Post Office Photographs
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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Nebraska Post Office Photographs (603)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
Abie CPO [Bruno]ButlerJun 2011S Bahnsen
AinsworthBrownMay 1994J Gallagher
AlbionBooneMar 1938N/A
AlbionBooneJul 1993J Gallagher
AldaHallMay 2014S Are
AllenDixonJun 2013J Gallagher
AllianceBox Butte1918N/A
AllianceBox ButteJul 2014S Bahnsen
AlmaHarlanJun 1991J Gallagher
Ames CPODodgeJul 1988J Gallagher
AngoraMorrillFeb 2007J Gallagher
AngoraMorrillJul 2014S Bahnsen
AngoraMorrillJul 2014S BahnsenInt.
AnsleyCusterJul 1993J Gallagher
ArcadiaValleyJul 1993J Gallagher
ArlingtonWashingtonMay 1994J Gallagher
ArlingtonWashingtonJul 2015S Bahnsen
ArthurArthur1984J Gallagher
ArthurArthurJul 2007J Emerson
AshbyGrantMay 2014S Are
AshlandSaundersJul 1993J Gallagher
AshtonShermanJul 1993J Gallagher
AshtonShermanMay 2012J Emerson
AtlantaPhelpsJul 1993J Gallagher
AuburnNemahaca. 1937N/A
AuburnNemahaSep 2009J Emerson
AuburnNemahaSep 2013S Bahnsen
AuroraHamiltonJul 1993J Gallagher
AvocaCassJul 1993J Gallagher
AvocaCassJun 2023E Kalish
AxtellKearneyJul 1993J Gallagher
AxtellKearneyJul 2014S Bahnsen
AyrAdamsOct 2019J Gallagher
BancroftCumingJul 1993J GallagherFormer site
BancroftCumingJun 2013J Gallagher
BartleyRed Willow1975J Gallagher
BartleyRed WillowDec 1988E Kern
BassettRockJun 1994J Gallagher
Battle CreekMadisonJun 1994J Gallagher
BayardMorrillFeb 2007J Gallagher
BeatriceGageca. 1895N/AFormer site
BeatriceGageJul 1933N/AFormer site
BeatriceGageJul 1988J Gallagher
BeatriceGageJul 2015S Bahnsen
Beaver CityFurnasJul 2014S Bahnsen
Beaver CrossingSewardJun 1994J Gallagher
BeeSewardJun 2011S Bahnsen
BeeSewardOct 2019J Gallagher
BeemerCumingJul 1993J Gallagher
BeemerCumingNov 2020A Wesely
BeldenCedarJun 2013J Gallagher
Bellevue: Old Towne StationSarpyMay 2004S Bahnsen
BellwoodButlerJun 2011S Bahnsen
BelvidereThayerOct 2004S Bahnsen
BenedictYorkJun 2011S Bahnsen
BenkelmanDundySep 2005J German
BennetLancasterJul 2019M Long
BenningtonDouglasJul 1993J Gallagher
Big SpringsDeuelJul 2002M Gollnick
Big SpringsDeuelNov 2022J Emerson
BinghamSheridanJul 1992V Fischer
BladenWebsterSep 2008S Bahnsen
BlairWashingtonca. 1910N/AFormer site
BlairWashingtonJun 2013J Gallagher
BloomfieldKnoxJun 2011S Bahnsen
BloomingtonFranklinSep 2008S Bahnsen
Blue HillWebsterMay 2011S Bahnsen
Blue SpringsGageJul 1988J Gallagher
BoelusHowardJul 1993J Gallagher
BooneBooneJul 1993J Gallagher
Boys TownDodgeJul 1988J GallagherFormer site
Boys TownDouglasJul 2014S Bahnsen
BradshawYorkJul 1992V Fischer
BradyLincolnMay 2014S Are
BrainardButlerJun 1994J Gallagher
BrewsterBlaineOct 1992M Anderson
BridgeportMorrillFeb 2007J Gallagher
BristowBoydJun 1994J Gallagher
BroadwaterMorrillFeb 2007J Gallagher
Broken BowCusterNov 1932N/A
Broken BowCusterOct 2001S Bahnsen
BrownvilleNemahaSep 2013S Bahnsen
BrownvilleNemahaJun 2023E Kalish
BruleKeith1984J Gallagher
BruleKeithOct 2000S Bahnsen
BruningThayerOct 2019J Gallagher
BrunoButlerJun 2011S Bahnsen
BrunswickAntelopeMay 1994J Gallagher
BurchardPawneeJun 2003J Gallagher
Burr CPO [Tecumseh]OtoeJun 2023E Kalish
BurwellGarfieldOct 2003S Bahnsen
BushnellKimballJun 2005J German
BushnellKimballNov 2021J Emerson
ButteBoydMay 2012J Emerson
ByronThayerJun 2011S Bahnsen
CairoHallAug 2007M DelGrosso
CallawayCusterJun 2011S Bahnsen
CambridgeFurnasMay 1998V Fischer
CampbellFranklinSep 2008S Bahnsen
CarletonThayerOct 2004S Bahnsen
CarletonThayerOct 2019J Gallagher
CarrollWayneJun 1994J Gallagher
Cedar BluffsSaundersJun 2011S Bahnsen
Cedar CreekCassJun 2003J Gallagher
Cedar RapidsBooneJun 2011S Bahnsen
CenterKnoxMay 1994J Gallagher
Central CityMerrickNov 1927N/A
Central CityMerrickJul 1993J Gallagher
ChadronDawesMay 2014J Gallagher
ChambersHoltJun 1994J Gallagher
ChampionChaseJul 1993J Gallagher
ChapmanMerrickJul 1993J GallagherFormer site
ChapmanMerrickJun 2011S Bahnsen
ChappellDeuelJul 2007J Emerson
ChesterThayerOct 2004S Bahnsen
ClarksMerrickJul 1993J Gallagher
ClarksonColfaxMay 1994J Gallagher
ClarksonColfaxApr 2022A Wesely
ClatoniaGageJul 1988J Gallagher
Clay CenterClayOct 2019J Gallagher
ClearwaterAntelopeMay 1994J Gallagher
CodyCherryMay 2014J Gallagher
ColeridgeCedarJun 2013J Gallagher
ColeridgeCedarAug 2021J Gallagher
ColonSaundersJun 2011S Bahnsen
ColumbusPlatteMay 1941N/AFormer site
ComstockCusterJun 1994J Gallagher
ConcordDixonJun 2013J Gallagher
CookJohnsonJul 1988J Gallagher
CookJohnsonJun 2023E Kalish
CordovaSewardJun 1994J Gallagher
CortlandGageMay 1978J GallagherFormer site
CortlandGageJun 2003J Gallagher
CotesfieldHowardMay 2012J Emerson
CozadDawsonMay 2014S Are
Crab OrchardJohnsonMay 1978J Gallagher
CraigBurtJul 1993J Gallagher
CraigBurtJun 2013J Gallagher
CrawfordDawesJan 1940N/A
CrawfordDawesMay 2014J Gallagher
CreightonKnoxMay 1994J Gallagher
CrestonPlatteMay 1994J Gallagher
CreteSalineca. 1933N/A
CreteSalineJul 2014S Bahnsen
CroftonCedarJun 2013J Gallagher
CrookstonCherryMay 2014J Gallagher
CulbertsonHitchcockMay 2000V Fischer
CurtisFrontierJul 1993J Gallagher
Dakota CityDakotaJun 2013J Gallagher
DaltonCheyenneFeb 2007J Gallagher
DanburyRed WillowJul 2014S Bahnsen
DannebrogHowardJul 1993J Gallagher
DavenportThayerOct 2004S Bahnsen
DavenportThayerOct 2019J Gallagher
DaveyLancasterFeb 1996J German
DaveyLancasterOct 2019J Gallagher
David CityButlerMay 1935N/A
DawsonRichardsonSep 2009J Emerson
DaykinJeffersonJun 1994J Gallagher
DecaturBurtJun 2006J German
DentonLancasterJul 1988J GallagherFormer site
DentonLancasterJun 2023E Kalish
DeshlerThayerJun 2011S Bahnsen
DeshlerThayerOct 2019J Gallagher
DeweeseClayJun 2011S Bahnsen
DeweeseClayOct 2019J Gallagher
DeWittSalineJun 1994J Gallagher
Dickens CPO [Wellfleet]LincolnJul 1993J Gallagher
DillerJeffersonJun 1994J Gallagher
DixKimballMay 2001N Ritchie
DixonDixonJun 2013J Gallagher
DodgeDodgeMay 1994J Gallagher
DoniphanHallJun 2011S Bahnsen
DorchesterSalineJul 1989V Fischer
DorchesterSalineJul 2014S Bahnsen
DouglasOtoeJun 2023E Kalish
DuboisPawneeNov 1979J Gallagher
DuboisPawneeJun 2023E Kalish
DunbarOtoeSep 2013S Bahnsen
DunbarOtoeJun 2023E Kalish
DuncanPlatteMay 2012J Emerson
DunningBlaineJul 1992V Fischer
EagleCassOct 2008E Kalish
EagleOtoeJun 2023E Kalish
EdgarClayOct 2019J Gallagher
EdisonFurnasOct 1990V FischerFormer site
EdisonFurnasOct 2005S Bahnsen
ElginAntelopeJun 2011S Bahnsen
Elk CreekJohnsonJun 2011S Bahnsen
Elk CreekJohnsonJun 2023E Kalish
ElkhornDodgeJul 1988J Gallagher
ElkhornDouglasNov 2005S Bahnsen
EllsworthSheridanJul 2007J Emerson
Elm CreekBuffaloMay 2014S Are
ElmwoodOtoeJun 2023E Kalish
ElsiePerkinsJul 1993J Gallagher
ElwoodGosperJul 1993J Gallagher
EmersonDakotaJun 2013J Gallagher
EmmetHoltMay 1994J Gallagher
EndersChaseJul 1993J Gallagher
EndersChaseMay 2012J Emerson
EndicottJeffersonJun 1994J Gallagher
EricsonWheelerOct 2003S Bahnsen
EustisFrontierJul 1993J Gallagher
EwingHoltMay 1994J Gallagher
ExeterFillmoreJul 2014S Bahnsen
FairburyJeffersonca. 1912N/A
FairburyJeffersonMay 2012J Emerson
FairfieldClayMay 2011S Bahnsen
FairmontFillmoreOct 2019J Gallagher
Falls CityRichardsonJul 1917N/A
Falls CityRichardsonMay 2003S Bahnsen
Falls CityRichardsonJun 2023E Kalish
FarnamDawsonJul 1993J Gallagher
FarwellHowardJul 1993J Gallagher
FarwellHowardMay 2012J Emerson
FilleyGageJul 1978J Gallagher
FirthLancasterOct 2004S Bahnsen
FordyceCedarJun 2013J Gallagher
Fort CalhounWashingtonMay 1994J Gallagher
Fort CalhounWashingtonJun 2013J Gallagher
FosterPierceMay 1994J Gallagher
FranklinFranklinSep 2008S Bahnsen
FremontDodgeJul 1937N/AFormer site
FremontDodgeJul 1988J Gallagher
FremontDodgeJun 2011S Bahnsen
. Hy-Vee #1185 CPUDodgeAug 2020A Wesely
FriendSalineJul 2014S Bahnsen
FunkKearneyJul 1993J Gallagher
GarlandSewardJun 2011S Bahnsen
GarlandSewardJul 2019M Long
GenevaFillmoreOct 1940N/A
GenevaFillmoreMay 2012J Emerson
GenoaNanceJul 1993J Gallagher
GeringScotts BluffFeb 2007J Gallagher
GibbonBuffaloOct 2005S Bahnsen
GiltnerHamiltonOct 2019J Gallagher
GlenvilClayMay 2011S Bahnsen
GoehnerSewardAug 2007M DelGrosso
GordonSheridanMay 2014J Gallagher
GothenburgDawsonMay 2014S Are
GraftonFillmoreJul 2014S Bahnsen
Grand IslandHallca. 1910N/AFormer site
Grand IslandHallFeb 1936N/AFormer site
Grand IslandHallNov 2005S Bahnsen
GrantPerkinsJul 1993J Gallagher
GreeleyGreeleySep 2007N Ritchie
GreenwoodCassJun 2003J Gallagher
GreshamYorkJun 2011S Bahnsen
GretnaSarpyMay 1998V Fischer
Guide RockWebsterJul 2007J Emerson
GurleyCheyenneFeb 2007J Gallagher
HadarPierceMay 1994J Gallagher
HaiglerDundyJul 1993J Gallagher
HallamLancasterJul 1988J GallagherFormer site
HallamLancasterJul 2019M Long
HalseyThomasMay 2012J Emerson
HamletHayes1975J Gallagher
HardyNuckollsJun 1991J Gallagher
HarrisburgBanner1984J Gallagher
HarrisburgBannerFeb 2007J Gallagher
HarrisonSiouxMay 2014J Gallagher
HartingtonCedarJun 2013J Gallagher
HarvardClayOct 2019J Gallagher
HastingsAdamsca. 1905N/AFormer site
HastingsAdamsSep 1929N/ARear; former site
HastingsAdamsJul 2014S Bahnsen
. Sta #1410 CPUAdamsOct 2019J Gallagher
. Sta #883 CPUAdamsOct 2019J Gallagher
Hay SpringsSheridanMay 2014J Gallagher
HazardShermanJul 1993J Gallagher
HeartwellKearneyOct 2019J Gallagher
HebronThayerDec 1937N/A
HebronThayerJul 2007J Emerson
HemingfordBox ButteJul 2014S Bahnsen
HendleyFurnasJul 2014S Bahnsen
HermanWashingtonJun 2013J Gallagher
HermanWashingtonJul 2015S Bahnsen
HickmanLancasterJul 2019M Long
HoldredgePhelpsJun 1917N/A
HoldregePhelpsJul 1993J Gallagher
HoldregePhelpsJul 2014S Bahnsen
HolsteinAdamsOct 2019J Gallagher
HomerDakotaJun 2013J Gallagher
HooperDodgeMay 1994J Gallagher
HoskinsWayneMay 1994J Gallagher
HowellsColfaxMay 1994J Gallagher
HubbardDakotaJun 2013J Gallagher
HumboldtRichardsonSep 2013S Bahnsen
HumphreyPlatteJul 1993J Gallagher
HuntleyHarlanJun 1991J Gallagher
HyannisGrantJul 2007J Emerson
HyannisGrantMay 2014S Are
ImperialChaseJul 1993J Gallagher
InlandClayJul 2014S Bahnsen
InmanHoltMay 1994J Gallagher
IthacaSaundersJul 1993J Gallagher
IthacaSaundersJan 2021R Wesely
JacksonDakotaJun 2013J Gallagher
JohnsonNemahaSep 2013S Bahnsen
JuniataAdamsOct 2019J Gallagher
KearneyBuffaloca. 1911N/AFormer site
KearneyBuffaloJul 1993J Gallagher
KearneyBuffaloJul 2014S Bahnsen
KenesawAdamsOct 2019J Gallagher
KennardWashingtonJul 1993J Gallagher
KennardWashingtonJul 2015S Bahnsen
KeystoneKeith1984J Gallagher
KilgoreCherryMay 2014J Gallagher
LakesideSheridanMay 2014S Are
LamarChaseJul 1993J Gallagher
LaurelCedarJun 2013J Gallagher
LawrenceNuckollsJun 1991J Gallagher
LebanonRed Willow1975J Gallagher
LeighColfaxMay 1994J Gallagher
LemoyneKeith1984J Gallagher
LemoyneKeithMay 2012J Emerson
Leshara CPOSaundersJul 1988J Gallagher
LewellenGarden1984J GallagherFormer site
LexingtonDawsonAug 1935N/A
LexingtonDawsonJul 2007J Emerson
Lincoln: MPOLancasterJul 1900N/AFormer site
Lincoln: MPOLancasterca. 1906N/AFormer site
Lincoln: MPOLancaster1941N/AFormer site
Lincoln: MPOLancaster1941N/AFormer site
Lincoln: MPOLancasterJul 2014S Bahnsen
Lincoln: MPOLancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. Cheney Ridge Carrier AnnexLancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. College View StationLancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. Gateway StationLancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. Havelock StationLancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. Hy-Vee #1385 CPULancasterJun 2023E KalishExt.
. Hy-Vee #1385 CPULancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. Hy-Vee #1386 CPULancasterJun 2023E KalishExt.
. Hy-Vee #1386 CPULancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. Hy-Vee #1387 CPULancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. Hy-Vee #1388 CPULancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. Hy-Vee #1390 CPULancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. Indian Village StationLancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. Northview Carrier AnnexLancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. State House StationLancasterJun 2023E KalishExt.
. State House StationLancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. Super Saver #17 CPULancasterJun 2023E KalishExt.
. Super Saver #17 CPULancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. Super Saver #27 CPULancasterJun 2023E KalishExt.
. Super Saver #27 CPULancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. University Book Store CPULancasterJun 2023E Kalish
. University Place StationLancasterJul 2019M Long
LindsayPlatteJul 1993J Gallagher
Linwood CPO [Bruno]ButlerJun 2011S Bahnsen
LiscoGarden1984J Gallagher
LitchfieldShermanJul 1993J Gallagher
LodgepoleCheyenne1975J Gallagher
LodgepoleCheyenneFeb 2007J Gallagher
Long PineBrownMay 1994J Gallagher
LoomisPhelpsJul 1993J Gallagher
Loup CityShermanJul 1993J Gallagher
LymanScotts BluffFeb 2007J Gallagher
LyonsBurtJun 2013J Gallagher
MadisonMadisonJul 1993J GallagherFormer site
MadridPerkins1975J GallagherFormer site
MagnetCedarMay 1994J Gallagher
MalcolmLancasterJul 2019M Long
MalmoSaundersSep 2020A Wesely
ManleyCassJul 1993J Gallagher
MarquetteHamiltonJul 1993J Gallagher
MartellLancasterJul 1988J Gallagher
Mason CityCusterJul 1993J Gallagher
MaxDundyJul 1993J Gallagher
MaxwellLincolnMay 2014S Are
MaywoodFrontierJul 1993J Gallagher
McCookRed Willow1916N/AFormer site
McCool JunctionYorkOct 2019J Gallagher
McGrew CPO [Bayard]Scotts BluffJun 2001N Ritchie
McGrew CPO [Bayard]Scotts BluffFeb 2007J Gallagher
McLeanPierceMay 1994J Gallagher
MeadSaundersJul 1993J Gallagher
MeadSaundersJul 2015S Bahnsen
Meadow GroveMadisonMay 1994J Gallagher
MelbetaScotts BluffFeb 2007J Gallagher
MemphisSaundersJul 1993J GallagherDisc. 2007
MemphisSaundersMay 2012J EmersonDisc. 2007, old site
MerrimanCherryMay 2014J Gallagher
MilfordSewardOct 2008E Kalish
MillsKeya PahaMay 1994J Gallagher
MinatareScotts BluffFeb 2007J Gallagher
MindenKearneyMay 1937N/A
MindenKearneyJul 2007J Emerson
MitchellScotts BluffFeb 2007J Gallagher
MoorefieldFrontierJul 1993J Gallagher
MorrillScotts BluffFeb 2007J Gallagher
Morse BluffDodgeAug 2021J Gallagher
Mount Michael CPODodgeJul 1988J GallagherIn Abbey
MullenHookerMay 2014S Are
MurdockCassJul 1993J Gallagher
NaperBoydMay 1994J Gallagher
NaponeeFranklinJun 1991J GallagherDisc.
Nebraska CityOtoeSep 2013S Bahnsen
NehawkaCassOct 2008E Kalish
NehawkaCassJun 2023E Kalish
NelighAntelopeMay 1994J Gallagher
NelsonNuckollsJun 1991J Gallagher
NemahaNemahaJun 2023E Kalish
NewcastleDixonJun 2013J Gallagher
Newman GroveMadisonJul 1993J Gallagher
NickersonDodgeMay 1994J Gallagher
NickersonDodgeNov 2020R Wesely
NiobraraKnoxMay 1994J GallagherFormer site
NorfolkMadisonca. 1908N/AFormer site
NorfolkMadisonJul 1932N/AFormer site
NorfolkMadisonMay 1994J Gallagher
NorfolkMadisonAug 1999S Bahnsen
North BendDodgeJul 1988J Gallagher
North BendDodgeNov 2020A Wesely
North PlatteLincoln1912N/AFormer site
North PlatteLincolnOct 2000S Bahnsen
O'NeillHoltJun 1937N/A
OaklandBurtJul 1993J Gallagher
OaklandBurtJun 2013J Gallagher
OgallalaKeithMay 1938N/A
OgallalaKeith1984J Gallagher
OgallalaKeithJul 2007J Emerson
Omaha: MPODouglas1900N/AFormer site
Omaha: MPODouglasJan 1934N/AFormer site
Omaha: MPODouglasJun 2011S Bahnsen
. Ames Avenue StationDouglasJun 2013J Gallagher
. Benson StationDouglasJun 1941N/A
. Benson StationDouglasJun 2013J Gallagher
. Florence StationDouglasMay 2012J Emerson
. Millard Highlands BranchDouglasNov 2005S Bahnsen
. Millard Postal Impressions Br.DouglasNov 2005S Bahnsen
. Northwest StationDouglasJun 2013J Gallagher
. Pierce Street Carrier AnnexDouglasJun 2011S Bahnsen
. Postal Impressions StationDouglasMar 2005S Bahnsen
. South Omaha StationDouglasMar 2005S Bahnsen
. Station BDouglasNov 2005S Bahnsen
. West Omaha StationDouglasNov 2005S Bahnsen
O'NeillHoltMay 1994J Gallagher
OrchardAntelopeMay 1994J Gallagher
OrdValleyca. 1940N/A
OrleansHarlanJun 1991J Gallagher
OshkoshGarden1984J Gallagher
OsmondPierceMay 1994J Gallagher
OtoeOtoeJun 2023E Kalish
OvertonDawsonMay 2014S Are
OxfordFurnasJul 2014S Bahnsen
PageHoltMay 1994J Gallagher
PalisadeHitchcockJul 1993J Gallagher
PalmerMerrickJul 1993J Gallagher
PalmyraOtoeJun 2023E Kalish
PanamaLancasterJul 2019M Long
Papillion-La Vista BranchSarpyOct 2019J Gallagher[Omaha]
ParksDundyJul 1993J Gallagher
Pawnee CityPawneeJul 1941N/A
Pawnee CityPawneeJun 2023E Kalish
PaxtonKeith1984J Gallagher
PenderThurstonJun 2013J Gallagher
PeruNemahaJun 2023E Kalish
PetersburgBooneJul 1993J Gallagher
PetersburgBooneMay 2012J Emerson
PickrellGageJul 1988J Gallagher
PiercePierceMay 1994J Gallagher
PilgerCumingJul 1993J Gallagher
PlainviewPierceMay 1994J Gallagher
PlattsmouthCassca. 1911N/AFormer site
Pleasant DaleSewardJun 2023E Kalish
PleasantonBuffaloJul 1993J Gallagher
PlymouthJeffersonJul 2019M Long
PoncaDixonJun 2013J Gallagher
PotterCheyenneFeb 2007J Gallagher
Ragan CPOHarlanJun 1991J Gallagher
RandolphCedarMay 1994J Gallagher
RavennaBuffaloJul 1993J Gallagher
RaymondLancasterJul 2015S Bahnsen
Red CloudWebsterNov 1939N/A
Red CloudWebsterJul 2007J Emerson
Republican CityHarlanJun 1991J Gallagher
Reynolds CPO [Chester]JeffersonSep 2004E Cooper
RivertonFranklinJul 2007J Emerson
RocaLancasterJul 2019M Long
RockvilleShermanJul 1993J Gallagher
RogersColfaxJul 1988J Gallagher
RosalieThurstonJun 2013J Gallagher
Rose CPO [Bassett]RockJun 1994J Gallagher
RoselandAdamsOct 2019J Gallagher
RoyalAntelopeMay 1994J Gallagher
RuloRichardsonOct 2015J EmersonDisc.
RushvilleSheridanMay 2014J Gallagher
RuskinNuckollsOct 2019J Gallagher
Saint HelenaCedarJun 2013J Gallagher
Saint LiboryHowardJul 1993J Gallagher
Saint MaryJohnsonJul 1988J Gallagher
Saint PaulHowardJul 1993J Gallagher
SaronvilleClayJul 2014S Bahnsen
SchuylerColfaxApr 1939N/A
SchuylerColfaxJul 1988J Gallagher
ScottsbluffScotts BluffNov 2021J EmersonOld site
ScottsbluffScotts Bluffca. 1930N/AFormer site
ScottsbluffScotts BluffFeb 2007J Gallagher
ScribnerDodgeMay 1994J Gallagher
SewardSewardNov 1936N/A
SewardSewardMay 2012J Emerson
ShelbyPolkJun 1994J GallagherFormer site
ShubertRichardsonJun 2023E Kalish
SidneyCheyenneMar 1934N/A
SidneyCheyenneJul 2014S Bahnsen
Silver CreekMerrickJul 1993J Gallagher
Smithfield CPO [Elwood]GosperJul 1993J Gallagher
SnyderDodgeMay 1994J Gallagher
South BendCassJul 1993J Gallagher
South Sioux CityDakotaJun 2013J Gallagher
Sparks CPO [Valentine]CherryMay 2012J EmersonExt.
Sparks CPO [Valentine]CherryMay 2012J Emerson
SpragueLancasterJul 1988J Gallagher
SpringviewKeya PahaMay 2014J Gallagher
StamfordHarlanJun 1991J Gallagher
StantonStantonJul 1993J Gallagher
StaplehurstSewardOct 2019J Gallagher
StapletonLoganMay 2012J Emerson
Steele City CPO [Diller]JeffersonJun 2011S Bahnsen
StellaRichardsonJun 2023E Kalish
StockvilleFrontierJul 1993J Gallagher
StockvilleFrontierMay 2012J Emerson
Strang CPOFillmoreOct 2019J Gallagher
StrattonHitchcockJul 1993J Gallagher
SuperiorNuckollsJun 1935N/A
SuperiorNuckollsJun 1991J Gallagher
SurpriseButlerJun 1994J Gallagher
SuttonClayJul 2014S Bahnsen
SyracuseOtoeJun 2023E Kalish
Table RockPawneeJun 2023E Kalish
TalmageOtoeSep 2013S BahnsenFormer site
TalmageOtoeJun 2023E Kalish
TaylorLoupMay 2012J Emerson
TecumsehJohnsonFeb 1938N/A
TecumsehJohnsonJul 1988J Gallagher
TecumsehJohnsonJun 2023E Kalish
TekamahBurtJun 2013J Gallagher
ThedfordThomasMay 2012J Emerson
ThurstonThurstonJun 2013J Gallagher
TildenMadisonMay 1994J Gallagher
TrentonHitchcockJul 2007J Emerson
TrumbullClayOct 2019J Gallagher
TryonMcPhersonMay 2012J Emerson
UehlingDodgeMay 1994J GallagherFormer site
UehlingDodgeMay 2022P Soroka
UnadillaOtoeJun 2023E Kalish
UnionCassJul 1993J Gallagher
UnionCassJun 2023E Kalish
UticaSewardOct 2019J Gallagher
ValentineCherryMay 1937N/AFormer site
ValentineCherryMay 2014J Gallagher
ValentineCherryMay 2014J GallagherFormer site
ValleyDouglasJul 1988J Gallagher
ValparaisoSaundersJul 2015S Bahnsen
VenangoPerkins1975J Gallagher
VenangoPerkinsNov 2005J Gallagher
VerdigreKnoxMay 1994J Gallagher
VerdonRichardsonJun 2023E Kalish
Virginia CPO [Beatrice]GageMar 1978J Gallagher
WacoYorkOct 2019J Gallagher
WahooSaundersAug 1918N/A
WahooSaundersJul 2015S Bahnsen
WakefieldDixonJun 2013J Gallagher
WallaceLincolnJul 1993J Gallagher
WalthillThurstonJun 2013J Gallagher
WaltonLancasterJun 2023E Kalish
WashingtonWashingtonJul 1993J Gallagher
WaterburyDixonJun 2013J Gallagher
WaterlooDodgeJul 1988J Gallagher
WaunetaChaseJul 1993J Gallagher
WausaKnoxMay 1994J Gallagher
WayneWayneJun 1935N/A
WayneWayneNov 2020A Wesely
Weeping WaterCassOct 2008E Kalish
WeissertCusterJul 1993J Gallagher
WellfleetLincolnJul 1993J GallagherFormer site
West PointCumingJul 1993J Gallagher
West PointCumingNov 2020A Wesely
WestervilleCusterJul 1993J Gallagher
WestonSaundersJun 1994J Gallagher
White Clay CPOSheridanMay 2014J Gallagher
WhitmanGrantMay 2014S Are
Whitney CPODawesMay 2014J Gallagher
Whitney CPO [Crawford]CherryJul 2002D Brandt
WilberSalineJul 2019M Long
WilcoxKearneyJun 1991J Gallagher
WilsonvilleFurnasJul 2014S Bahnsen
WinnebagoThurstonMay 2022P Soroka
WinnetoonKnoxMay 1994J Gallagher
WinsideWayneMay 1994J Gallagher
WinslowDodgeMay 1994J Gallagher
WisnerCumingJul 1993J Gallagher
WisnerCumingNov 2020A Wesely
WolbachGreeleyJul 1993J Gallagher
Wood RiverHallMay 2014S Are
WymoreGageJul 2015S Bahnsen
WynotCedarJun 2013J Gallagher
YorkYorkMay 1909N/A
YorkYorkOct 2019J Gallagher
YutanSaundersJul 1993J Gallagher

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