherDisc.
Silver Spring: MPOMontgomeryJun 2012E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexMontgomeryJul 2014E Kalish
. Finance BranchMontgomeryAug 2010E KalishDisc.
. Forest Glen BranchMontgomeryAug 2010E Kalish
. Leisure World BranchMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
. Leisure World CPUMontgomeryAug 2013E KalishExt.
. Leisure World CPUMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
. Main Office Carrier AnnexMontgomeryJul 2014E Kalish
. Takoma Park BranchMontgomeryAug 2010E Kalish
. Wheaton StationMontgomeryAug 2010E Kalish
. Woodmoor BranchMontgomeryAug 2014E Kalish
Silver Spring: MPOMontgomeryAug 2010E KalishFormer site
SimpsonvilleHowardJan 2001J Gallagher
SmithsburgWashingtonNov 2011E Kalish
Snow HillWorcesterSep 1999J Gallagher
Snow HillWorcesterOct 2019E Kalish
Southern Maryland P&DCPrince George'sAug 2013E Kalish+ Hampton Park Br.
Sparks GlencoeBaltimoreDec 2020P Soroka
SpencervilleMontgomeryMar 1994J GallagherFormer site
SpencervilleMontgomeryJul 2014E Kalish
Spring GapAlleganyMay 2015J Emerson
StevensonBaltimore1973J GallagherFormer site
StevensonBaltimoreJun 1990J Gallagher
StevensonBaltimoreJan 2022J Gallagher
StevensvilleQueen Anne'sAug 2014E Kalish
Still PondKentOct 2009J GallagherDisc.
StocktonWorcesterSep 1999J GallagherDisc.
StreetHartfordMay 2017P Tarnow
Suburban Maryland P&DCMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish[Gaithersburg]
SudlersvilleQueen Anne'sOct 2009J Gallagher
Sykesville: Old Main Line CPUCarrollJan 2006J Gallagher
Tall TimbersSaint Mary'sAug 1975J Gallagher
Tall TimbersSaint Mary'sFeb 2001J Gallagher
Tall TimbersSaint Mary'sApr 2011J Emerson
TaneytownCarrollNov 2011E Kalish
Taylors IslandDorchesterSep 2011E Kalish
Temple HillsPrince George'sAug 2014E Kalish
TemplevilleQueen Anne'sSep 1999J Gallagher
TemplevilleQueen Anne'sOct 2007J Emerson
TemplevilleQueen Anne'sSep 2019E Kalish
ThurmontFrederickFeb 2009J Gallagher
TilghmanTalbotSep 2011E Kalish
Towson BranchBaltimoreSep 2009E Kalish[Baltimore]
TrappeTalbotSep 2011J Gallagher
TuscaroraFrederickJan 2006J Gallagher
TuscaroraFrederickNov 2011E Kalish
TyaskinWicomicoFeb 2000J Gallagher
TyaskinWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
TylertonSomersetSep 2011J Gallagher
TylertonSomersetSep 2019E Kalish
Uniontown CPO [Westminster]CarrollAug 1973J GallagherDisc. 1998
Upper FairmountSomersetSep 2011J Gallagher
Upper FallsBaltimoreDec 2021J Gallagher
Upper MarlboroPrince George'sSep 2011K Kindahl
. Largo BranchPrince George'sAug 2013E Kalish
UppercoBaltimoreMar 1994J Gallagher
UppercoBaltimoreNov 2021J Gallagher
Valley LeeSaint Mary'sApr 2011J Emerson
ViennaDorchesterOct 1994J Gallagher
ViennaDorchesterSep 2011E Kalish
Waldorf DDCCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
Waldorf: MPOCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
. St. Charles StationCharlesAug 2014E KalishExt.
. St. Charles StationCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
WalkersvilleFrederickNov 2011E Kalish
WarwickKentOct 2009J Gallagher
Washington GroveMontgomeryAug 2013E Kalish
WelcomeCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
West FriendshipHowardMar 2021P Soroka
WestminsterCarrollJun 2009J Gallagher
WestoverSomersetSep 2011J Gallagher
WhaleyvilleWorcesterOct 1994J GallagherFormer site
WhaleyvilleWorcesterOct 2019E Kalish
White HallBaltimoreDec 2020P Soroka
White MarshBaltimoreAug 2013E Kalish
White PlainsCharlesAug 2014E Kalish
WhitefordHartfordMay 2017P Tarnow
WhitehavenWicomico1974J GallagherDisc. 1984
WillardsWicomicoOct 1994J GallagherFormer site
WillardsWicomicoFeb 2000J Gallagher
WillardsWicomicoSep 2019E Kalish
WilliamsportWashingtonDec 2018J Gallagher
WittmanTalbotSep 2011J Gallagher
WoodbineCarrollAug 1973J Gallagher
WoodsboroFrederickFeb 2009J Gallagher
WoodstockHowardFeb 2009J GallagherFormer site
WoodstockHowardNov 2021J Gallagher
WoolfordDorchesterSep 2011E Kalish
WortonKentSep 2019E Kalish
Wye MillsTalbotOct 1994J Gallagher
Wye MillsTalbotSep 2011J Gallagher

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