Post Office Photographs
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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
New Jersey Post Office Photographs (872)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
AdelphiaMonmouthJul 2011E Kalish
AllamuchyWarrenSep 2010E Kalish
AllendaleBergenSep 2018E Kalish
AllenhurstMonmouthDec 2013E Kalish
AllentownMonmouthDec 2011E Kalish
AllenwoodMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
AllowaySalemFeb 2011E Kalish
Alpha Branch [Phillipsburg]WarrenJul 2008J GallagherDisc.
AlpineBergenApr 2011E KalishExt.
AlpineBergenApr 2011E Kalish
AlpineBergenApr 2011E Kalish
AndoverSussexJul 2008J Gallagher
AndoverSussexDec 2014E Kalish
AnnandaleHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
AsburyWarrenJul 2008J Gallagher
Asbury ParkMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
AtcoGloucesterJul 1994J Gallagher
Atlantic City Carrier AnnexAtlanticMar 2019T Geiger
Atlantic HighlandsMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
Audubon Branch [Camden]CamdenSep 2011E Kalish
AugustaSussexDec 2014E Kalish
AvalonCape MaySep 2004J Gallagher
AvalonCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
AvenelMiddlesexDec 2010E Kalish
Avon By The SeaMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
BaptistownHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
BaptistownHunterdonOct 2017J Emerson
Barnegat: Carrier AnnexOceanDec 2013E Kalish
Barnegat: Finance StationOceanDec 2013E Kalish
Barnegat LightOceanDec 2013E Kalish
BarringtonCamdenSep 2011E Kalish
Basking RidgeSomersetJan 2013E Kalish
. Lyons BranchSomersetDec 2012E Kalish
. Village Center StationSomersetJan 2013E Kalish
Batsto CPO [Hammonton]BurlingtonMay 2012E Kalish
Bay Head BranchOceanJan 2012E Kalish[Pt. Pleasant Bch.]
BayonneHudsonMar 2012E Kalish
. Bergen Point StationHudsonMar 2012E Kalish
. Pamrapo StationHudsonMar 2012E Kalish
BayvilleOceanDec 2013E Kalish
Beach HavenOceanDec 2013E Kalish
BeachwoodOceanDec 2013E Kalish
BedminsterSomersetJan 2013E Kalish
BelfordMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
Belle MeadSomersetSep 2011E Kalish
Belleville Branch [Newark]EssexJan 2013E Kalish
Belleville Carr. Annex [Newark]EssexJan 2013E Kalish
Bellmawr Branch [Gloucester]CamdenFeb 2011E Kalish+ South Jersey P&DC
Bellmawr Branch [Gloucester]CamdenFeb 2011E Kalish
BelmarMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
BelvidereWarrenJul 2012E Kalish
Berkeley HeightsUnionJan 2013E Kalish
BerlinGloucesterJul 1994J Gallagher
BernardsvilleSomersetJan 2013E Kalish
BeverlyBurlingtonJan 2012E Kalish
BlackwoodCamdenJan 2012E Kalish
BlairstownWarrenJun 2012E Kalish
BlawenburgSomersetSep 2011E Kalish
BloomfieldEssexJan 2013E Kalish
. Brookdale StationEssexJan 2013E Kalish
. Grove [Street] StationEssexJan 2013E Kalish
. North Center StationEssexJan 2013E Kalish
BloomingdalePassaicJul 2008J Gallagher
BloomsburyHunterdonJun 2012E Kalish
BoontonMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
BordentownBurlingtonJul 2011E Kalish
Bound BrookSomersetSep 2011E Kalish
Bradley BeachMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
BranchvilleSussexDec 2014E Kalish
BrickOceanJan 2012E Kalish
. Briarmill Pharmacy CPUOceanDec 2013E Kalish
BridgeportGloucesterJul 1994J Gallagher
BridgeportGloucesterJul 2011E Kalish
BridgetonCumberlandFeb 2011E Kalish
. East Side StationCumberlandFeb 2011E KalishDisc. 2011
BridgewaterSomersetSep 2011E Kalish
BrielleMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
BroadwayWarrenJan 2013E Kalish
BrooksideMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
Budd LakeMorrisSep 2010E Kalish
BuenaAtlanticFeb 2011E Kalish
BurlingtonBurlingtonJan 2012E Kalish
. Joy's Hallmark CPUBurlingtonJan 2012E KalishDisc.
ButlerMorrisJul 2008J Gallagher
ButtzvilleWarrenJul 2008J GallagherDisc.
CaldwellEssexNov 1935N/A
CaldwellEssexMay 2011E Kalish
CalifonHunterdonJan 2013E Kalish
Camden: MPOCamdenca. 1900N/AFormer site
Camden: MPOCamden1932N/A
Camden: MPOCamdenSep 2011E Kalish
. Delivery Distribution CenterCamdenSep 2011E Kalish
. East Camden StationCamdenSep 2011E Kalish
. Sta. #13 CPUCamdenSep 2011E Kalisha.k.a. Fairview CPU
Cape MayCape Mayca. 1938N/A
Cape MayCape MaySep 2004J Gallagher
Cape MayCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
Cape May Court HouseCape MaySep 2004J GallagherFormer site
Cape May Court HouseCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
Cape May PointCape MaySep 2004J Gallagher
Cape May PointCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
Carlstadt Branch [Rutherford]BergenJun 2011E Kalish
CarteretMiddlesexDec 2010E Kalish
. West Carteret CPUMiddlesexDec 2010E Kalish
Cedar BrookCamdenMay 2012E Kalish
Cedar GroveEssexJan 2013E Kalish
Cedar KnollsMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
CedarvilleCumberlandJan 2012E Kalish
ChangewaterWarrenJan 2013E KalishFormer site
ChathamMorrisJan 2013E Kalish
ChathamMorrisJan 2013E KalishRear
. Carrier AnnexMorrisJan 2013E Kalish
ChatsworthBurlingtonJan 2012E Kalish
Cherry HillCamdenOct 2011E Kalish
. Ellisburg StationCamdenOct 2011E KalishFormer site
. Ellisburg StationCamdenMar 2019R Angelo
. Woodcrest StationCamdenOct 2011E Kalish
ChesterMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
Cinnaminson Branch [Riverton]BurlingtonJan 2012E Kalish
Clark Branch [Rahway]UnionMay 1985J Gallagher
Clark Branch [Rahway]UnionDec 2012E Kalish
ClarksboroGloucesterJul 2011E Kalish
ClarksburgMonmouthJul 2011E Kalish
ClaytonGloucesterJan 2012E Kalish
ClementonCamdenJul 1994J GallagherFormer site
ClementonCamdenOct 2011E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexCamdenJan 2012E Kalish
Cliffside ParkBergenOct 1936N/AFormer site
Cliffside ParkBergenJul 2011E Kalish
. Cliff Park StationBergenJul 2011E Kalish
CliffwoodMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
CliftonPassaicJun 1936N/AFormer site
Clifton: MPO / Passport CenterPassaicJun 2011E Kalish
. Allwood StationPassaicJun 2011E Kalish
. Damiano Pharmacy CPUPassaicJun 2011E Kalisha.k.a. Sta. #1
. Delawanna StationPassaicJun 2011E Kalish
. Main Avenue StationPassaicJun 2011E Kalish
ClintonHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
ClosterBergenApr 2011E Kalish
Collingswood BranchCamdenSep 2011E Kalish[Camden]
CologneAtlanticMay 2012E Kalish
Colonia Branch [Rahway]MiddlesexDec 2012E Kalish
Colts NeckMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
ColumbiaWarrenSep 2010E Kalish
ColumbusBurlingtonDec 2011E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexBurlingtonDec 2011E Kalish
CranburyMiddlesexAug 2011E Kalish
CranfordUnionMay 1936N/A
CranfordUnionMay 1985J Gallagher
CranfordUnionDec 2012E Kalish
Cream RidgeMonmouthMay 2012E Kalish
CreskillBergenApr 2011E Kalish
CrosswicksBurlingtonDec 2011E Kalish
DaytonMiddlesexAug 2011E Kalish
DealMonmouthDec 2013E Kalish
DeepwaterSalemFeb 2011E Kalish
Deerfield StreetCumberlandJul 1994J Gallagher
Deerfield StreetCumberlandFeb 2011E Kalish
Delanco Branch [Riverside]BurlingtonJan 2012E Kalish
DelawareWarrenSep 2010E Kalish
DelmontCumberlandJul 2018T Geiger
Delran Branch [Riverside]BurlingtonSep 2009E Kalish
DemarestBergenApr 2011E Kalish
DennisvileCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
DennisvilleCape MayJul 2018T Geiger
DenvilleMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
Deptford Branch [Woodbury]GloucesterJul 1994J Gallagher
Dividing CreekCumberlandJan 2012E Kalish
Dominick V. Daniels P&DCBergenMay 2011E Kalish[Kearny]
DorchesterCumberlandJan 2012E Kalish
DorothyAtlanticFeb 2011E Kalish
DoverMorrisNov 1936N/A
DoverMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexMorrisJul 2012E Kalish
DunellenMiddlesexSep 2011E Kalish
East BrunswickMiddlesexMar 2012E Kalish
East HanoverMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
East OrangeEssexJul 1929N/A
East OrangeEssexJan 2013E Kalish
. Ampere StationEssexOct 2011E Kalish
. Doddtown StationEssexJan 2013E Kalish
. Evergreen StationEssexJan 2013E Kalish
. VA Hospital CPUEssexApr 2011E KalishDisc. Apr. 2011
East Rutherford BranchBergenJun 2011E Kalish[Rutherford]
EatontownMonmouthDec 2013E Kalish
EdgewaterBergenMar 1937N/AFormer site
EdgewaterBergenJul 2011E Kalish
Edison: MPOMiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish
. Devine's Pharmacy CPUMiddlesexJul 2014E Kalish
. Menlo Park StationMiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish
. Nixon StationMiddlesexApr 2011E Kalish
. Raritan Center StationMiddlesexApr 2011E KalishDisc.
Egg Harbor CityAtlanticMay 2012E Kalish
ElizabethUnionMay 1911N/A
ElizabethUnionFeb 1930N/A
Elizabeth: MPOUnionDec 2010E Kalish
. Bayway StationUnionOct 2011E Kalish
. Elmora StationUnionDec 2010E Kalish
. Industrial Hillside BranchUnionOct 2011E Kalish
. North StationUnionDec 2010E Kalish
. Union Square StationUnionOct 2011E Kalish
ElmerSalemAug 2011E Kalish
Elmwood ParkBergenApr 2016E Kalish
ElwoodAtlanticMay 2012E Kalish
EmersonBergenJan 2023E Kalish
EnglewoodBergenOct 1936N/A
EnglewoodBergenApr 2011E Kalish
. Parcel Post AnnexBergenApr 2011E Kalish
Englewood Cliffs BranchBergenApr 2011E Kalish[Englewood]
EnglishtownMonmouthMay 2012E Kalish
Essex FellsEssexMay 2011E Kalish
Estell ManorAtlanticFeb 2011E Kalish
EwanGloucesterAug 2011E Kalish
Fair Haven Branch [Red Bank]MonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
Fair LawnBergenApr 2016E Kalish
. River Road StationBergenApr 2016E Kalish
. Warren Point StationBergenApr 2016E Kalish
Fairfield Branch [Caldwell]EssexOct 2010E Kalish
FairtonCumberlandFeb 2011E Kalish
FairviewBergenJul 2011E Kalish
FanwoodUnionMay 1985J Gallagher
FanwoodUnionOct 2011E Kalish
Far HillsSomersetJan 2013E Kalish
FarmingdaleMonmouthMay 2012E Kalish
FlagtownSomersetFeb 2012E Kalish
FlandersMorrisSep 2010E Kalish
FlemingtonHunterdonOct 1941N/A
FlemingtonHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
FlorenceBurlingtonJan 2012E Kalish
Florham ParkMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
Fords Branch [Perth Amboy]MiddlesexApr 2011E Kalish
Forked RiverOceanDec 2013E Kalish
Fort LeeBergenAug 1939N/AFormer site
Fort LeeBergenApr 2011E KalishFormer site
Fort LeeBergenDec 2022E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexBergenApr 2011E Kalish
. Palisade StationBergenJun 2011E Kalish
FortescueCumberlandJan 2012E Kalish
FranklinSussexJul 2008J Gallagher
Franklin LakesBergenApr 2016E Kalish
Franklin ParkMiddlesexApr 2011E Kalish+ Kendall Park
FranklinvilleGloucesterJan 2012E Kalish
FreeholdMonmouthca. 1935N/AFormer site
FreeholdMonmouthJul 2011E Kalish
. Lafayette StationMonmouthJul 2011E KalishDisc. 2011
FrenchtownHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
GarfieldBergenMar 1936N/A
GarfieldBergenJun 2011E Kalish
. Outwater StationBergenJun 2011E Kalish
GarwoodUnionMay 1985J Gallagher
GarwoodUnionDec 2012E Kalish
GibbstownGloucesterJul 2011E Kalish
GilletteMorrisJan 2013E Kalish
GladstoneSomersetJan 2013E Kalish
GlassboroGloucesterAug 2011E Kalish
GlasserSussexSep 2013E Kalish
Glen GardnerHunterdonJan 2013E Kalish
Glen RidgeEssexAug 1937N/A
Glen RidgeEssexJan 2013E Kalish
Glen RockBergenApr 2016E Kalish
GlendoraCamdenFeb 2011E Kalish
GlenwoodSussexApr 2016E Kalish
Gloucester CityCamdenca. 1936N/A
Gloucester CityCamdenSep 2011E Kalish
Great MeadowsWarrenJul 2012E Kalish
Green Brook Branch [Dunellen]SomersetSep 2011E Kalish
Green CreekCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
Green VillageMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
GreendellSussexOct 2010E Kalish
GreendellSussexMar 2019T Geiger
GreenwichCumberlandFeb 2011E Kalish
GrenlochGloucesterJan 2012E Kalish
HackensackBergenJun 1917N/A
HackettstownWarrenJul 1935N/A
HackettstownWarrenSep 2010E Kalish
Haddon HeightsCamdenFeb 1938N/A
Haddon HeightsCamdenSep 2011E Kalish
HaddonfieldCamdenJun 1935N/A
HaddonfieldCamdenSep 2011E Kalish
HainesportBurlingtonJul 2014E Kalish
HamburgSussexApr 2016E Kalish
HammontonAtlanticAug 1939N/A
HammontonAtlanticMay 2012E Kalish
HamptonHunterdonJan 2013E Kalish
Hancocks BridgeSalemFeb 2011E Kalish
HarrisonHudsonJul 1939N/A
HarrisonHudsonApr 2011E Kalish
HarrisonvilleGloucesterAug 2011E Kalish
Harvey Cedars BranchOceanDec 2013E Kalish[Beach Haven]
Hasbrouck Heights BranchBergenJun 2011E Kalish[Hackensack]
HaskellPassaicApr 2016E Kalish
HawthornePassaicJan 1941N/A
HawthornePassaicOct 2014J Emerson
HazletMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
HeislervilleCumberlandJan 2012E Kalish
HelmettaMiddlesexMar 2012E Kalish
HewittPassaicApr 2016E Kalish
HiberniaMorrisSep 2013E Kalish
High BridgeHunterdonJan 2013E Kalish
Highland LakesSussexApr 2016E Kalish
Highland Park BranchMiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish[New Brunswick]
HighlandsMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
HightstownMercerAug 1937N/AFormer site
HightstownMercerAug 2011E Kalish
HillsboroughSomersetSep 2011E Kalish
Hillside Branch [Elizabeth]UnionOct 2011E Kalish
Ho-Ho-KusBergenApr 2016E Kalish
HobokenHudsonFeb 1933N/A
HobokenHudsonJun 2012E Kalish
. Castle Point CPUHudsonOct 2013E Kalish
. Uptown StationHudsonJun 2012E Kalish
. Washington Street StationHudsonJun 2012E Kalish
. West Side StationHudsonOct 2013E Kalish
HolmdelMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
HopatcongSussexSep 2010E Kalish
HopeWarrenJul 2008J Gallagher
HopeWarrenSep 2010E Kalish
HopewellMercerSep 2011E Kalish
HowellMonmouthMay 2012E Kalish
HowellMonmouthOct 2023T Geiger
. Ramtown Pharmacy CPUMonmouthDec 2013E Kalish
IroniaMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
Irvington Branch [Newark]EssexApr 2011E Kalish
IselinMiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexMiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish
Island HeightsOceanJan 2012E Kalish
JacksonOceanMay 2012E Kalish
. Cassville StationOceanMay 2012E KalishDisc.
JamesburgMiddlesexMar 2012E Kalish
Jersey City: MPOHudsonJun 1934N/A
Jersey City: MPOHudsonMar 2012E Kalish
. Bergen South StationHudsonMar 2012E Kalish
. Five Corners StationHudsonMar 2012E Kalish
. Greenville StationHudsonMar 2012E Kalish
. Hudson City StationHudsonMar 2012E Kalish
. Journal Square StationHudsonMar 2012E Kalish
. North Bergen StationHudsonApr 2011E Kalish
. West Side StationHudsonApr 2011E Kalish
JohnsonburgWarrenJul 2008J GallagherDisc.
KeansburgMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
KearnyHudsonJun 2012E Kalish
. West Hudson StationHudsonJun 2012E KalishDisc.
KeasbeyMiddlesexApr 2011E Kalish
Kendall ParkMiddlesexApr 2011E Kalish+ Franklin Park
KenilworthUnionMay 1985J Gallagher
KenilworthUnionDec 2012E Kalish
KenvilMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
KeyportMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
Kilmer P&DCMiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish[Edison]
KingstonSomersetFeb 2011E Kalish
LafayetteSussexDec 2014E Kalish
Lake HiawathaMorrisOct 2010E Kalish
Lake HopatcongMorrisSep 2013E Kalish
LakewoodOceanFeb 1938N/AFormer site
LakewoodOceanMay 2012E KalishFormer site
. Carrier AnnexOceanMay 2012E KalishNow MPO
. News Mart CPUOceanMay 2012E Kalish
LambertvilleHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
LandingMorrisSep 2013E Kalish
LandisvilleAtlanticFeb 2011E Kalish
Lanoka HarborOceanDec 2013E Kalish
Laurel Springs BranchCamdenOct 2011E Kalish[Clementon]
Laurence Harbor BranchMiddlesexMay 2012E Kalish[South Amboy]
LavalletteOceanJan 2012E KalishFormer site
LawnsideCamdenSep 2011E Kalish
LawrencevilleMercerSep 2011E Kalish
LaytonSussexDec 2014E Kalish
LebanonHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
LedgewoodMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
LeesburgCumberlandJan 2012E Kalish
LeonardoMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
LeoniaBergenJun 2011E Kalish
Liberty CornerSomersetJan 2013E Kalish
Lincoln ParkMorrisSep 2013E Kalish
LincroftMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
LindenUnionFeb 1939N/A
LindenUnionDec 2010E Kalish
. Grasselli StationUnionOct 2011E Kalish
. Station AUnionAug 2009E Kalish
LinwoodAtlanticFeb 2023E Kalish
Little Egg HarborOceanFeb 2023E Kalish
Little FallsPassaicMar 1937N/A
Little FallsPassaicOct 2010E Kalish
. West Paterson BranchPassaicJan 2013E Kalish
Little FerryBergenJun 2011E Kalish
Little SilverMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
LivingstonEssexJan 2013E Kalish
. South Livingston StationEssexJan 2013E Kalish
. South Livingston StationEssexJan 2013E KalishRear
LodiBergenJun 2011E Kalish
Long Beach [Island] BranchOceanDec 2013E Kalish[Beach Haven]
Long BranchMonmouthJun 1915N/A
Long BranchMonmouthDec 2013E Kalish
. Broadway StationMonmouthDec 2013E Kalisha.k.a. Station B
. Elberon StationMonmouthDec 2013E Kalish
. West End StationMonmouthDec 2013E KalishFormer site
. West End StationMonmouthNov 2017K Kindahl
Long ValleyMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
Longport BranchAtlanticMar 2019T Geiger[Atlantic City]
LumbertonBurlingtonJul 2014E Kalish
Lyndhurst Branch [Rutherford]BergenJun 2012E Kalish
MadisonMorrisSep 1937N/A
MadisonMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
MagnoliaCamdenOct 2011E Kalish
MahwahBergenSep 2018E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexBergenSep 2018E Kalish
MalagaGloucesterJan 2012E Kalish
ManahawkinOceanDec 2013E Kalish
ManasquanMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
MantolokingOceanJan 2012E Kalish
MantuaGloucesterJul 1994J Gallagher
MantuaGloucesterApr 2021P Soroka
ManvilleSomersetSep 2011E Kalish
Maple ShadeBurlingtonOct 2011E Kalish
MaplewoodEssexApr 2011E KalishFormer site
MaplewoodEssexFeb 2018E Kalish
. Maplecrest StationEssexApr 2011E Kalish
MarlboroMonmouthJul 2021E Kalish
MarmoraCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
MatawanMonmouthca. 1938N/A
MatawanMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
MauricetownCumberlandJan 2012E Kalish
Mays LandingAtlanticJul 1994J Gallagher
Mays LandingAtlanticMay 2012E Kalish
McAfeeSussexApr 2016E Kalish
MendhamMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
Merchantville BranchCamdenSep 2011E Kalish[Camden]
MetuchenMiddlesexJan 1940N/A
MetuchenMiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish
. Brainy Boro StationMiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish
MickletonGloucesterJul 2011E Kalish
MiddlesexMiddlesexSep 2011E Kalish
MiddletownMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
MiddlevilleSussexDec 2014E Kalish
Midland ParkBergenApr 2016E Kalish
MilfordHunterdonNov 2013E Kalish
MillburnEssexNov 1939N/A
MillburnEssexApr 2011E Kalish
MillingtonMorrisJan 2013E Kalish
MilltownMiddlesexFeb 2011E Kalish
MillvilleCumberlandAug 1928N/A
MillvilleCumberlandJul 1994J Gallagher
MillvilleCumberlandFeb 2011E Kalish
MillvilleCumberlandFeb 2011E Kalish
MilmayAtlanticJul 1994J Gallagher
MilmayAtlanticFeb 2011E Kalish
MilmayAtlanticFeb 2021P Soroka
MinotolaAtlanticFeb 2011E Kalish
MinotolaAtlanticFeb 2021P Soroka
MizpahAtlanticFeb 2011E Kalish
Monmouth BeachMonmouthDec 2013E Kalish
Monmouth JunctionMiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish
Monmouth P&DCMonmouthJun 2012E KalishDisc.
Monroe TownshipMiddlesexMar 2012E Kalish
MonroevilleSalemAug 2011E Kalish
MonroevilleSalemApr 2018Mail S.J.
Montague Branch [Branchville]SussexApr 2016E Kalish
MontclairEssexMay 1928N/AFormer site
MontclairEssexJan 2013E Kalish
. Memorial StationEssexJan 2013E Kalish
. Upper Montclair StationEssexJan 2013E Kalish
MontvaleBergenSep 2018E Kalish
MontvilleMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
MoorestownBurlingtonNov 1935N/A
MorganvilleMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
MorganvilleMonmouthJul 2021E Kalish
Morris PlainsMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
MorristownMorrisApr 1918N/A
MorristownMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
. Convent Station BranchMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
. Morris Street StationMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
Mount ArlingtonMorrisSep 2013E Kalish
Mount EphraimCamdenSep 2011E Kalish
Mount FreedomMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
Mount HollyBurlingtonJan 1937N/A
Mount HollyBurlingtonJul 2014E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexBurlingtonDec 2011E KalishDisc.
Mount Laurel: Carrier AnnexBurlingtonJul 2014E Kalish
Mount RoyalGloucesterJul 2011E Kalish
Mount TaborMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
Mountain LakesMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
MountainsideUnionOct 2011E Kalish
Mullica HillGloucesterAug 2011E Kalish
National ParkGloucesterJul 2011E Kalish
NavesinkMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
NeptuneMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
. Neptune City BranchMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
Neshanic StationSomersetFeb 2012E Kalish
NetcongMorrisSep 2010E Kalish
New BrunswickMiddlesexJun 1937N/A
New BrunswickMiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish
. CPU #1 (Busch Campus)MiddlesexJan 2012E KalishExt.
. CPU #1 (Busch Campus)MiddlesexJan 2012E Kalish
. CPU #2 (Cook Campus)MiddlesexJul 2011E KalishExt.
. CPU #2 (Cook Campus)MiddlesexJul 2011E KalishInt.
. CPU #3 (Douglass Campus)MiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish
. CPU #3 (Douglass Campus)MiddlesexJul 2011E KalishExt.
. CPU #4 (Livingston Campus)MiddlesexJan 2012E Kalish
. CPU #4 (Livingston Campus)MiddlesexJan 2012E KalishInt.
. CPU #5 (Rutgers Coll. Camp.)MiddlesexJan 2012E KalishExt.
. CPU #5 (Rutgers Coll. Camp.)MiddlesexJan 2012E KalishInt.
. Handy Street StationMiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish
. New Brunswick Carrier AnnexMiddlesexFeb 2011E KalishHome News Row Sta.
. North Brunswick CPUMiddlesexFeb 2011E Kalish
New EgyptOceanMay 2012E Kalish
New GretnaBurlingtonOct 2014J Emerson
New GretnaBurlingtonFeb 2023E Kalish
New Jersey Int'l and NDCHudsonMar 2012E KalishFormerly Int'l + BMC
New Jersey Int'l and NDCHudsonMar 2012E KalishFormerly Int'l + BMC
New Jersey Metro L&DCHudsonOct 2011E Kalish
New MilfordBergenDec 2020Erik S
New Monmouth BranchMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish[Middletown]
New ProvidenceUnionJan 2013E Kalish
New VernonMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
Newark: MPOEssex1899H H SidmanFormer site
Newark: MPOEssexca. 1936N/A
Newark: MPOEssexApr 2011E Kalish
Newark: MPOEssexJan 2023E Kalish
. Ironbound StationEssexApr 2011E Kalish
. Midtown StationEssexJun 2012E Kalish
. North StationEssexOct 2011E Kalish
. Riverfront Plaza StationEssexApr 2011E KalishDisc. 2011
. Roseville StationEssexOct 2011E Kalish
. South StationEssexDec 2010E Kalish
. Springfield Avenue StationEssexApr 2011E Kalish
. Sta. #44 CPUEssexJan 2013E Kalish
. Vailsburg StationEssexApr 2011E Kalish
. Washington Park StationEssexApr 2011E KalishDisc. 2011
NewfieldGloucesterJan 2012E Kalish
NewfoundlandPassaicJul 2008J Gallagher
NewportCumberlandJan 2012E Kalish
NewtonSussexDec 2014E Kalish
NewtonvilleAtlanticJul 1994J Gallagher
NewtonvilleAtlanticJan 2012E Kalish
NormaSalemFeb 2011E Kalish
Normandy BeachOceanJan 2012E Kalish
North Arlington BranchBergenJun 2012E Kalish[Kearny]
North BergenHudsonca. 1940N/A
North BergenHudsonMar 2012E Kalish
. Meadow View StationHudsonDec 2013E KalishDisc.
. Tyler Park StationHudsonJan 2013E Kalish
. Woodcliff StationHudsonDec 2013E Kalish
North Brunswick BranchMiddlesexFeb 2011E Kalish[New Brunswick]
North Cape MayCape MayJul 2018T Geiger
North Plainfield BranchSomersetOct 2011E Kalish[Plainfield]
Northern N.J. Metro P&DCBergenJun 2012E Kalish[Teterboro]
Northern N.J. Metro P&DCBergenJun 2012E Kalish[Teterboro]
Northern New Jersey DistrictEssexJun 2012E KalishNewark; moved
NorthfieldAtlanticFeb 2023E Kalish
NorthvaleBergenApr 2011E Kalish
NorwoodBergenApr 2011E Kalish
Nutley Branch [Newark]EssexJul 1940N/A
Nutley Branch [Newark]EssexJan 2013E Kalish
Oak RidgePassaicSep 2013E Kalish
. Jefferson StationPassaicSep 2013E Kalish
OakhurstMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
OaklandBergenApr 2016E Kalish
Oaklyn Branch [Camden]CamdenSep 2011E Kalish
Ocean Branch [Asbury Park]MonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
Ocean CityCape MayJul 1937N/A
Ocean CityCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
. Sta. #3 CPUCape MayMar 2019T Geiger
. Sta. #3 CPUCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
. Sta. #3 CPUCape MayFeb 2023E KalishInt.
Ocean GateOceanDec 2013E Kalish
Ocean GroveMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
Ocean ViewCape MaySep 2004J Gallagher
Ocean ViewCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
OceanportMonmouthDec 2013E Kalish
OgdensburgSussexSep 2013E Kalish
Old BridgeMiddlesexMar 2012E Kalish
OldwickHunterdonJun 2012E Kalish
OrangeEssexOct 1938N/A
OrangeEssexJan 2013E Kalish
. Town Center BranchEssexJan 2013E Kalish
Osbornville Branch [Brick]OceanJan 2012E Kalish
OxfordWarrenJul 2012E Kalish
Palisades ParkBergenJun 2011E Kalish
Palisades ParkBergenDec 2022E Kalish
PalmyraBurlingtonJan 2012E Kalish
Park RidgeBergenSep 2018E Kalish
ParlinMiddlesexMay 2012E Kalish
. Ernston StationMiddlesexMay 2012E Kalish
ParsippanyMorrisMay 2011E Kalish
PassaicPassaicOct 1931N/A
PassaicPassaicJun 2011E Kalish
. Dundee StationPassaicJun 2011E KalishExt.
. Dundee StationPassaicJun 2011E Kalish
. Park StationPassaicJun 2011E Kalish
PatersonPassaicca. 1900N/AFormer site
PatersonPassaicca. 1933N/A
PatersonPassaicSep 2013E Kalish
. Hillcrest StationPassaicApr 2010E KalishDisc. 2011
. Park StationPassaicSep 2013E Kalish
. River Street StationPassaicApr 2010E KalishDisc. 2011
. South Paterson StationPassaicJun 2011E Kalish
PaulsboroGloucesterDec 1939N/A
PaulsboroGloucesterJul 1994J Gallagher
PaulsboroGloucesterJul 2011E Kalish
PeapackSomersetJan 2013E Kalish
PedricktownSalemJul 1994J Gallagher
PedricktownSalemJul 2011E Kalish
PenningtonMercerDec 2010E Kalish
Penns GroveSalemJan 1941N/A
Penns GroveSalemJul 2011E Kalish
Pennsauken Branch [Camden]CamdenSep 2011E Kalish
PennsvilleSalemFeb 2011E Kalish
PequannockMorrisSep 2013E Kalish
PerrinevilleMonmouthJul 2011E Kalish
Perth AmboyMiddlesexca. 1910N/AFormer site
Perth AmboyMiddlesexMay 1937N/A
Perth AmboyMiddlesexApr 2011E Kalish
PhillipsburgWarrenca. 1934N/A
PhillipsburgWarrenJul 2012E Kalish
Pine BeachOceanDec 2013E Kalish
Pine BrookMorrisOct 2010E Kalish
Pine Hill Branch [Clementon]CamdenOct 2011E KalishDisc. 2011
PiscatawayMiddlesexJan 2012E Kalish
. New Market StationMiddlesexSep 2011E Kalish
PitmanGloucesterJan 1936N/A
PitmanGloucesterAug 2011E Kalish
PittstownHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
PlainfieldUnionAug 1941N/A
PlainfieldUnionOct 2011E Kalish
. Muhlenberg StationUnionOct 2011E Kalish
. Netherwood StationUnionOct 2011E Kalish
. Station AUnionOct 2011E Kalish
PlainsboroMiddlesexMar 1995J Gallagher
PleasantvilleAtlanticApr 1942N/AFormer site
. Jersey Shore Carrier AnnexAtlanticMar 2019T Geiger
PluckeminSomersetJan 2013E Kalish
Point Pleasant BeachOceanJan 2012E Kalish
Point Pleasant BranchOceanJan 2012E Kalish[Pt. Pleasant Bch.]
PomonaAtlanticMay 2012E Kalish
Pompton LakesPassaicJun 1938N/A
Pompton LakesPassaicDec 2012E Kalish
Pompton PlainsMorrisSep 2013E Kalish
Port ElizabethCumberlandSep 2004J Gallagher
Port MonmouthMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
Port MurrayWarrenJan 2013E Kalish
Port NorrisCumberlandJan 2012E Kalish
Port ReadingMiddlesexDec 2010E Kalish
PottersvilleHunterdonJan 2013E Kalish
PrincetonMercerca. 1932N/AFormer site
PrincetonMercerJul 2014E Kalish
. Palmer Square StationMercerFeb 2011E KalishFormer site
. Palmer Square StationMercerDec 2017T Geiger
. Palmer Square StationMercerAug 2021E Kalish
Princeton JunctionMercerApr 2011E Kalish
QuakertownHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
QuintonSalemFeb 2011E Kalish
RahwayUnionMar 1937N/AFormer site
RahwayUnionMay 1985J Gallagher
RahwayUnionDec 2010E Kalish
RamseyBergenSep 2018E Kalish
RancocasBurlingtonDec 2011E Kalish
RaritanSomersetSep 2011E Kalish
ReadingtonHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
Red BankMonmouthSep 1931N/AFormer site
Red BankMonmouthDec 2013E Kalish
. Westboro StationMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
RichlandAtlanticFeb 2011E Kalish
RichwoodGloucesterJan 2012E Kalish
RidgefieldBergenJun 2011E Kalish
Ridgefield ParkBergenJan 1936N/A
Ridgefield ParkBergenOct 2014J Emerson
RidgewoodBergenDec 1938N/A
RidgewoodBergenApr 2016E Kalish
RingoesHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
RingwoodPassaicApr 2016E Kalish
Rio GrandeCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
RiverdaleMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
RiversideBurlingtonAug 1938N/A
RiversideBurlingtonJan 2012E Kalish
RivertonBurlingtonOct 1940N/AFormer site
RivertonBurlingtonJan 2012E KalishFormer site
RivertonBurlingtonJan 2012E Kalish
Rocky HillSomersetSep 2011E Kalish
RoeblingBurlingtonJan 2012E Kalish
RooseveltMonmouthJul 2011E Kalish
RoselandEssexMay 2011E Kalish
Roselle BranchUnionDec 2010E Kalish[Elizabeth]
Roselle Park BranchUnionDec 2010E Kalish[Elizabeth]
RosemontHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
RosenhaynCumberlandJul 1994J Gallagher
RosenhaynCumberlandFeb 2011E Kalish
RumsonMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish
RunnemedeCamdenFeb 2011E Kalish
RutherfordBergenJun 2011E Kalish
. Parcel Post AnnexBergenJun 2011E KalishDisc.
RutherfordBergenFeb 1936N/A
Saddle BrookBergenJun 2011E Kalish
Saddle RiverBergenSep 2018E Kalish
SalemSalemJan 1933N/A
SalemSalemFeb 2011E Kalish
SargeantsvilleHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
SayrevilleMiddlesexMay 2012E Kalish
Schooleys MountainMorrisDec 2012E KalishExt.
Schooleys MountainMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
Scotch PlainsUnionMay 1985J Gallagher
Scotch PlainsUnionOct 2011E Kalish
Sea GirtMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
Sea Isle CityCape MaySep 2004J Gallagher
Sea Isle CityCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
Seabrook Branch [Bridgeton]CumberlandJul 1994J GallagherDisc. 2011
Seabrook Branch [Bridgeton]CumberlandFeb 2011E KalishDisc. 2011
Seaside HeightsOceanJan 2012E Kalish
Seaside ParkOceanJan 2012E Kalish
SecaucusHudsonMar 2012E Kalish
. Meadows StationHudsonJan 2013E Kalish
. Plaza StationHudsonJan 2013E Kalish
SewarenMiddlesexDec 2010E Kalish
SewellGloucesterAug 2011E Kalish
ShilohCumberlandFeb 2011E Kalish
Ship Bottom BranchOceanDec 2013E Kalish[Beach Haven]
Short HillsEssexOct 1938B Biele
Short HillsEssexApr 2011E Kalish
Shrewsbury BranchMonmouthMar 2013E Kalish[Red Bank]
SicklervilleCamdenMay 2012E Kalish
SkillmanSomersetSep 2011E Kalish
SomerdaleCamdenOct 2011E Kalish
Somers PointAtlanticFeb 2023E Kalish
SomersetSomersetFeb 2012E Kalish
. East Millstone StationSomersetFeb 2012E Kalish
. Franklin StationSomersetJan 2012E KalishDisc.
SomervilleSomersetSep 2011E Kalish
. North Branch BranchSomersetFeb 2012E Kalish[Somerville]
SomervilleSomersetca. 1933N/A
South AmboyMiddlesexMay 2012E Kalish
South Bound BrookSomersetSep 2011E Kalish
South DennisCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
South Hackensack BranchBergenJun 2011E Kalish[Hackensack]
South Jersey P&DCCamdenFeb 2011E Kalish+ Bellmawr Branch
South Jersey P&DCCamdenFeb 2011E Kalish
South Jersey P&DC: BMEUCamdenFeb 2011E Kalish
South OrangeEssexOct 1937E Baker
South OrangeEssexFeb 2018E Kalish
South PlainfieldMiddlesexJul 2011E Kalish
South RiverMiddlesexFeb 1942N/A
South RiverMiddlesexMay 2012E Kalish
South SeavilleCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
SpartaSussexJul 2008J Gallagher
SpotswoodMiddlesexMar 2012E Kalish
Spring LakeMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
SpringfieldUnionApr 2011E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexUnionApr 2011E Kalish
StanhopeSussexSep 2010E Kalish
StantonHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
StewartsvilleWarrenJul 2012E Kalish
StillwaterSussexDec 2014E Kalish
StirlingMorrisJan 2013E Kalish
StockholmSussexJul 2008J Gallagher
StocktonHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
Stone HarborCape MaySep 2004J Gallagher
Stone HarborCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
StratfordCamdenOct 2011E Kalish
StrathmereCape MaySep 2004J Gallagher
StrathmereCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
SuccasunnaMorrisDec 2012E Kalish
SummitUnionFeb 1936N/A
SummitUnionJan 2013E Kalish
Sussex / WantageSussexApr 2016E Kalish
SwartswoodSussexDec 2014E Kalish
SwedesboroGloucesterJul 2008J Gallagher
TenaflyBergenApr 2011E Kalish
TennentMonmouthMay 2012E Kalish
ThorofareGloucesterJul 1994J Gallagher
ThorofareGloucesterJul 2011E Kalish
Three BridgesHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
TitusvilleMercerFeb 2012E Kalish
Toms RiverOceanMay 1940N/AFormer site
Toms RiverOceanDec 2013E Kalish
. Holiday City BranchOceanJan 2012E Kalish
. Silverton Pharmacy CPUOceanJan 2012E Kalish
Totowa Branch [Paterson]PassaicOct 2010E Kalish
TowacoMorrisSep 2013E Kalish
TranquilitySussexOct 2010E Kalish
Trenton: MPOMercer1901N/AFormer site
Trenton: MPOMercer1933N/AFormer site
Trenton: MPO and P&DCMercerApr 2011E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexMercerApr 2011E Kalish
. Circle BranchMercerApr 2011E Kalish
. Downtown StationMercerApr 2011E Kalish
. Independence Plaza BranchMercerApr 2011E KalishPrev. Station C
. Mercerville BranchMercerApr 2011E Kalish
. Robbin's Pharmacy CPUMercerJul 2014E Kalish
. Thriftway CPUMercerApr 2011E KalishDisc.
. Thriftway CPUMercerApr 2011E KalishDisc.; int.
. Villa Park StationMercerApr 2011E KalishPrev. Station E
. West Trenton BranchMercerApr 2011E Kalish
. Yardville BranchMercerApr 2011E KalishDisc. 2011
TuckahoeCape MayFeb 2021P Soroka
TuckertonOceanFeb 2023E Kalish
Turnersville BranchGloucesterJan 2012E Kalish[Blackwood]
UnionUnionJan 2013E Kalish
. Chestnut StationUnionJan 2013E Kalish
. Townley StationUnionOct 2011E KalishDisc.
. Union Center StationUnionJan 2013E Kalish
Union CityHudsonDec 1939N/A
Union CityHudsonJun 2012E Kalish
. 45th Street StationHudsonDec 2013E Kalish
. Bergenline StationHudsonJun 2012E Kalish
. Summit Avenue StationHudsonJan 2013E Kalish
VauxhallUnionApr 2011E Kalish
Ventnor City BranchAtlanticMar 2019T Geiger[Atlantic City]
VernonSussexApr 2016E Kalish
VeronaEssexMay 2011E Kalish
ViennaWarrenJul 2012E Kalish
VillasCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
VincentownBurlingtonJan 2012E Kalish
VinelandCumberlandca. 1930N/AFormer site
VinelandCumberlandJul 1994J GallagherFormer site
VinelandCumberlandFeb 2011E Kalish
. Delivery Distribution CenterCumberlandJan 2012E Kalish
. South Vineland StationCumberlandFeb 2011E Kalish
WaldwickBergenApr 2016E Kalish
Wall Branch [Belmar]MonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
Wallington Branch [Passaic]BergenJun 2011E Kalish
WanaquePassaicApr 2016E Kalish
WaretownOceanDec 2013E Kalish
Warren Branch [Plainfield]SomersetJun 2012E Kalish
WashingtonWarrenJan 1940N/A
WashingtonWarrenJan 2013E Kalish
Watchung Branch [Plainfield]SomersetOct 2011E Kalish
Waterford WorksCamdenMay 2012E Kalish
WaynePassaicSep 2013E KalishSusp.
. Sheffield StationPassaicSep 2013E Kalish
Weehawken BranchHudsonMar 2012E Kalish[Union City]
WenonahGloucesterAug 2011E Kalish
West Caldwell BranchEssexMay 2011E Kalish[Caldwell]
West CreekOceanFeb 2023E Kalish
West Jersey P&DC [Whippany]MorrisMay 2011E KalishDisc. 2011
West Long BranchMonmouthDec 2013E Kalish
West MilfordPassaicApr 2016E Kalish
West New YorkHudsonOct 1938N/A
West New YorkHudsonDec 2013E Kalish
. Guttenberg StationHudsonDec 2013E Kalish
. Monitor StationHudsonDec 2013E Kalish
. Taurus StationHudsonDec 2013E Kalish
West Orange BranchEssexMay 2011E Kalish[Orange]
WestfieldUnionFeb 1938E Baker
WestfieldUnionMay 1985J Gallagher
WestfieldUnionOct 2011E Kalish
WestvilleGloucesterJul 2011E Kalish
WestwoodBergenDec 1935N/A
WestwoodBergenJan 2023E Kalish
. Old Tappan CPUBergenApr 2011E Kalish
WhartonMorrisJul 2012E Kalish
WhippanyMorrisMay 2011E KalishDisc.
WhitehouseHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
Whitehouse StationHunterdonFeb 2012E Kalish
WhitesboroCape MayJul 2018T GeigerFormer site
WhitesboroCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
WickatunkMonmouthJun 2012E Kalish
WildwoodCape MayOct 1936N/A
WildwoodCape MaySep 2004J Gallagher
WildwoodCape MayFeb 2023E Kalish
WilliamstownGloucesterJan 2012E Kalish
WillingboroBurlingtonDec 2011E Kalish
WindsorMercerAug 2011E Kalish
WinslowCamdenMay 2012E Kalish
Wood-Ridge BranchBergenJun 2011E Kalish[Rutherford]
WoodbineCape MayFeb 2021P Soroka
WoodbridgeMiddlesexDec 2010E Kalish
WoodburyGloucesterMay 1925N/A
WoodburyGloucesterJul 2011E Kalish
Woodbury Heights BranchGloucesterJul 2011E KalishDisc. 2011
Woodcliff LakeBergenSep 2018E Kalish
WoodstownSalemAug 2011E Kalish
WyckoffBergenApr 2016E Kalish

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