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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Idaho Post Office Photographs (267)
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AhsakaClearwaterMay 1995J Gallagher
AlbionCassiaOct 1977A Patera
AlbionCassiaJul 2009J Emerson
AlmoCassiaAug 2013J EmersonExt.
AlmoCassiaAug 2013J Emerson
AlmoCassiaSep 2020J EmersonExt.
AlmoCassiaSep 2020J Emerson
ArbonPowerApr 1994J Gallagher
ArcoButteMay 2014J Gallagher
AshtonFremontSep 2008E Kalish
AtholKootenaiAug 1986J Gallagher
Atomic CityBinghamApr 1994J Gallagher
AveryShoshoneJun 1992J Gallagher
BancroftCaribou1979J Gallagher
BayviewKootenaiAug 1986J Gallagher
BernBear Lake1984J Gallagher
BlackfootBinghamJul 2009J Emerson
BlanchardBonnerAug 1986J Gallagher
BlissGoodingOct 1977A Patera
BlissGoodingMay 2014J Gallagher
BloomingtonBear Lake1984J Gallagher
BloomingtonBear LakeApr 2021J Emerson
Boise: MPOAda1931N/ANow Borah Sta.
Boise: MPOAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
. Air Mail FacilityAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
. Borah StationAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
. Cole Village StationAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
. Collister StationAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
. East Boise CPUAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
. Five Mile StationAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
. Northside CPUAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
. Oregon Trail StationAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
. Overland StationAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
. Southside CPUAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
Bonners FerryBoundaryJun 2017J Emerson
BovillLatahAug 1986J Gallagher
BovillLatahApr 2014W Skelton
BruneauOwyhee1979J Gallagher
BuhlTwin FallsJul 2009J Emerson
BurleyCassiaOct 1977A Patera
BurleyCassiaJul 2009J Emerson
CalderShoshoneJun 1992J Gallagher
CareyBlaineMay 2014J Gallagher
CarmenLemhiApr 1994J Gallagher
CarmenLemhiSep 2008E Kalish
ChesterFremontSep 2008E Kalish
Chubbuck BranchBannockApr 1994J Gallagher[Pocatello] Disc.
Clark ForkBonnerJun 1992J Gallagher
ClarkiaShoshoneAug 1986J Gallagher
Clarkia CPO [Fernwood]ShoshoneApr 2014W Skelton
Clarks ForkBonnerAug 1986J Gallagher
ClaytonCusterJul 2009J Emerson
CocolallaBonnerAug 1986J Gallagher
CocolallaBonnerAug 1999J Gallagher
Coeur d'AleneKootenaica. 1928N/AFormer site
CoolinBonnerAug 1986J Gallagher
Corral CPO [Fairfield]CamasJun 1991A BensonDisc. 1993
CottonwoodIdahoMay 1995J Gallagher
CouncilAdamsMay 1995J Gallagher
CuldesacNez PerceAug 1986J Gallagher
De SmetBenewahAug 1986J Gallagher
DearyLatahAug 1986J GallagherFormer site
DearyLatahApr 2014W SkeltonFormer site
DecloCassiaOct 1977A Patera
DingleBear Lake1984J Gallagher
DonnellyValleySep 2004W Skelton
DoverBonnerAug 1986J Gallagher
DoverBonnerJun 1992J GallagherFormer site
DoverBonnerJun 2017J Emerson
DriggsTetonMay 2014J Gallagher
DuboisClarkApr 1994J Gallagher
DuboisClarkJun 2014J Emerson
EagleAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
EastportBoundaryAug 1986J Gallagher
EastportBoundaryJun 2017J Emerson
EdenJeromeOct 1977A Patera
Elk RiverClearwaterMay 1995J Gallagher
EllisCusterJul 2009J Emerson
EmmettGemMay 1995J Gallagher
FairfieldCamasJun 1991A Benson
FerdinandIdahoMay 1995J Gallagher
FernwoodBenewahAug 1986J Gallagher
FernwoodBenewahApr 2014W Skelton
FirthBinghamNov 2007G Splittberger
Fish HavenBear Lake1984J GallagherDisc.
Fort Hall CPOBinghamApr 1994J Gallagher
FruitlandPayette1979J Gallagher
FruitvaleAdamsMay 1995J Gallagher
Garden City Branch [Boise]AdaApr 2005J Gallagher
GenevaBear LakeOct 2006G Splittberger
GenevaBear LakeApr 2021J Emerson
GibbonsvilleLemhiApr 1994J GallagherDisc.
GoodingGoodingMay 2014J Gallagher
GraceCaribou1979J Gallagher
Grand ViewOwyhee1979J Gallagher
GrangevilleIdahoJul 2009J Emerson
HagermanGoodingOct 1977A Patera
HamerJeffersonSep 2008E Kalish
HammettElmoreOct 1977A Patera
HammettElmoreMay 2014J Gallagher
HarrisonKootenaiApr 2014W Skelton
HarvardLatahAug 1986J Gallagher
HarvardLatahApr 2014W Skelton
HaydenKootenaiAug 1999J Gallagher
HeyburnMinidoka1979J Gallagher
Holbrook CPOOneidaApr 1994J Gallagher
HomedaleOwyhee1979J Gallagher
HopeBonnerAug 1986J Gallagher
HopeBonnerJun 1992J Gallagher
Horseshoe BendBoiseApr 2005J Gallagher
HoweButteApr 1994J Gallagher
Idaho Falls: Eagle Rock StationBonnevilleSep 2008E Kalish
Indian ValleyAdamsMay 1995J Gallagher
IonaBonnevilleOct 2015M Kesy
IrwinBonnevilleApr 1994J Gallagher
Island ParkFremontSep 2008E Kalish
JeromeJeromeOct 1977A Patera
JuliaettaLatahAug 1986J Gallagher
JuliaettaLatahApr 2014W Skelton
KamiahLewisOct 2012E Kalish
KelloggShoshoneJun 2014J Emerson
KendrickLatahAug 1986J Gallagher
KendrickLatahApr 2014W Skelton
KimberlyTwin FallsOct 1977A Patera
King Hill CPO [Glenns Ferry]ElmoreOct 1977A Patera
KooskiaIdahoOct 2012E Kalish
KootenaiBonnerJun 1992J Gallagher
Kootenai CPOBonnerAug 1986J Gallagher
KunaAdaNov 2020Nichole
KunaAdaNov 2020Nichole
LacledeBonnerAug 1986J Gallagher
LacledeBonnerJun 1992J Gallagher
Lake Fork CPO [McCall]ValleyFeb 2003W SkeltonDisc. 2007
LapwaiNez PerceAug 1986J Gallagher
Lava Hot SpringsBannockJul 2009J Emerson
LeadoreLemhiApr 1994J Gallagher
LeadoreLemhiSep 2008E Kalish
LeadoreLemhiOct 2018G Splittberger
LemhiLemhiApr 1994J Gallagher
LemhiLemhiSep 2008E Kalish
LenoreNez PerceAug 1986J Gallagher
LenoreNez PerceJul 2009J Emerson
LethaGemMay 1995J Gallagher
LewistonNez PerceOct 2012E Kalish
. Owl Drug CPUNez PerceOct 2012E Kalish
. Rosauers CPUNez PerceOct 2012E KalishInt.
LucileIdahoMay 1995J Gallagher
Malad CityOneidaOct 2015G Splittberger
MaltaCassiaOct 1977A Patera
MarsingOwyhee1979J Gallagher
McCallValleyFeb 2003W Skelton
Medimont CPOKootenaiAug 1986J Gallagher
MeridianAdaApr 2005J Gallagher
MiddletonCanyonMay 1977J Gallagher
MidvaleWashingtonMay 1995J Gallagher
MinidokaMinidoka1979J Gallagher
MonteviewJeffersonSep 2008E Kalish
MontpelierBear Lake1984J Gallagher
MooreButteMay 2014J Gallagher
MorelandBinghamApr 1994J Gallagher
MorelandBinghamJul 2021A McClanahan
MoscowLatahca. 1911N/AFormer site
MoscowLatahJun 2017J Emerson
Mountain HomeElmoreAug 2013J Emerson
Moyie SpringsBoundaryAug 1986J Gallagher
MullanShoshoneAug 1999J Gallagher
MurphyOwyhee1979J Gallagher
MurrayShoshoneJun 1992J GallagherFormer site
MurrayShoshoneJul 2009J Emerson
NafCassiaOct 1977A PateraDisc. 1980
NaplesBoundaryAug 1986J Gallagher
NaplesBoundaryJul 2009J Emerson
New MeadowsAdamsMay 1995J Gallagher
New PlymouthPayette1979J Gallagher
NewdaleFremontMay 2014J Gallagher
Nez PerceLewisMay 1995J Gallagher
NordmanBonnerAug 1986J Gallagher
North ForkLemhiSep 2008E Kalish
NotusCanyonOct 1977A Patera
OakleyCassiaAug 2013J Emerson
OlaGemApr 2005J Gallagher
OreanaOwyhee1979J Gallagher
OrofinoClearwaterOct 2012E Kalish
. Barneys CPUClearwaterOct 2012E Kalish
OsbornShoshoneAug 1999J Gallagher
OvidBear Lake1984J Gallagher
PalisadesBonnevilleApr 1994J Gallagher
ParisBear Lake1984J Gallagher
ParisBear LakeOct 2006G Splittberger
ParmaCanyonOct 1977A Patera
PaulMinidoka1979J Gallagher
PayettePayette1979J Gallagher
PeckNez PerceOct 2012E Kalish
PierceClearwaterOct 2012E Kalish
PinehurstShoshoneAug 1999J Gallagher
PinehurstShoshoneJun 2014J Emerson
PlummerBenewahAug 1986J Gallagher
PlummerBenewahJun 1992J Gallagher
PocatelloBannockNov 2015G Splittberger
. Bannock StationBannockNov 2015G Splittberger
. Gateway StationBannockNov 2015G Splittberger
PocatelloBannock1911N/AFormer site
PollockIdahoMay 1995J Gallagher
PonderayBonnerJun 1992J Gallagher
PorthillBoundaryAug 1986J Gallagher
Post FallsKootenaiAug 1986J Gallagher
Post FallsKootenaiAug 1999J Gallagher
PotlatchLatahAug 1986J Gallagher
PrestonFranklinJul 2009J Emerson
Priest RiverBonnerAug 1986J Gallagher
Priest RiverBonnerJun 1992J Gallagher
PrincetonLatahAug 1986J Gallagher
RathdrumKootenaiAug 1999J Gallagher
RexburgMadison1979J Gallagher
RichfieldLincolnMay 2014J Gallagher
RirieJeffersonApr 1994J Gallagher
RobertsJeffersonSep 2008E Kalish
RocklandPowerApr 1994J Gallagher
RupertMinidoka1979J Gallagher
SagleBonnerAug 1986J Gallagher
SagleBonnerAug 1999J Gallagher
Saint AnthonyFremontJul 2009J Emerson
Saint CharlesBear Lake1984J GallagherFormer site
Saint CharlesBear LakeApr 2021J Emerson
Saint MariesBenewahJun 1992J Gallagher
Saint MariesBenewahApr 2014W Skelton
SalmonLemhiSep 2008E Kalish
SandpointBonnerJun 1992J Gallagher
SantaBenewahAug 1986J Gallagher
SantaBenewahJun 2017J Emerson
SantaBenewahJun 2017J EmersonInt.
ShoshoneLincolnMay 2014J Gallagher
SilvertonShoshoneAug 1999J Gallagher
SmeltervilleShoshoneAug 1999J Gallagher
SmeltervilleShoshoneJun 2014J Emerson
SpaldingNez PerceAug 1986J Gallagher
Spirit LakeKootenaiAug 1986J Gallagher
StarAdaOct 1977A Patera
StitesIdahoOct 2012E Kalish
StoneOneidaOct 1977A PateraDisc. 1992
Sugar CityMadison1979J Gallagher
SulaRavalliApr 1994J Gallagher
Swan ValleyBonnevilleApr 1994J Gallagher
Sweet CPOGemApr 2005J Gallagher
TendoyLemhiApr 1994J Gallagher
TendoyLemhiSep 2008E Kalish
TensedBenewahAug 1986J Gallagher
TensedBenewahJun 2017J Emerson
TerretonJeffersonSep 2008E Kalish
TerretonJeffersonOct 2018G Splittberger
TetonFremontMay 2014J Gallagher
TetoniaTetonMay 2014J Gallagher
ThatcherFranklinJul 2013J Emerson
TroyLatahAug 1986J Gallagher
TroyLatahApr 2014W Skelton
Twin FallsTwin FallsOct 1977A Patera
UconBonnevilleApr 1994J Gallagher
UconBonnevilleMay 2014J Gallagher
VictorTetonMay 2014J Gallagher
ViolaLatahAug 1986J Gallagher
WallaceShoshoneAug 1999J Gallagher
Warren CPO [McCall]ValleySep 2004W SkeltonDisc. 2008
WeippeClearwaterOct 2012E Kalish
White BirdIdahoMay 1995J Gallagher
WinchesterLewisAug 1986J Gallagher
WorleyKootenaiAug 1986J Gallagher
WorleyKootenaiJun 1992J Gallagher

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