Post Office Photographs
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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Oklahoma Post Office Photographs (534)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
AchilleBryanFeb 2006J Gallagher
AdaPontotocca. 1934N/A
AdaPontotocAug 1995J Gallagher
AdamsTexasJan 2018E Kalish
AddingtonJeffersonMar 1994J GallagherFormer site
AddingtonJeffersonSep 2023E Kalish
AgraLincolnMar 2015J Gallagher
AlbertCaddoMar 1994J Gallagher
AlbionPushmatahaMar 2000J Gallagher
AldersonPittsburgFeb 2006J Gallagher
AlexGradyMar 1994J Gallagher
AlineAlfalfaApr 2016J Emerson
AllenPontotocAug 1995J Gallagher
AltusJacksonca. 1918N/AFormer site
AlvaWoodsApr 1936N/A
AmberGradyMar 1994J Gallagher
AmesMajorMay 2005J Gallagher
AnadarkoCaddoFeb 1936N/A
AnadarkoCaddoMar 1994J Gallagher
ApacheCaddoAug 2012S Bahnsen
ArapahoCusterMar 1994J Gallagher
ArcadiaOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
ArdmoreCarterca. 1916N/AFormer site
ArdmoreCarterSep 2023E KalishFormer site
ArdmoreCarterFeb 2006J Gallagher
ArdmoreCarterSep 2023E Kalish
ArnettEllisSep 1985J Gallagher
AtokaAtokaFeb 2006J Gallagher
AtwoodHughesAug 1995J Gallagher
AvantOsageMay 2014S Are
BalkoBeaverSep 2013M Wasko
BarnsdallOsageMay 2014S Are
BartlesvilleWashingtonMay 2014S Are
. East Side StationWashingtonMay 2014S Are
BartlesvilleWashington1932N/AFormer site
BeggsOkmulgeeAug 1995J Gallagher
BethanyOklahomaMar 1994J Gallagher
BillingsNobleMar 2015J Gallagher
BixbyTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
BlackwellKayca. 1917N/A
BlackwellKayMar 2015J Gallagher
BlockerPittsburgMar 2000J Gallagher
BlockerPittsburgMar 2000J Gallagher
Boise CityCimarronSep 2013M Wasko
BoyntonMuskogeeAug 1995J Gallagher
BradleyGradyMar 1994J Gallagher
BraggsMuskogeeAug 1995J Gallagher
BramanKayMar 2015J Gallagher
BristowCreekJun 1935N/A
BristowCreekJul 2020R Martin
Broken ArrowTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
. East Arrow StationTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
BromideJohnstonAug 1976J Gallagher
BurbankOsageAug 2012S Bahnsen
BurneyvilleLoveAug 1976J GallagherFormer site
BurneyvilleLoveSep 2023E Kalish
CacheComancheSep 2023E Kalish
CaddoBryanFeb 2006J Gallagher
CaleraBryanFeb 2006J Gallagher
CalumetCanadianMay 2005J Gallagher
CalvinHughesAug 1995J Gallagher
CalvinHughesApr 2016J Emerson
CanadianPittsburgMar 2000J Gallagher
CaneyAtokaFeb 2006J Gallagher
CantonBlaineMay 2005J Gallagher
CanuteWashitaOct 1999N/A
CarmenAlfalfaAug 2012S BahnsenDisc.
CarneyLincolnMar 2015J Gallagher
CarrierGarfieldAug 2012S Bahnsen
CashionKingfisherMay 2005J Gallagher
CementCaddoAug 2012S Bahnsen
CentrahomaCoalAug 1976J GallagherDisc.
ChandlerLincolnNov 1923N/A
ChandlerLincolnFeb 2006J Gallagher
ChattanoogaComancheAug 2012S Bahnsen
ChattanoogaComancheSep 2023E Kalish
ChecotahMcIntoshAug 1995J Gallagher
CheyenneRoger MillsMar 1994J Gallagher
ChickashaGrady1919N/AFormer site
ChoctawOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
ChouteauMayesJul 2012E Kalish
ClaremoreRogersOct 1935N/AFormer site
ClaritaCoalAug 1976J Gallagher
Cleo SpringsMajorMay 2005J Gallagher
ClintonCusterFeb 1936N/AFormer site
CoalgateCoalMar 1941N/A
CoalgateCoalAug 1976J Gallagher
CoalgateCoalJul 2015J Emerson
ColemanJohnstonAug 1976J Gallagher
ComancheStephensMar 1994J Gallagher
ComancheStephensSep 2023E Kalish
ConchoCanadianAug 2012S Bahnsen
ConnervilleJohnstonAug 1976J Gallagher
CordellWashitaFeb 1937N/A
CordellWashitaApr 2017J Emerson
CornWashitaApr 2017J Emerson
Council HillMuskogeeAug 1995J Gallagher
CountylineStephensAug 2012S Bahnsen
CountylineStephensSep 2023E Kalish
CovingtonGarfieldMay 2005J Gallagher
CovingtonGarfieldAug 2012S Bahnsen
CowetaWagonerMar 2000J Gallagher
CoyleLoganMar 2015J Gallagher
CrawfordRoger MillsMar 1994J Gallagher
CrescentLoganMay 2005J Gallagher
CromwellSeminoleFeb 2006J Gallagher
CrowderPittsburgMar 2000J Gallagher
CushingPayneJun 1935N/A
CushingPayneMar 2015J Gallagher
Custer CityCusterMar 1994J Gallagher
CyrilCaddoAug 2012S Bahnsen
DacomaWoodsAug 2012S Bahnsen
DavenportLincolnFeb 2006J Gallagher
DavisMurrayFeb 2006J Gallagher
DavisMurraySep 2023E Kalish
Del CityOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
DepewCreekJul 2020R Martin
DevolCottonMar 1994J GallagherFormer site
DevolCottonSep 2023E Kalish
DewarOkmulgeeAug 1995J Gallagher
DeweyWashingtonMay 2014S Are
DibbleMcClainMar 1994J Gallagher
DoughertyMurraySep 2023E Kalish
DouglasGarfieldMay 2005J GallagherDisc.
DrummondGarfieldMay 2005J Gallagher
DrumrightCreekca. 1940N/A
DrumrightCreekApr 2016J Emerson
DuncanStephensDec 1933N/A
DuncanStephensJul 2007J Emerson
. R&S Drug Store CPUStephensSep 2023E KalishExt.
. R&S Drug Store CPUStephensSep 2023E Kalish
DurantBryanca. 1925N/AFormer site
DurantBryanFeb 2006J Gallagher
. Southeastern State U. CPOBryanFeb 2006J Gallagher
DurhamRoger MillsMar 1994J GallagherDisc.
DustinHughesAug 1995J Gallagher
EdmondOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
. Centennial StationOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
. Coffee Creek StationOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
. U. of Central Oklahoma CPUOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
El RenoCanadianMay 2005J Gallagher
ElginComancheAug 2012S Bahnsen
ElmerJacksonMar 1994J Gallagher
Elmore CityGarvinSep 2023E Kalish
EnidGarfield1912N/AFormer site
EnidGarfieldJul 2007J Emerson
EufaulaMcIntoshFeb 1940N/A
EufaulaMcIntoshAug 1995J Gallagher
FairfaxOsageAug 2012S Bahnsen
FairmountGarfieldMay 2005J Gallagher
FairviewMajorMay 2005J Gallagher
FargoEllisSep 1985J Gallagher
FaxonComancheAug 2012S BahnsenDisc.
FayDeweyMar 1994J Gallagher
FeltCimarronJan 2018E Kalish
FitzhughPontotocAug 1995J Gallagher
FletcherComancheAug 2012S Bahnsen
Fort GibsonMuskogeeAug 1995J Gallagher
Fort Sill Branch [Lawton]ComancheAug 2012S Bahnsen
Fort Sill Branch [Lawton]ComancheSep 2023E Kalish
Fort SupplyWoodwardSep 2013M Wasko
FossWashitaMar 1994J Gallagher
FosterGarvinAug 2012S Bahnsen
FosterGarvinSep 2023E Kalish
FoxCarterAug 1976J GallagherFormer site
FoxCarterSep 2023E Kalish
FrancisPontotocAug 1995J Gallagher
FrederickTillmanFeb 1932N/A
FrederickTillmanAug 2012S Bahnsen
GageEllisSep 1985J Gallagher
GansSequoyahAug 2012E Kalish
Gene AutryCarterAug 1976J GallagherFormer site
Gene AutryCarterSep 2023E Kalish
GeronimoComancheMar 1994J GallagherFormer site
GeronimoComancheSep 2023E Kalish
GlencoePayneAug 2012S Bahnsen
GlenpoolTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
GoltryAlfalfaAug 2012S Bahnsen
GoodwellTexasJan 2018E Kalish
GoreSequoyahAug 2012E Kalish
GowenLatimer1977J GallagherFormer site
GowenLatimerDec 2011S Bahnsen
GracemontCaddoMar 1994J Gallagher
GrahamCarterAug 1976J GallagherFormer site
GrahamCarterAug 2012S Bahnsen
GrandfieldTillmanAug 2012S Bahnsen
GrandfieldTillmanSep 2023E Kalish
GuthrieLoganca. 1910N/A
GuthrieLoganca. 1910N/A
GuthrieLoganJul 2007J Emerson
GuymonTexasJan 1938N/AFormer site
GuymonTexasSep 2013M Wasko
HaileyvillePittsburgAug 1976J Gallagher
HallettPawneeApr 2016J Emerson
HannaMcIntoshAug 1995J Gallagher
HardestyTexasJan 2018E Kalish
HarrahOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
HastingsJeffersonMar 1994J Gallagher
HastingsJeffersonSep 2023E Kalish
HealdtonCarterAug 1976J Gallagher
HealdtonCarterSep 2023E Kalish
HendrixBryanFeb 2006J Gallagher
HennepinGarvinSep 2023E Kalish
HenryettaOkmulgeeDec 1935N/AFormer site
HenryettaOkmulgeeAug 1995J Gallagher
HitchcockBlaineMay 2005J Gallagher
HitchitaMcIntoshAug 1995J Gallagher
HollisHarmonSep 2014J Emerson
HollisterTillmanMar 1994J Gallagher
HominyOsageMay 2014S Are
HonobiaLe FloreMar 2000J Gallagher
HookerTexasJan 2018E Kalish
HoytHaskellAug 1995J Gallagher
HulbertCherokeeAug 1995J Gallagher
IndiahomaComancheSep 2023E Kalish
IndianolaPittsburgMar 2000J Gallagher
InolaRogersJul 2012E Kalish
IsabellaMajorMay 2005J Gallagher
JenksTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
JonesOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
KansasDelawareSep 2013J Emerson
Kaw CityKayMar 2015J Gallagher
Kemp CPOBryanFeb 2006J Gallagher
KentonCimarronJan 2018E Kalish
KeyesCimarronJan 2018E Kalish
KieferCreekAug 2012E Kalish
KingstonMarshallAug 1976J Gallagher
KintaHaskellMar 2000J Gallagher
KrebsPittsburgFeb 2006J Gallagher
LahomaGarfieldMay 2005J Gallagher
LamarHughesAug 1995J Gallagher
LamontGrantMar 2015J Gallagher
LangstonLoganMar 2015J Gallagher
LawtonComancheSep 2023E Kalish
. Cameron University CPUComancheSep 2023E Kalish
. Cameron University CPUComancheSep 2023E Kalish
. Sheridan StationComancheSep 2023E Kalish
. Storage R Us CPUComancheSep 2023E Kalish
. Storage R Us CPUComancheSep 2023E KalishSide
. Storage R Us CPUComancheSep 2023E KalishInt.
LawtonComancheOct 1917N/AFormer site
LebanonMarshallAug 1976J GallagherFormer site
LebanonMarshallSep 2023E Kalish
LehighCoalAug 1976J GallagherFormer site
LeonLoveAug 1976J GallagherFormer site
LeonLoveSep 2023E Kalish
LequireHaskellMar 2000J Gallagher
LindsayGarvinMar 1994J Gallagher
LocoStephensAug 2012S Bahnsen
LocoStephensSep 2023E Kalish
Locust GroveMayesJul 2012E Kalish
Lone GroveCarterSep 2023E Kalish
Lone WolfKiowaMar 1994J Gallagher
LongdaleBlaineMay 2005J Gallagher
LookebaCaddoMar 1994J Gallagher
LovelandTillmanMar 1994J Gallagher
LoyalKingfisherMay 2005J Gallagher
LutherOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
MadillMarshallca. 1939N/A
MadillMarshallAug 1976J Gallagher
MadillMarshallMay 2007J Emerson
MangumGreerAug 1936N/A
ManitouTillmanAug 2012S Bahnsen
MannsvilleJohnstonAug 1976J Gallagher
MannsvilleJohnstonFeb 2006J Gallagher
MannsvilleJohnstonAug 2012S Bahnsen
MaramecPawneeAug 2012S Bahnsen
MariettaLoveMay 1940N/A
MariettaLoveAug 1976J Gallagher
MariettaLoveMay 2007J Emerson
MariettaLoveSep 2023E Kalish
MarlandNobleMar 2015J Gallagher
MarlowStephensOct 1940N/A
MarlowStephensMar 1994J Gallagher
MarlowStephensApr 2016J Emerson
MarshallLoganMay 2005J Gallagher
MarthaJacksonMar 1994J Gallagher
MayHarperSep 2013M Wasko
Mayfield CPOBeckhamMar 1994J GallagherDisc.
MaysvilleGarvinMar 1994J Gallagher
Mazie CPOMayesAug 1995J GallagherDisc.
McAlesterPittsburg1915N/AFormer site
McAlesterPittsburgFeb 2006J Gallagher
McLoudPottawatomieAug 2012S Bahnsen
McMillanMarshallAug 1976J GallagherDisc. 1981
MedfordGrantMar 2015J Gallagher
Medicine ParkComancheSep 2023E Kalish
MenoMajorMay 2005J Gallagher
MeridianLoganMar 2015J Gallagher
MiamiOttawaAug 1933N/A
MiamiOttawaSep 2013J Emerson
Midwest CityOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
Mill CreekJohnstonAug 1976J Gallagher
MiloCarterAug 1976J GallagherDisc. 1983
MincoGradyMar 1994J Gallagher
MoffettSequoyahAug 2012E Kalish
MoodysCherokeeJul 2012E Kalish
Moore Branch [Oklahoma City]ClevelandFeb 2006J Gallagher
MoorelandWoodwardAug 2012S Bahnsen
MorrisOkmulgeeAug 1995J Gallagher
MorrisonNobleMar 2015J Gallagher
MoundsCreekAug 2012E Kalish
Mountain ParkKiowaAug 2012S Bahnsen
MuldrowSequoyahAug 2012E Kalish
MulhallLoganMar 2015J Gallagher
MuskogeeMuskogeeca. 1938N/AFormer site
MuskogeeMuskogeeAug 2012E Kalish
. Westside CPUMuskogeeAug 2012E Kalish
NewallaOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
NewkirkKayApr 2013J Emerson
Nicoma ParkOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
Norman: Sooner StationClevelandAug 2012S Bahnsen
NowataNowataSep 2013J Emerson
OakhurstTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
OaklandMarshallAug 1976J GallagherDisc. 1985
OchelataWashingtonMay 2014S Are
OkayWagonerAug 1995J Gallagher
OkeeneBlaineMay 2005J Gallagher
OkemahOkfuskeeJul 2007J Emerson
Oklahoma City: MPOOklahomaMar 1912G B HaleFormer site
Oklahoma City: MPOOklahomaSep 1932N/AFormer site
Oklahoma City: MPO + P&DCOklahomaMay 2005J Gallagher
. 39th Street StationOklahomaAug 2012S Bahnsen
. Airport Mail FacilityOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
. Britton StationOklahomaAug 2012S Bahnsen
. Central City StationOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
. Eastside Carrier AnnexOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
. Farley StationOklahomaAug 2012S Bahnsen
. Hefner StationOklahomaAug 2012S Bahnsen
. Mail Processing AnnexOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
. Martin Luther King Jr. Sta.OklahomaFeb 2006J GallagherFormer site
. Martin Luther King Jr. Sta.OklahomaAug 2012S Bahnsen
. Northwest StationOklahomaMay 2005J Gallagher
. Penn 89 StationOklahomaAug 2012S Bahnsen
. Santa Fe Carrier AnnexOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
. Shartel StationOklahomaMay 2005J Gallagher
. Southwest StationOklahomaAug 2012S Bahnsen
. State Capitol StationOklahomaMay 2005J Gallagher
. Stockyards StationOklahomaJul 2007J Emerson
. Village BranchOklahomaMay 2005J Gallagher
. Warr Acres Carrier AnnexOklahomaMay 2005J Gallagher
. West Park BranchOklahomaMay 2005J Gallagher
OkmulgeeOkmulgeeAug 1995J Gallagher
OktahaMuskogeeAug 1995J Gallagher
OmegaKingfisherMay 2005J Gallagher
OologahRogersSep 2013J Emerson
OrlandoLoganMar 2015J Gallagher
OsageOsageAug 2012S Bahnsen
OverbrookLoveAug 1976J GallagherFormer site
OverbrookLoveSep 2023E Kalish
PanolaLatimer1977J Gallagher
PaoliGarvinFeb 2006J Gallagher
Pauls ValleyGarvinJan 1936N/A
Pauls ValleyGarvinFeb 2006J Gallagher
PawhuskaOsageFeb 1937N/A
PawhuskaOsageApr 2016J Emerson
PawneePawneeMar 2015J Gallagher
PeggsCherokeeJul 2012E Kalish
PerkinsPayneMar 2015J Gallagher
PerryNobleNov 1939N/A
PerryNobleMar 2015J Gallagher
PiedmontCanadianMay 2005J Gallagher
PocassetGradyMar 1994J Gallagher
PocassetGradyApr 2017J Emerson
Ponca CityKay1934N/A
Ponca CityKayMar 2015J Gallagher
Pond CreekGrantMar 2015J Gallagher
PontotocJohnstonAug 1976J Gallagher
PorterWagonerMar 2000J Gallagher
PorumHaskellAug 1995J Gallagher
PoteauLe FloreApr 1937N/A
PoteauLe FloreOct 2012J Emerson
PrestonOkmulgeeAug 1995J Gallagher
PrestonOcmulgeeOct 2023P Tarnow
ProctorAdairJul 2012E Kalish
PrueOsageAug 2012S Bahnsen
PryorMayesJul 2012E Kalish
PurcellMcClainMar 1939N/A
PurcellMcClainJul 2007J Emerson
PutnamDeweyAug 2012S BahnsenDisc.
QuapawOttawaSep 2013J Emerson
QuintonPittsburgMar 2000J Gallagher
RalstonPawneeAug 2012S Bahnsen
RamonaWashingtonMay 2014S Are
RandlettCottonSep 2023E Kalish
Ratliff CityCarterSep 2023E Kalish
RaviaJohnstonAug 1976J Gallagher
Red OakLatimerMar 2000J Gallagher
Red RockNobleMar 2015J Gallagher
RedbirdWagoner1985J Gallagher
Reno: Meridian StationOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
RentiesvilleMcIntoshAug 1995J Gallagher
RinglingJeffersonSep 2023E Kalish
RingwoodMajorMay 2005J Gallagher
RipleyPayneMar 2015J Gallagher
RockyWashitaApr 2017J Emerson
RoffPontotocAug 1995J Gallagher
RolandSequoyahAug 2012E Kalish
RooseveltKiowaAug 2012S Bahnsen
RoseMayesAug 1995J Gallagher
RubottomLoveAug 1976J GallagherDisc. 1981
Rush SpringsGradyAug 2012S Bahnsen
RyanJeffersonSep 2023E Kalish
SalinaMayesJul 2012E Kalish
SallisawSequoyahAug 2012E Kalish
Sand SpringsTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
. Prattville Tag Agency CPUTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
SapulpaCreekDec 1932N/AFormer site
SapulpaCreekAug 2012E Kalish
SavannaPittsburgFeb 2006J Gallagher
SayreBeckhamMay 1939N/A
SayreBeckhamMar 1994J Gallagher
SayreBeckhamSep 2014J Emerson
SchulterOkmulgeeAug 1995J Gallagher
SeilingDeweyAug 2012S Bahnsen
SeminoleSeminoleMay 1937N/A
SeminoleSeminoleJul 2007J Emerson
SentinelWashitaMar 1994J Gallagher
ShamrockCreekApr 2016J Emerson
ShattuckEllisSep 1985J Gallagher
ShawneePottawatomieFeb 1924N/A
ShidlerOsageMar 2015J Gallagher
SkiatookTulsaMay 2014S Are
SnyderKiowaSep 2023E Kalish
SouthardBlaineMay 2005J GallagherDisc.
SparksLincolnFeb 2006J Gallagher
SpencerOklahomaFeb 2006J Gallagher
SpringerCarterAug 1976J Gallagher
SpringerCarterFeb 2006J Gallagher
SpringerCarterSep 2023E Kalish
SterlingComancheAug 2012S Bahnsen
StillwaterPayneDec 1933N/AFormer site
StillwaterPayneMar 2015J Gallagher
. Food Pyramid CPUPayneMar 2015J Gallagher
StilwellAdairJan 1941N/A
StilwellAdairJul 2012E Kalish
StringtownAtokaFeb 2006J Gallagher
SulphurMurraySep 1937N/A
SulphurMurrayMay 2007J Emerson
SweetwaterRoger MillsMar 1994J GallagherDisc.
SwinkChoctawMar 2000J Gallagher
TaftMuskogeeAug 1995J Gallagher
TahlequahCherokeeFeb 1937N/AFormer site
TalogaDeweyApr 2017J Emerson
TatumsCarterSep 2023E KalishExt.
TatumsCarterSep 2023E KalishExt.;rear
TatumsCarterSep 2023E Kalish
TempleCottonMar 1994J Gallagher
TempleCottonSep 2023E Kalish
TerralJeffersonSep 2023E Kalish
TexhomaTexasSep 2013M Wasko
ThackervilleLoveSep 2023E Kalish
TiptonTillmanAug 2012S Bahnsen
TishomingoJohnstonAug 1976J Gallagher
TonkawaKayMar 2015J Gallagher
TryonLincolnMar 2015J Gallagher
TullahasseeWagoner1985J Gallagher
Tulsa P&DCTulsaJul 2012E Kalish
Tulsa P&DCTulsaJul 2012E Kalish
Tulsa: MPOTulsaca. 1917N/AFormer site
Tulsa: MPOTulsa1932N/AFormer site
. Air Mail Facility StationTulsaJul 2012E Kalish
. American Heritage Bank CPUTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
. Chimney Hills Carrier AnnexTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
. Donaldson StationTulsaJul 2012E Kalish
. Downtown StationTulsaJul 2012E Kalish
. East Central Mail Center CPUTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
. Eastside StationTulsaJul 2012E Kalish
. North Side StationTulsaJul 2012E Kalish
. Northeast StationTulsaJul 2012E Kalish
. Pryority Mail CPUTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
. Robert Wayne Jenkins Sta.TulsaJul 2012E KalishPrev. South Side Sta.
. Sheridan StationTulsaJul 2012E Kalish
. Southeast StationTulsaJul 2012E Kalish
. USA Mail Center CPUTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
. Utica Square StationTulsaJul 2012E Kalish
. West Tulsa StationTulsaAug 2012E Kalish
TupeloCoalAug 1976J Gallagher
TurpinBeaverJan 2018E Kalish
TuskahomaPushmatahaMar 2000J Gallagher
TuskahomaPushmatahaApr 2016J Emerson
Twin OaksDelawareAug 1995M Anderson
TyroneTexasJan 2018E Kalish
VelmaStephensAug 2012S Bahnsen
VelmaStephensSep 2023E Kalish
VerdenGradyMar 1994J Gallagher
VianSequoyahAug 2012E Kalish
VinitaCraigSep 2013J Emerson
WagonerWagonerAug 1995J Gallagher
WainwrightMuskogeeAug 1995J GallagherFormer site
WaltersCottonMar 1994J Gallagher
WaltersCottonSep 2023E Kalish
WanettePottawatomieMar 1994J Gallagher
WannNowataJul 2019R Martin
WapanuckaJohnstonAug 1976J Gallagher
WarnerMuskogeeAug 2012E Kalish
WashingtonMcClainMar 1994J Gallagher
Washita CPOCaddoMar 1994J Gallagher
WatongaBlaineJul 1937N/A
WatongaBlaineMar 1994J Gallagher
WatongaBlaineApr 2016J Emerson
WatsonMcCurtainMar 2000J Gallagher
WattsAdairAug 1995M Anderson
WaukomisGarfieldMay 2005J Gallagher
WaurikaJeffersonNov 1937N/A
WaurikaJeffersonMar 1994J Gallagher
WaurikaJeffersonSep 2023E Kalish
WayneMcClainMar 1994J Gallagher
WayneMcClainFeb 2006J Gallagher
WaynokaWoodsAug 2012S Bahnsen
WeatherfordCusterJan 1938N/A
WeatherfordCusterApr 2017J Emerson
Webbers FallsMuskogeeAug 2012E Kalish
WeleetkaOkmulgeeAug 1995J Gallagher
WellstonLincolnFeb 2006J Gallagher
WewokaSeminoleAug 1936N/A
WewokaSeminoleJul 2007J Emerson
WheatlandOklahomaAug 2012S Bahnsen
WhitefieldHaskellAug 1995J Gallagher
WilsonCarterAug 1976J Gallagher
WilsonCarterSep 2023E Kalish
WoodfordCarterAug 1976J GallagherDisc. 1976
WoodvilleMarshallAug 1976J GallagherDisc. 1985
WoodwardWoodwardca. 1921N/AFormer site
WoodwardWoodwardAug 2012S Bahnsen
WynnewoodGarvinFeb 2006J Gallagher
WynonaOsageMay 2014S Are
YukonCanadianJun 1940N/AFormer site
YukonCanadianMay 2005J Gallagher

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