Post Office Photographs
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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
Maine Post Office Photographs (659)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
AbbotPiscataquisOct 2021E Kalish
ActonYorkJul 2018E Kalish
AddisonWashingtonJul 2000J Gallagher
AddisonWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
AlbionKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
AlfredYorkSep 2014J Gallagher
AlnaLincolnJul 2000J Gallagher
AlnaLincolnOct 2021E Kalish
AndoverOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
AnsonSomersetSep 1993J Gallagher
AnsonSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
AshlandAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
AthensSomersetSep 1993J Gallagher
AthensSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
AuburnCumberlandca. 1910N/AFormer site
AuburnCumberlandca. 1910N/AFormer site
AuburnCumberlandca. 1910N/AFormer site
AuburnCumberlandJul 2011E Kalish
. Great Falls StationCumberlandJul 2011E Kalish
AugustaKennebecJan 1941N/AFormer site
AugustaKennebecSep 1966N/A
AugustaKennebecJul 2004J Gallagher
AugustaKennebecOct 2021E KalishSide
. U.S. Postal Card & Gift CPUKennebecOct 2021E KalishExt.
. U.S. Postal Card & Gift CPUKennebecOct 2021E KalishExt.
. U.S. Postal Card & Gift CPUKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
. U.S. Postal Card & Gift CPUKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
. U.S. Postal Card & Gift CPUKennebecOct 2021E KalishInt.
. Water Street StationKennebecOct 2021E KalishExt.
. Water Street StationKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
AuroraHancockDec 2021E Kalish
Bailey IslandCumberlandJul 2011E Kalish
BaileyvilleWashingtonDec 2021E Kalisha.k.a. Woodland
BangorPenobscot1901N/AFormer site
BangorPenobscot1915N/AFormer site
BangorPenobscotAug 2016E Kalish
. Broadway Hardware CPUPenobscotAug 2016E Kalisha.k.a. Sta. #2
. Broadway Hardware CPUPenobscotAug 2016E KalishInt.
. Fairmount Market CPUPenobscotAug 2016E Kalisha.k.a. Sta. #3
. Fairmount Market CPUPenobscotDec 2021E KalishInt.
. Hermon CPUPenobscotSep 1993J Gallagher
. Hermon CPUPenobscotSep 2014J Gallagher
Bar HarborHancockOct 1915N/A
Bar HarborHancockAug 2016K Kindahl
Bar MillsYorkDec 2017E Kalish
Bass HarborHancockSep 2019J Emerson
Bass HarborHancockDec 2021E Kalish
BathSagadahocca. 1912N/AFormer site
BathSagadahocSep 2016E Kalish
BealsWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
BelfastWaldoJul 1900N/A
BelfastWaldoApr 1918N/A
BelfastWaldoJul 2011J Gallagher
BelfastWaldoSep 2019J Emerson
BelgradeKennebecJul 2011J Gallagher
Belgrade LakesKennebecSep 1993J GallagherFormer site
Belgrade LakesKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
BenedictaAroostookOct 2014J Gallagher
BernardHancockMar 1997N/A
BernardHancockDec 2021E Kalish
BerwickYorkJan 2010E Kalish
BethelOxfordOct 2014J Gallagher
BethelOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
. West Bethel StationOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
BiddefordYorkca. 1914N/AFormer site
BiddefordYorkJul 2011E Kalish
Biddeford PoolYorkJul 2011E Kalish
BinghamSomersetSep 1993J Gallagher
BinghamSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
Birch HarborHancockDec 2021E Kalish
BlaineAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
Blue HillHancockSep 2017J Gallagher
BoothbayLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
Boothbay HarborLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
BowdoinSagadahocJul 2011E KalishClosed 2015
BowdoinhamSagadahocAug 2014J Gallagher
BradfordPenobscotJul 2011J Gallagher
BradleyPenobscotOct 2014J Gallagher
BremenLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
BrewerPenobscotAug 2016E Kalish
BridgewaterAroostookOct 1994J Gallagher
BridgewaterAroostookJul 2010J Emerson
BridgtonCumberlandSep 1993J Gallagher
BristolLincolnOct 2021E Kalish
BrooklinHancockSep 2017J Gallagher
BrooksWaldoDec 2021E Kalish
BrooksvilleHancockSep 2017J Gallagher
BrooktonWashingtonOct 1994J Gallagher
BrooktonWashingtonSep 2017J Gallagher
BrownfieldOxfordFeb 2017E Kalish
BrownvillePiscataquisDec 2021E Kalish
Brownville JunctionPiscataquisDec 2021E Kalish
BrunswickCumberlandSep 2016E Kalish
. Cooks Corner CPUCumberlandJul 2011E Kalish
BrunswickCumberlandNov 1966N/AExtension
Bryant PondOxfordOct 2014J Gallagher
Bryant PondOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
BucksportHancockSep 2017J Gallagher
BucksportHancockDec 2021E Kalish
BurlingtonPenobscotJul 2011J Gallagher
BurlingtonPenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
BurnhamWaldoAug 2016E Kalish
Bustins Island CPOCumberlandJul 2011E Kalish[South Freeport]
BuxtonYorkDec 2017E Kalish
CalaisWashingtonNov 1909N/AFormer site
CalaisWashingtonJul 2000J Gallagher
CalaisWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
CambridgeSomersetSep 1993J Gallagher
CambridgeSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
CamdenKnoxca. 1914N/A
CamdenKnoxOct 2021E Kalish
CanaanSomersetSep 2014J Gallagher
Cape Cottage CPUCumberlandJul 2010J EmersonDisc. 2011
Cape NeddickYorkJan 2010E Kalish
Cape Porpoise CPOYorkJul 2010J EmersonDisc.
CaratunkSomersetSep 1993J Gallagher
CaratunkSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
CaribouAroostookca. 1929N/A
CaribouAroostookOct 1994J Gallagher
CarmelPenobscotSep 2014J Gallagher
CascoCumberlandSep 1993J Gallagher
CascoCumberlandDec 2017E Kalish
CastineHancockDec 1972JH Mundy
CastineHancockDec 2021E Kalish
Center LovellOxfordFeb 2017E Kalish
ChamberlainLincolnSep 2015J Gallagher
ChamberlainLincolnOct 2021E Kalish
CharlestonPenobscotAug 2019R Conley
CherryfieldWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
China VillageKennebecJul 2011J Gallagher
Clayton Lake CPO [Ashland]AroostookJul 1998J GallagherDisc. 2004
ClintonKennebecJul 2000J Gallagher
ClintonKennebecAug 2016E Kalish
Columbia FallsWashingtonSep 2017J Gallagher
Coopers MillsLincolnJul 2000J Gallagher
Coopers MillsLincolnOct 2021E Kalish
CoreaHancockDec 2021E Kalish
CorinnaPenobscotJul 2011J Gallagher
CorinthPenobscotJul 2011J Gallagher
CornishYorkJul 2018E Kalish
CostiganPenobscotOct 1994J Gallagher
CrousevilleAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
Cumberland CenterCumberlandSep 2016E Kalish
CushingKnoxJul 2011E Kalish
CutlerWashingtonJul 1979J GallagherFormer site
CutlerWashingtonAug 2016J Gallagher
CutlerWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
DamariscottaLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
DanforthWashingtonOct 1994J Gallagher
DanforthWashingtonSep 2017J Gallagher
DanforthWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
DanvilleCumberlandJul 2011E Kalish
Deer IsleHancockSep 2017J Gallagher
DenmarkOxfordFeb 2017E Kalish
DennysvilleWashingtonAug 2016J Gallagher
DennysvilleWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
DetroitSomersetJul 2011J Gallagher
DexterPenobscotApr 1940N/A
DexterPenobscotJul 2010J Emerson
DixfieldOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
DixmontPenobscotJul 2000J Gallagher
DixmontPenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
Dover-FoxcroftPiscataquisJan 1939N/A
Dover-FoxcroftPiscataquisJul 2010J Emerson
DresdenLincolnJul 2000J GallagherFormer site
DresdenLincolnOct 2021E Kalish
DrydenFranklinSep 2014J Gallagher
Eagle LakeAroostookOct 2014J Gallagher
East BaldwinCumberlandJul 2018E Kalish
East Blue Hill CPOHancockSep 1982J GallagherDisc. 2021
East Blue Hill CPOHancockSep 2017J GallagherDisc. 2021
East BoothbayLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
East DixfieldFranklinJul 1990J Gallagher
East DixfieldFranklinJul 2010J Emerson
East LivermoreAndroscogginSep 1993J Gallagher
East MachiasWashingtonJul 2000J Gallagher
East MachiasWashingtonAug 2016J Gallagher
East MillinocketPenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
East NewportPenobscotSep 2014J Gallagher
East OrlandHancockSep 2017J Gallagher
East OrlandHancockSep 2019J Emerson
East OrlandHancockDec 2021E Kalish
East OrlandHancockDec 2021E KalishInt.
East ParsonsfieldYorkJul 2018E Kalish
East PolandAndroscogginSep 2014J Gallagher
East PolandAndroscogginDec 2017E Kalish
East VassalboroKennebecJul 2011J Gallagher
East WaterboroYorkSep 2014J Gallagher
East WiltonFranklinSep 2014J Gallagher
East WinthropKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
Eastern Maine P&DFPenobscotJul 2011J Gallagher[Hampden]
Eastern Maine P&DFPenobscotAug 2016E Kalish[Hampden]
EastonAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
EastportWashingtonAug 2016J Gallagher
EddingtonPenobscotAug 2016E Kalish
EdgecombLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
EliotYorkJul 2011E Kalish
EllsworthHancockAug 1936N/AFormer site
EllsworthHancockSep 2017J Gallagher
EtnaPenobscotSep 2014J Gallagher
EustisFranklinJul 1990J Gallagher
EustisFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
ExeterPenobscotAug 2019R Conley
FairfieldSomersetFeb 1938N/A
FairfieldSomersetJul 2011J Gallagher
FarmingtonFranklinNov 1936N/A
FarmingtonFranklinSep 2014J Gallagher
Farmington FallsFranklinSep 2014J Gallagher
Fort FairfieldAroostookFeb 1929N/A
Fort FairfieldAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
Fort KentAroostookApr 1942N/A
Fort KentAroostookOct 2014J Gallagher
Fort Kent MillsAroostookOct 2014J Gallagher
Fort Kent MillsAroostookJul 2022J Emerson
FrancisvilleAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
FrankfortWaldoDec 2021E Kalish
FranklinHancockJul 2000J Gallagher
FranklinHancockDec 2021E Kalish
FreedomWaldoDec 2021E Kalish
FrenchvilleAroostookOct 2014J Gallagher
FriendshipKnoxJul 2011E Kalish
FryeburgOxfordFeb 2017E Kalish
GardinerKennebecca. 1917N/A
GardinerKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
GarlandPenobscotAug 2019R Conley
GeorgetownSagadahocJul 2011E Kalish
GorhamCumberlandOct 2017J Gallagher
GouldsboroHancockDec 2021E Kalish
Grand IsleAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
GrayCumberlandJul 1990J GallagherFormer site
GrayCumberlandAug 2016E Kalish
GreenbushPenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
GreeneAndroscogginSep 1993J Gallagher
GreenvillePiscataquisJul 1990J GallagherFormer site
GreenvillePiscataquisOct 2021E Kalish
Greenville JunctionPiscataquisJul 1990J Gallagher
Greenville JunctionPiscataquisOct 2021E Kalish
GreenwoodOxfordOct 2014J Gallagher
GreenwoodOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
GuilfordPiscataquisOct 2021E Kalish
HallowellKennebecJul 1932N/A
HallowellKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
HampdenPenobscotJul 2011J Gallagher
HampdenPenobscotAug 2016E Kalish
HancockHancockSep 2017J Gallagher
HanoverOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
HarborsideHancockSep 1982J GallagherDisc. 1999
HarmonySomersetSep 1993J Gallagher
HarmonySomersetOct 2021E Kalish
HarpswellCumberlandSep 2016E Kalish
HarringtonWashingtonJul 2000J Gallagher
HarringtonWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
HarrisonCumberlandDec 2017E KalishFront
HarrisonCumberlandDec 2017E KalishSide
HartlandSomersetDec 2021E Kalish
HebronOxfordJul 1990J Gallagher
HebronOxfordDec 2017E Kalish
HinckleySomersetOct 2021E Kalish
HiramOxfordFeb 2017E Kalish
HoldenPenobscotJul 2000J Gallagher
HoldenPenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
Hollis CenterYorkSep 2014J Gallagher
Hollis CenterYorkDec 2017E Kalish
Hope CPO [Camden]KnoxSep 1982J GallagherDisc. 1992
HoultonAroostookMar 1936N/A
HoultonAroostookOct 1994J Gallagher
HowlandPenobscotOct 1994J Gallagher
HowlandPenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
HudsonPenobscotMar 2019R Conley
Hulls CoveHancockAug 2016K Kindahl
Island FallsAroostookOct 2014J Gallagher
Isle au Haut CPOKnoxJun 2021J Dewitt
Isle au Haut CPOKnoxDec 2021E Kalish
IslesboroWaldoOct 2021E Kalish
JackmanSomersetJul 1990J GallagherFormer site
JackmanSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
JayAndroscogginJul 1990J Gallagher
JeffersonLincolnJul 2000J GallagherFormer site
JeffersonLincolnOct 2021E Kalish
JonesboroWashingtonJul 2000J Gallagher
JonesboroWashingtonSep 2017J Gallagher
JonesportWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
KenduskeagPenobscotJun 2019R Conley
KennebunkYorkMar 1938N/AFormer site
KennebunkYorkOct 2021E Kalish
KennebunkportYorkDec 1940N/A
KennebunkportYorkJul 2010J Emerson
Kents HillKennebecOct 2014J Gallagher
KingfieldFranklinJul 1990J Gallagher
KingfieldFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
KingmanPenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
KitteryYorkJul 2011E Kalish
KitteryYorkDec 2016K Kindahl
Kittery PointYorkJan 2010E Kalish
LagrangePenobscotSep 1993J Gallagher
LagrangePenobscotJul 2011J Gallagher
LagrangePenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
Lambert Lake CPOWashingtonSep 1993J GallagherDisc. 2011
Lambert Lake CPOWashingtonJul 2000J GallagherDisc. 2011
LebanonYorkSep 2014J Gallagher
LeePenobscotOct 1994J GallagherFormer site
LeePenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
LeedsAndroscogginSep 1993J Gallagher
LevantPenobscotAug 2019R Conley
LewistonAndroscogginca. 1933N/A
LewistonAndroscogginJul 2011E Kalish
. South Lewiston StationAndroscogginJul 2011E Kalish
LewistonAndroscogginJul 2011E Kalish
LibertyWaldoJul 2011J Gallagher
LimerickYorkJul 2018E Kalish
LimestoneAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
LimingtonYorkJul 2018E Kalish
LincolnPenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
Lincoln CenterPenobscotOct 1994J GallagherDisc.
LincolnvilleWaldoOct 2021E Kalish
Lincolnville CenterWaldoOct 2021E Kalish
LisbonAndroscogginJul 2011E Kalish
Lisbon FallsAndroscogginJul 2011E Kalish
LitchfieldKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
Little Deer IsleHancockSep 1982J Gallagher
Little Deer IsleHancockDec 2021E Kalish
LivermoreAndroscogginJul 1990J Gallagher
Livermore FallsAndroscogginJul 1990J Gallagher
LovellOxfordFeb 2017E Kalish
LubecWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
MachiasWashingtonJul 1900N/AFormer site
MachiasWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
MachiasportWashingtonAug 2016J Gallagher
Macmahon Island CPOSagadahocJul 2011E Kalish[Georgetown]
MadawaskaAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
MadisonSomersetSep 1993J Gallagher
MadisonSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
ManchesterKennebecSep 2014J Gallagher
ManchesterKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
MapletonAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
Mars HillAroostookOct 1994J Gallagher
Mars HillAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
MatinicusKnoxSep 2015J Gallagher
MattawamkeagPenobscotSep 2019J Emerson
MattwamkeagPenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
Mechanic FallsAndroscogginDec 2017E Kalish
MeddybempsWashingtonJul 2000J GallagherFormer site
MeddybempsWashingtonAug 2016J GallagherExt.
MeddybempsWashingtonAug 2016J Gallagher
MedomakLincolnSep 1982J GallagherName chg. to Bremen
MedwayPenobscotOct 2014J Gallagher
MexicoOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
MilbridgeWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
MilfordPenobscotOct 1994J Gallagher
MilfordPenobscotAug 2016E Kalish
MilfordPenobscotSep 2017J Gallagher
MillinocketPenobscotOct 1937N/A
MillinocketPenobscotJul 2010J Emerson
MiloPiscataquisDec 2021E Kalish
MinotAndroscogginDec 2017E Kalish
MonheganLincolnOct 2021E Kalish
MonmouthKennebecJul 2011J Gallagher
MonroeWaldoDec 2021E Kalish
MonsonPiscataquisJul 1990J GallagherFormer site
MonsonPiscataquisOct 2021E Kalish
MonticelloAroostookOct 1994J Gallagher
MoodyYorkJul 2011E Kalish
MorrillWaldoDec 2021E Kalish
Mount DesertHancockSep 2019J Emerson
Mount VernonKennebecSep 1993J Gallagher
NaplesCumberlandSep 1993J GallagherFormer site
NaplesCumberlandDec 2017E Kalish
New GloucesterCumberlandAug 2016E Kalish
New HarborLincolnSep 2015J Gallagher
New Limerick CPOAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
New PortlandSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
New Portland CPOSomersetJul 1990J GallagherDisc. 2010
New SharonFranklinSep 2014J Gallagher
New SwedenAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
New VineyardFranklinJul 1990J Gallagher
NewcastleLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
NewfieldYorkJul 2018E Kalish
NewportPenobscotSep 2014J Gallagher
NewryOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
NobleboroLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
NorridgewockSomersetSep 2014J Gallagher
North AnsonSomersetSep 1993J Gallagher
North AnsonSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
North BerwickYorkSep 2016E Kalish
North BridgtonCumberlandJul 2010J Emerson
North HavenKnoxOct 2021E Kalish
North Jay CPOFranklinJul 1990J GallagherDisc. 2016
North Jay CPOFranklinOct 2014J GallagherDisc. 2016
North MonmouthKennebecJul 2011J Gallagher
North New PortlandSomersetSep 1993J GallagherNow: New Portland
North TurnerAndroscogginJul 1990J Gallagher
North VassalboroKennebecJul 2011J Gallagher
North WaterboroYorkDec 2017E Kalish
North WaterfordOxfordJul 2010J Emerson
Northeast HarborHancockDec 2021E Kalish
Northern New England Dist.CumberlandJul 2011E KalishPortland
NorwayOxfordMar 1941N/A
NorwayOxfordJul 2010J Emerson
OakfieldAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
OakfieldAroostookJul 2022J Emerson
OaklandKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
Ocean Park CPOYorkAug 2016E Kalish[Old Orchard Bch]
OgunquitYorkJul 2011E Kalish
OlamonPenobscotOct 1994J GallagherDisc.
Old Orchard BeachYorkAug 2016E Kalish
Old TownPenobscotca. 1913N/A
Old TownPenobscotJul 2000J Gallagher
Old TownPenobscotSep 2017J Gallagher
OquossocFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
OrientAroostookOct 1994J Gallagher
OrlandHancockSep 2017J Gallagher
OrlandHancockDec 2021E Kalish
OronoPenobscotOct 2014J Gallagher
OronoPenobscotAug 2019R Conley
. Carrier AnnexPenobscotOct 2014J Gallagher
. University of Maine CPUPenobscotAug 2016E Kalish
. University of Maine CPUPenobscotAug 2016E KalishInt.
OronoPenobscotca. 1934N/A
Orr's IslandCumberlandJul 2011E Kalish
OrringtonPenobscotSep 2017J Gallagher
Owls HeadKnoxJul 2011E Kalish
Owls HeadKnoxOct 2021E Kalish
OxfordOxfordDec 2017E Kalish
PalermoWaldoOct 2021E Kalish
PalmyraSomersetSep 1993J GallagherFormer site
PalmyraSomersetSep 2014J Gallagher
ParisOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
ParsonsfieldYorkJul 2018E Kalish
PassadumkeagPenobscotOct 1994J Gallagher
PassadumkeagPenobscotSep 2017J Gallagher
PattenPenobscotAug 2016E Kalish
PembrokeWashingtonAug 2016J Gallagher
PenobscotHancockSep 1982J GallagherFormer site
PenobscotHancockDec 2021E Kalish
PerhamAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
PerryWashingtonAug 2016J Gallagher
PerryWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
PeruOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
PhillipsFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
PhippsburgSagadahocSep 1982J GallagherFormer site
PhippsburgSagadahocSep 2016E Kalish
PittsfieldSomersetJul 2011J Gallagher
PlymoughPenobscotAug 2016E Kalish
Poland / Poland SpringAndroscogginOct 2021E Kalish
Port ClydeKnoxJul 2011E Kalish
Port ClydeKnoxOct 2021E Kalish
Portage LakeAroostookOct 2014J Gallagher
Portage LakeAroostookJul 2022J Emerson
PorterOxfordJul 2018E Kalish
Portland: MPOCumberlandca. 1900N/AFormer site
Portland: MPOCumberlandca. 1934N/A
Portland: MPOCumberlandJul 2011E Kalish
Portland: MPOCumberlandOct 2021E Kalish
. .Co CPUCumberlandMay 2021K KindahlDisc. 2021
. Downtown StationCumberlandJul 2011E KalishRear of building
. Downtown StationCumberlandJul 2011E Kalish
. Falmouth CPUCumberlandSep 2016E KalishExt.
. Falmouth CPUCumberlandSep 2016E Kalish
. Jet Video CPUCumberlandJul 2011E Kalish
. Peaks Island StationCumberlandOct 2017J Gallagher
. Station ACumberlandJul 2011E Kalish
. Station ACumberlandSep 2019J Emerson
. Woodfords CPUCumberlandJul 2011E Kalisha.k.a. Rite Aid CPU
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Br.YorkApr 2018E Kalish+ OMC
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Br.YorkApr 2018E KalishMPO: Portsmouth
Portsmouth Naval Shpyd. OMCYorkApr 2018E KalishMPO: Portsmouth
PownalCumberlandSep 1993J Gallagher
Presque IsleAroostookca. 1934N/A
Presque IsleAroostookOct 1994J Gallagher
Presque IsleAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
PrincetonWashingtonSep 2019J Emerson
Prospect HarborHancockDec 2021E Kalish
RangeleyFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
RaymondCumberlandDec 2017E Kalish
ReadfieldKennebecOct 2014J Gallagher
RichmondSagadahocJul 2000J Gallagher
RichmondSagadahocAug 2014J Gallagher
RobbinstonWashingtonAug 2016J Gallagher
RocklandKnoxca. 1935N/AFormer site
RocklandKnoxOct 2021E Kalish
RockportKnoxOct 2021E Kalish
RockwoodSomersetJul 1990J Gallagher
RockwoodSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
Round PondLincolnSep 1982J Gallagher
Round PondLincolnSep 2015J Gallagher
RoxburyOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
RumfordOxfordca. 1918N/A
RumfordOxfordOct 2021E Kalish
SabattusAndroscogginSep 2014J Gallagher
SacoYorkca. 1924N/A
SacoYorkSep 2016E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexYorkJul 2011E Kalish
Saint AgathaAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
Saint AlbansSomersetDec 2021E Kalish
Saint DavidAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
Saint DavidAroostookJul 2022J Emerson
Saint FrancisAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
Salsbury CoveHancockJul 1979J Gallagher
Salsbury CoveHancockAug 2016K Kindahl
Sandy PointWaldoJul 2011J GallagherDisc.
SanfordYorkca. 1932N/A
SanfordYorkDec 2017E Kalish
SanfordYorkDec 2017E Kalish
SangervillePiscataquisOct 2021E Kalish
SargentvilleHancockSep 1982J GallagherDisc. 2003
ScarboroughCumberlandAug 2016E Kalish
Seal CoveHancockSep 2019J Emerson
Seal HarborHancockDec 2021E Kalish
SearsmontWaldoJul 2011J Gallagher
SearsmontWaldoOct 2021E Kalish
SearsportWaldoJul 2011J Gallagher
SebagoCumberlandJul 2018E Kalish
Sebago LakeCumberlandJul 1990J Gallagher
Sebasco EstatesSagadahocSep 1982J Gallagher
Sebasco EstatesSagadahocSep 2016E Kalish
Sebec Lake CPOPiscataquisJul 1990J GallagherDisc.; int.
Sebec Lake CPO [Guilford]PiscataquisJul 1979J GallagherDisc.
SedgwickHancockDec 2021E Kalish
ShapleighYorkJul 2018E Kalish
ShawmutSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
ShermanAroostookOct 2014J Gallagher
ShermanAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
Shirley Mills CPOPiscataquisJul 1990J GallagherDisc. 2015
SinclairAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
SkowheganSomersetca. 1918N/A
SkowheganSomersetSep 1993J Gallagher
SkowheganSomersetSep 2014J Gallagher
SkowheganSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
SmithfieldSomersetSep 1993J Gallagher
Smyrna MillsAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
SolonSomersetSep 1993J Gallagher
SolonSomersetOct 2021E Kalish
SorrentoHancockDec 2021E Kalish
South BerwickYorkSep 2016E Kalish
South BristolLincolnSep 1982J Gallagher
South BristolLincolnSep 2015J Gallagher
South CascoCumberlandSep 1993J GallagherFormer site
South CascoCumberlandDec 2017E Kalish
South ChinaKennebecJul 2011J Gallagher
South GardinerKennebecAug 2014J Gallagher
South ParisOxfordDec 2017E Kalish
South Portland BranchCumberlandFeb 1939N/A[Portland]
South Portland BranchCumberlandOct 2006J Emerson[Portland]
South ThomastonKnoxJul 2011E Kalish
South ThomastonKnoxOct 2021E Kalish
Southern Maine P&DCCumberlandAug 2016E Kalish[Scarborough]
SouthportLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
Southwest HarborHancockDec 2021E Kalish
SpringfieldPenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
SpringvaleYorkDec 2017E Kalish
Spruce HeadKnoxJul 2011E Kalish
Squirrel Island CPOLincolnJul 2011E Kalish[Boothbay Harbor]
StacyvillePenobscotOct 2014J Gallagher
StandishCumberlandJul 1990J GallagherFormer site
StandishCumberlandOct 2017J Gallagher
Steep FallsCumberlandJul 2018E Kalish
SteubenWashingtonSep 2017J Gallagher
SteubenWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
StillwaterPenobscotOct 1994J Gallagher
StillwaterPenobscotAug 2019R Conley
StockholmAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
Stockton SpringsWaldoJul 2011J Gallagher
StonehamOxfordDec 2017E Kalish
StoningtonHancockSep 2017J Gallagher
StrattonFranklinJul 1990J Gallagher
StrattonFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
SullivanHancockDec 2021E Kalish
SunsetHancockSep 1982J Gallagher
SunsetHancockSep 2017J GallagherExt.
SunsetHancockSep 2017J GallagherInt.
SunsetHancockDec 2021E Kalish
SurryHancockSep 1982J Gallagher
SurryHancockDec 2021E Kalish
Swans IslandHancockDec 2021E Kalish
Swans IslandHancockDec 2021E KalishInt.
TempleFranklinSep 2014J Gallagher
Tenants HarborKnoxJul 2011E Kalish
Tenants HarborKnoxOct 2021E Kalish
ThomastonKnoxJul 2011E Kalish
ThorndikeWaldoDec 2021E Kalish
TopsfieldWashingtonOct 1994J GallagherFormer site
TopsfieldWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
TopshamSagadahocSep 2016E Kalish
TrevettLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
TroyKnoxJul 2000J Gallagher
TroyWaldoDec 2021E Kalish
UnionKnoxOct 2021E Kalish
UnityWaldoDec 2021E Kalish
Van BurenAroostookca. 1895N/A
Van BurenAroostookOct 1994J Gallagher
Van BurenAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
VanceboroWashingtonOct 1994J Gallagher
VanceboroWashingtonDec 2021E Kalish
VassalboroKennebecJul 2011J Gallagher
ViennaKennebecSep 1993J Gallagher
VinalhavenKnoxOct 2021E Kalish
Waite CPO [Princeton]WashingtonOct 1994J GallagherDisc.
WaldoboroLincolnca. 1909N/AFormer site
WaldoboroLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
WallagrassAroostookOct 2014J Gallagher
WallagrassAroostookJul 2022J Emerson
WalpoleLincolnOct 2021E Kalish
WarrenKnoxJul 2011E Kalish
WashburnAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
WashingtonKnoxJul 2000J Gallagher
WashingtonKnoxOct 2021E Kalish
WaterboroYorkSep 2014J Gallagher
WaterfordOxfordDec 2017E Kalish
WatervilleKennebecNov 1938N/AFormer site
WatervilleKennebecOct 2021E KalishFormer site
WatervilleKennebecSep 2014J Gallagher
WatervilleKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
. Colby College CPUKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
. Winslow CPUKennebecSep 2014J GallagherDisc. 2021
WayneKennebecSep 1993J Gallagher
WeldFranklinOct 2021E Kalish
WellsYorkJul 2011E Kalish
Wesley CPO [Machias]WashingtonJul 1979J GallagherDisc.
West BaldwinCumberlandJul 2018E Kalish
West Boothbay HarborLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
West EnfieldPenobscotOct 1994J Gallagher
West EnfieldPenobscotDec 2021E Kalish
West FarmingtonFranklinSep 2014J Gallagher
West ForksSomersetSep 1993J Gallagher
West ForksSomersetOct 2021E Kalish(Under renovation)
West KennebunkYorkOct 2021E Kalish
West MinotAndroscogginJul 1990J Gallagher
West MinotAndroscogginDec 2017E Kalish
West NewfieldYorkJul 2018E Kalish
West PolandAndroscogginDec 2017E Kalish
West RockportKnoxJul 2000J Gallagher
West RockportKnoxOct 2021E Kalish
WestbrookCumberlandAug 1936N/AFormer site
WestbrookCumberlandJul 1990J Gallagher
WestbrookCumberlandDec 2017E Kalish
WestfieldAroostookOct 1994J Gallagher
WestfieldAroostookAug 2016E Kalish
WhitefieldLincolnOct 2021E Kalish
WhitingWashingtonAug 2016J Gallagher
WiltonFranklinSep 2014J Gallagher
WindhamCumberlandSep 2014J Gallagher
. South Windham StationCumberlandJul 1990J Gallagher
. South Windham StationCumberlandDec 2017E Kalish
WindsorKennebecJul 2000J Gallagher
WindsorKennebecOct 2021E Kalish
WinnPenobscotSep 2019J Emerson
Winter HarborHancockDec 2021E Kalish
WinterportWaldoJul 2011J Gallagher
WinterportWaldoDec 2021E Kalish
WinthropKennebecJul 2011J Gallagher
WiscassetLincolnJul 2011E Kalish
WoodlandWashingtonDec 2021E Kalisha.k.a. Baileyville
WoolwichSagadahocJul 2011E Kalish
WytopitlockAroostookDec 2021E Kalish
YarmouthCumberlandSep 2016E Kalish
YorkYorkJan 2010E Kalish
York HarborYorkJan 2010E Kalish
. York Beach StationYorkJan 2010E Kalish

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