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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Vermont Post Office Photographs (357)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
Adamant CPOWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
Adamant CPOWashingtonFeb 2017E KalishInt.
AlbanyOrleansOct 2014J Gallagher
AlbanyOrleansOct 2021E Kalish
AlburgGrand IsleFeb 2017E Kalish
ArlingtonBenningtonOct 2021E Kalish
AscutneyWindsorJan 2012E Kalish
Averill CPO [Canaan]EssexSep 1978J GallagherDisc.
BakersfieldFranklinJun 2008J Emerson
BakersfieldFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
BarnardWindsorMay 2010J Gallagher
BarnetCaledoniaJan 2012E Kalish
BarreWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
BartonOrleansOct 2021E Kalish
Beecher FallsEssexFeb 2017E Kalish
Bellows FallsWindhamJan 2012E Kalish
BelmontRutlandOct 2021E Kalish
BenningtonBenningtonOct 2014E Kalish
. Bennington College CPUBenningtonOct 2014E KalishExt.
. Bennington College CPUBenningtonOct 2014E Kalish
BethelWindsorMay 2010J Gallagher
BondvilleBenningtonOct 2021E Kalish
BradfordOrangeJan 2012E Kalish
BrandonRutlandOct 1990J Gallagher
BrandonRutlandMay 2010J Gallagher
BrattleboroWindhamJan 2012E Kalish
. North Brattleboro StationWindhamMay 2007J Gallagher
BridgewaterWindsorJul 2017J Emerson
BridgewaterWindsorOct 2021E KalishRear
Bridgewater CornersWindsorApr 2019J Emerson
BridportAddison1973J Gallagher
BridportAddisonAug 2021P Soroka
BrookfieldOrangeFeb 2017E Kalish
BrownsvilleWindsorMay 2017J Gallagher
Burlington P&DFChittendenJul 2010K Kindahl
BurlingtonChittendenca. 1910N/AFormer site
Burlington: MPOChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
. Champlain BranchChittendenOct 1990J Gallagher
. Champlain BranchChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
. North Burlingon StationChittendenJul 2010K Kindahl
CabotWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
CalaisWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
CalaisWashingtonFeb 2017E KalishInt.
CambridgeLamoilleFeb 2017E Kalish
CambridgeportWindhamJan 2012E Kalish
CanaanEssexSep 1978J Gallagher
CanaanEssexFeb 2017E Kalish
CavendishWindsorOct 2021E Kalish
CharlotteChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
ChelseaOrangeJul 2017J Emerson
ChesterWindsorJan 2012E Kalish
ChittendenRutlandMay 2010J Gallagher
ColchesterChittenden1973J GallagherFormer site
ColchesterChittendenJul 2010K Kindahl
ConcordEssexSep 1978J Gallagher
ConcordEssexJul 2017J Emerson
CoventryOrleans1973J Gallagher
CoventryOrleansOct 2014J Gallagher
CoventryOrleansOct 2021E Kalish
CraftsburyOrleansOct 2014J Gallagher
Craftsbury CommonOrleansOct 2014J GallagherClosed 2019
CuttingsvilleRutlandOct 2021E Kalish
CuttingsvilleRutlandOct 2021E KalishRear
DanbyRutlandOct 2021E Kalish
DanvilleCaledoniaOct 2014J Gallagher
DerbyOrleans1973J Gallagher
DerbyOrleansOct 2014J Gallagher
Derby LineOrleans1973J Gallagher
Derby LineOrleansJul 2017J Emerson
DorsetBenningtonOct 2021E Kalish
East ArlingtonBenningtonOct 2021E Kalish
East BarreWashingtonSep 2002J Gallagher
East BarreWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
East BurkeCaledoniaJul 1998J Gallagher
East BurkeCaledoniaOct 2014J Gallagher
East CalaisWashingtonOct 2014J Gallagher
East CalaisWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
East DorsetBenningtonJul 2017J Emerson
East DoverWindhamJan 2011E Kalish
East FairfieldFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
East HardwickCaledoniaSep 2019J Emerson
East HavenEssexSep 1978J Gallagher
East HavenEssexOct 2014J Gallagher
East MiddleburyAddisonJul 2017J Emerson
East MontpelierWashingtonSep 2002J Gallagher
East RyegateCaledoniaJan 2012E Kalish
East Saint JohnsburyCaledoniaJul 2017J Emerson
East ThetfordOrangeJan 2012E Kalish
East WallingfordRutlandOct 2021E Kalish
EdenLamoilleFeb 2017E Kalish
Enosburg FallsFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
EssexChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
. Pearl Street StationChittendenJul 2010K Kindahl
. Pearl Street StationChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
Essex JunctionChittenden1973J GallagherFormer site
Fair HavenRutlandFeb 2017E Kalish
FairfaxFranklinFeb 2017E Kalish
FairfieldFranklin1973J Gallagher
FairfieldFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
FairleeOrangeJan 2012E Kalish
FerrisburghAddisonFeb 2017E Kalish
FlorenceRutlandMay 2010J Gallagher
Forest DaleRutlandMay 2010J Gallagher
FranklinFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
GaysvilleWindsorMay 2010J Gallagher
GilmanEssexSep 1978J Gallagher
Glover CPO [Barton]Orleans1973J GallagherDisc.
GraftonWindhamMay 2007J Gallagher
GraftonWindhamOct 2021E Kalish
Granby CPOEssexSep 1978J GallagherDisc.
Granby CPO [North Concord]EssexJul 1998J GallagherDisc.
Grand IsleGrand IsleFeb 2017E Kalish
GranitevilleWashingtonSep 2002J Gallagher
GranitevilleWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
GranvilleAddisonSep 2010K Kindahl
GreensboroOrleansOct 2021E Kalish
Greensboro BendOrleansSep 2019J Emerson
GrotonCaledoniaOct 2014J Gallagher
GuildhallEssexSep 1978J GallagherFormer site
GuildhallEssexJul 1998J Gallagher
GuildhallEssexJul 2017J Emerson
HancockAddisonSep 2010K Kindahl
HardwickCaledoniaOct 2014J Gallagher
HartfordWindsorMay 2010J Gallagher
HartlandWindsorMay 2017J Gallagher
Highgate CenterFranklin1973J Gallagher
Highgate CenterFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
Highgate SpringsFranklin1973J Gallagher
Highgate SpringsFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
HinesburgChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
HuntingtonChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
Hyde ParkLamoilleFeb 2017E Kalish
IrasburgOrleansOct 2014J Gallagher
Island PondEssexSep 1978J Gallagher
Island PondEssexOct 2014J Gallagher
Isle La MotteGrand IsleFeb 2017E Kalish
JacksonvilleWindham1973J Gallagher
JacksonvilleWindhamMay 2007J Gallagher
JamaicaWindhamJan 2011E Kalish
JamaicaWindhamJul 2017J Emerson
Jay Peak CPUOrleansOct 1990J GallagherDisc., winter-only
JeffersonvilleLamoilleJun 2008J Emerson
JeffersonvilleLamoilleFeb 2017E Kalish
JerichoChittenden1973J GallagherFormer site
JerichoChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
Jericho Center CPOChittendenJun 2008J EmersonExt.
Jericho Center CPOChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
JohnsonLamoilleFeb 2017E Kalish
JonesvilleChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
KillingtonRutlandMay 2010J Gallagher
LondonderryWindhamMay 2010J Gallagher
LowellOrleansJul 2010K Kindahl
LowellOrleansOct 2021E Kalish
LudlowWindsorMay 2010J GallagherFormer site
LudlowWindsorOct 2021E Kalish
LunenburgEssexJul 2017J Emerson
LyndonCaledoniaJul 1998J Gallagher
Lyndon CenterCaledoniaFeb 2017E Kalish
LyndonvilleCaledoniaJul 1998J Gallagher
ManchesterBenningtonOct 2021E Kalish
Manchester CenterBenningtonOct 2021E Kalish
MarlboroWindhamJan 2011E Kalish
MarshfieldWashingtonOct 2014J Gallagher
McIndoe FallsCaledoniaJan 2012E Kalish
Middletown SpringsRutlandOct 2021E Kalish
. Georgia CPOFranklinOct 2021E KalishDisc. 2021
. Georgia CPOFranklinOct 2021E KalishDisc. 2021; int.
MiltonChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
MonktonAddisonFeb 2017E Kalish
MontgomeryFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
Montgomery CenterFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
MontpelierWashington1901N/AFormer site
MontpelierWashingtonSep 2002J Gallagher
MontpelierWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
MoretownWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
MorrisvilleLamoilleFeb 2017E Kalish
MorrisvilleLamoilleFeb 2017E KalishRear
. Lake Elmore CPOLamoilleFeb 2017E Kalish
. Lake Elmore CPOLamoilleFeb 2017E KalishInt.
Mount HollyRutlandOct 2021E Kalish
New HavenAddisonSep 2019J Emerson
NewburyOrangeJan 2012E Kalish
NewfaneWindhamOct 2021E Kalish
NewportOrleansca. 1904N/AFormer site
NewportOrleansOct 2021E Kalish
Newport CenterOrleansJul 2017J Emerson
Newport CenterOrleansOct 2021E Kalish
North BenningtonBenningtonOct 2014E Kalish
North ClarendonRutlandOct 2021E Kalish
North ConcordEssexSep 1978J Gallagher
North FerrisburghAddisonFeb 2017E Kalish
North HartlandWindsorOct 1990J Gallagher
North HartlandWindsorApr 2019J Emerson
North HeroGrand IsleJun 2008J Emerson
North HeroGrand IsleFeb 2017E Kalish
North Hyde ParkLamoilleMay 2008J Emerson
North Hyde ParkLamoilleFeb 2017E Kalish
North PomfretWindsorMay 2010J Gallagher
North PownalBenningtonOct 2014E Kalish
North SpringfieldWindsorJan 2012E Kalish
North ThetfordOrangeJan 2012E Kalish
North TroyOrleansJul 2010K Kindahl
NorthfieldWashingtonSep 2002J Gallagher
NorthfieldWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
Northfield FallsWashingtonSep 2002J Gallagher
NortonEssexSep 1978J GallagherFormer site
NortonEssexFeb 2017E Kalish
NorwichWindsorJan 2012E Kalish
OrleansOrleansOct 2021E Kalish
OrwellAddisonAug 2021P Soroka
PawletRutlandFeb 2017E Kalish
PeachamCaledoniaOct 2014J GallagherExt.
PeachamCaledoniaFeb 2017E Kalish
PerkinsvilleWindsorOct 2021E Kalish
PeruBenningtonOct 2021E Kalish
PittsfieldRutlandOct 1990J Gallagher
PittsfieldRutlandMay 2010J Gallagher
PittsfordRutlandOct 1990J Gallagher
PittsfordRutlandMay 2010J Gallagher
PlainfieldWashingtonOct 2014J Gallagher
PlymouthWindsorMay 2010J Gallagher
PlymouthWindsorApr 2019J Emerson
Post MillsOrangeJul 2017J Emerson
PoultneyRutlandFeb 2017E Kalish
PownalBenningtonOct 2014E Kalish
ProctorRutland1973J Gallagher
ProctorRutlandOct 1990J Gallagher
ProctorRutlandMay 2010J Gallagher
ProctorsvilleWindsorOct 2021E Kalish
PutneyWindhamMay 2007J Gallagher
QuecheeWindsorOct 1990J GallagherFormer site
QuecheeWindsorJan 2012E Kalish
Randolph CenterOrangeSep 2002J Gallagher
ReadingWindsorJan 2012E Kalish
ReadingWindsorOct 2021E Kalish
ReadsboroBennington1973J GallagherFormer site
ReadsboroBenningtonJan 2011E Kalish
RichfordFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
RichmondChittendenJul 2010K Kindahl
RiptonAddisonJul 2017J EmersonCMRA; ext.
RiptonAddisonJul 2017J EmersonCMRA; int.
RochesterWindsorMay 2010J Gallagher
RoxburyWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
RupertBenningtonFeb 2017E Kalish
RutlandRutlandca. 1900N/AFormer site
RutlandRutlandJul 1933N/AFormer site
RutlandRutlandOct 1990J GallagherFormer site
RutlandRutlandOct 2021E KalishFormer site
RutlandRutlandOct 2021E KalishPrev. Carr. Annex
. [Sta.] A CPURutlandOct 2021E Kalish
. [Sta.] A CPURutlandOct 2021E KalishInt.
Saint AlbansFranklinOct 2021E KalishFormer site
Saint AlbansFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
Saint Albans BayFranklin1973J Gallagher
Saint Albans BayFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
Saint JohnsburyCaledoniaFeb 2017E Kalish
Saint Johnsbury CenterCaledoniaJul 1998J Gallagher
Saint Johnsbury CenterCaledoniaSep 2019J Emerson
Saxtons RiverWindhamMay 2007J Gallagher
ShaftsburyBenningtonOct 2014E Kalish
ShaftsburyBenningtonOct 2014E Kalish
SheffieldCaledonia1973J Gallagher
SheffieldCaledoniaJul 2010K Kindahl
SheffieldCaledoniaOct 2021E Kalish
ShelburneChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
Sheldon SpringsFranklin1973J Gallagher
Sheldon SpringsFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
ShorehamAddisonAug 2021P Soroka
Smugglers Notch CPOOrleansOct 1990J GallagherDisc., winter-only
South BarreWashingtonSep 2002J Gallagher
South BarreWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
South Burlington BranchChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish[Burlington]
South HeroGrand IsleFeb 2017E Kalish
South HeroGrand IsleOct 2021E Kalish
South LondonderryWindhamMay 2010J Gallagher
South PomfretWindsorMay 2010J Gallagher
South RoyaltonWindsorMay 2022J Emerson
South RyegateCaledoniaApr 2019J Emerson
South WoodstockWindsorJan 2012E Kalish
SpringfieldWindsorOct 2021E Kalish
StarksboroAddisonFeb 2017E Kalish
StockbridgeWindsorMay 2010J Gallagher
StoweLamoilleFeb 2017E Kalish
Sugarbush Valley CPOWashingtonOct 1990J GallagherDisc., winter-only
SwantonFranklin1973J Gallagher
SwantonFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
TaftsvilleWindsorJan 2012E Kalish
ThetfordOrangeJan 2012E Kalish
Thetford CenterOrangeJan 2012E Kalish
TownshendWindhamJul 2017J Emerson
TroyOrleansOct 2021E Kalish
UnderhillChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
Underhill CenterChittendenJun 2008J Emerson
VergennesAddisonFeb 2017E Kalish
VernonWindhamMay 2007J Gallagher
VernonWindhamMay 2022J Emerson
VershireOrangeJul 2017J Emerson
WaitsfieldWashingtonSep 2010K Kindahl
WallingfordRutlandSep 2019J Emerson
WardsboroWindhamJan 2011E Kalish
WarrenWashingtonSep 2010K Kindahl
WarrenWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
WaterburyWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
Waterbury CenterWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
WatervilleLamoilleFeb 2017E Kalish
WebstervilleWashingtonSep 2002J Gallagher
WebstervilleWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish
WellsRutlandFeb 2017E Kalish
Wells RiverOrangeJan 2012E Kalish
West Brattleboro BranchWindhamJan 2012E Kalish[Brattleboro]
West BurkeCaledoniaFeb 2017E Kalish
West DanvilleCaledoniaOct 2014J GallagherExt.
West DanvilleCaledoniaOct 2014J Gallagher
West DanvilleCaledoniaOct 2021E KalishExt.
West DoverWindhamJan 2011E Kalish
West DummerstonWindhamMay 2007J Gallagher
West Glover CPOOrleans1973J GallagherDisc. 2001
West HalifaxWindhamMay 2007J Gallagher
West HartfordWindsorMay 2010J GallagherDisc.
West NewburyOrangeJan 2012E Kalish
West PawletRutlandFeb 2017E Kalish
West RupertBenningtonFeb 2017E Kalish
West RutlandRutlandOct 1990J GallagherFormer site
West RutlandRutlandOct 2021E Kalish
West Townshend CPOWindhamJan 2011E Kalish
West Townshend CPOWindhamJul 2017J Emerson
West Townshend CPOWindhamOct 2021E Kalish
West WardsboroWindhamJan 2011E Kalish
Westfield CPO [North Troy]OrleansOct 2021E KalishDisc. 2021
Westfield CPO [North Troy]OrleansOct 2021E KalishDisc. 2021
Westfield CPO [North Troy]OrleansOct 2021E KalishDisc. 2021; int.
WestfordChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
WestminsterWindhamMay 2007J Gallagher
Westminster StationWindhamMay 2007J Gallagher
WestonWindsorJul 2017J Emerson
White River JunctionWindsorOct 2021E KalishFormer site
White River JunctionWindsorMay 2010J Gallagher
. Lyman StationWindsorOct 1990J GallagherDisc.
. Lyman StationWindsorMay 2010J GallagherDisc.
WhitingAddisonMay 2010J Gallagher
WhitinghamWindham1973J Gallagher
WhitinghamWindhamJan 2011E Kalish
WilderWindsorMay 2010J Gallagher
WilliamstownOrangeSep 2002J Gallagher
WilliamstownOrangeFeb 2017E Kalish
WilliamsvilleWindhamMay 2007J Gallagher
WillistonChittendenJul 2010K Kindahl
WilmingtonWindhamJan 2011E Kalish
WindsorWindsorca. 1950N/A
WindsorWindsorJan 2012E Kalish
Winooski Branch [Burlington]ChittendenFeb 2017E Kalish
WolcottLamoilleOct 2021E Kalish
WoodburyWashingtonOct 2014J Gallagher
WoodstockWindsorJun 2008J Emerson
WorcesterWashingtonFeb 2017E Kalish

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