Post Office Photographs
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PMCC Online Post Office Photo Collection
North Carolina Post Office Photographs (620)
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Link Post Office [Sort] County [Sort] Taken Photographer Notes
AberdeenMooreJan 2010J Gallagher
Advance: Bermuda Quay CPUDavieJul 2012E Kalish
AhoskieHertfordMar 1941N/AFormer site
AhoskieHertfordNov 2004J Gallagher
AlbemarleStanlyMar 1936N/AFormer site
AlexanderBuncombeAug 2013E Kalish
AlexisGastonOct 2011J Gallagher
AlliancePamlicoDec 2009J Gallagher
AlmondSwainAug 2013E Kalish
AndrewsCherokeeOct 1965N/A
AndrewsCherokeeAug 2013E Kalish
AngierHarnettFeb 2021J Gallagher
ApexWakeFeb 2021J Gallagher
Archdale Branch [High Point]RandolphMar 2010J Gallagher
ArdenBuncombeJul 2022E Kalish
AsheboroRandolphca. 1935N/AFormer site
AsheboroRandolphMar 2010J Gallagher
. Finance StationRandolphMar 2010J Gallagher
AshevilleBuncombe1909N/AFormer site
AshevilleBuncombeJan 1931N/AFormer site
Asheville P&DFBuncombeJul 2012E KalishDisc.; now MPO
Asheville: MPOBuncombeJul 2022E Kalish
. Biltmore StationBuncombeJul 2012E Kalish
. Downtown StationBuncombeJul 2012E Kalish
. Downtown StationBuncombeJul 2022E Kalish
. Grace StationBuncombeAug 2013E Kalish
. London Road Carrier AnnexBuncombeJul 2022E Kalish
. Oteen StationBuncombeAug 2013E Kalish
. West Asheville StationBuncombeAug 2013E Kalish
AuroraBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
AutryvilleSampsonJun 2010J Gallagher
AydenPittDec 2009J Gallagher
BadinStanlyDec 2008J Gallagher
BahamaDurhamJan 2010J Gallagher
BakersvilleMitchellJul 2022E Kalish
BalsamJacksonJul 2012E Kalish
Balsam GroveTransylvaniaJul 2012E Kalish
Banner ElkAveryAug 2013E Kalish
Barium SpringsIredellJul 2012E Kalish
BarnardsvilleBuncombeAug 2013E Kalish
Bat CaveHendersonJul 2012E Kalish
BayboroPamlicoDec 2009J Gallagher
BeaufortCarteretca. 1938N/AFormer site
BelmontGastonJan 1940N/AFormer site
BelviderePerquimansNov 2004J Gallagher
BensonJohnstonFeb 2021J Gallagher
BethaniaForsythJul 2012E Kalish
BethelPittDec 2009J Gallagher
BiscoeMontgomeryMar 2010J Gallagher
Black MountainBuncombeJul 2012E Kalish
BlanchCaswell1974J Gallagher
Blounts CreekBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
Blowing RockWataugaJul 2022E Kalish
BoliviaBrunswickDec 2009J Gallagher
BooneWataugaAug 1939N/ANow Downtown Sta.
. Appalchian State U. CPUWataugaJul 2022E KalishExt.
. Appalchian State U. CPUWataugaJul 2022E Kalish
. Appalchian State U. CPUWataugaJul 2022E Kalish
. Downtown StationWataugaMay 2007J Emerson
. Downtown StationWataugaJul 2022E Kalish
BooneWataugaJul 2022E Kalish
BosticRutherfordOct 2011J Gallagher
BrasstownCherokeeAug 2013E Kalish
BrevardTransylvaniaDec 1940N/AFormer site
BrevardTransylvaniaJul 2012E Kalish
BridgetonCravenDec 2009J Gallagher
Browns SummitGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
Bryson CitySwainJul 2012E Kalish
BunnFranklinNov 2004J Gallagher
BurgawPenderDec 2009J Gallagher
BurlingtonAlamanceca. 1920N/AFormer site
BurlingtonAlamanceJul 1937N/AFormer site
BurlingtonAlamanceJan 2010J Gallagher
BurnsvilleYanceyJul 2022E Kalish
ButnerGranvilleJan 2010J Gallagher
BynumChathamNov 2005J EmersonDisc. 2006
CamdenCamdenJun 2010J Gallagher
CameronMooreJan 2010J Gallagher
CandlerBuncombeJul 2012E Kalish
CandorMontgomeryMar 2010J Gallagher
CantonHaywoodca. 1940N/AFormer site
CantonHaywoodJul 2012E Kalish
CaryWakeFeb 2021J Gallagher
. Academy Street StationWakeFeb 2021J Gallagher
CashiersJacksonJul 2012E Kalish
Casville CPOCaswell1974J Gallagher
Cedar FallsRandolphMar 2010J Gallagher
Cedar MountainTransylvaniaAug 2013E Kalish
Chapel HillOrangeca. 1938N/ANow Franklin St. Sx
. Franklin Street StationOrangeNov 2010J Emerson
Charlotte: MPOMecklenburg1901N/AFormer site
Charlotte: MPOMecklenburg1934N/AFormer site
Charlotte: MPO and P&DCMecklenburgOct 2011J Gallagher
. 30th Street StationMecklenburgOct 2011J Gallagher
. Central Downtown CPUMecklenburgOct 2011J GallagherAt Bank of America HQ
. Downtown StationMecklenburgOct 2011J Gallagher
. Freedom StationMecklenburgOct 2011J Gallagher
. Jim Richardson StationMecklenburgOct 2011J Gallagher
. Midwood StationMecklenburgOct 2011J Gallagher
. Paw Creek StationMecklenburgOct 2011J Gallagher
. Two Wachovia Center CPUMecklenburgOct 2011J Gallagher
CherokeeSwainJul 2012E Kalish
Chimney RockRutherfordJul 2012E Kalish
Chimney RockRutherfordOct 2020J Emerson
China GroveRowanJul 2022K Kindahl
ChocowinityBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
ClaytonJohnstonFeb 2021J Gallagher
ClemmonsForsythJul 2012E Kalish
ClevelandRowanNov 2007J Gallagher
ClimaxGuilfordNov 2012J Emerson
ClintonSampsonMay 1937N/AFormer site
ClydeHaywoodJul 2012E Kalish
CofieldHertfordNov 2004J Gallagher
ColerainBertieNov 2004J Gallagher
ColfaxGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
ColumbiaTyrrellJun 2010J Gallagher
ColumbiaTyrellJun 2010J Gallagher
ColumbusPolkNov 2007J Gallagher
ComoHertfordNov 2004J Gallagher
ComoHertfordJul 2022K Kindahl
ConcordCabarrusca. 1930N/AFormer site
ConetoeEdgecombeDec 2009J Gallagher
Connelly SpringsBurkeJul 2012E Kalish
ConoverCatawbaJul 2012E Kalish
ConwayNorthamptonDec 2009J Gallagher
CorapeakeGatesNov 2004J Gallagher
CorneliusMecklenburgJul 2022E Kalish
CouncilBladenNov 2012J Emerson
CreedmoorGranvilleJan 2010J Gallagher
CrestonAsheAug 2013E Kalish
CreswellWashingtonJun 2010J Gallagher
CrossnoreAveryMay 2020J Emerson
CrumplerAsheMay 2020J Emerson
CulbersonCherokeeAug 2013E Kalish
CullowheeJacksonJul 2012E Kalish
CurrituckCurrituckNov 2010J EmersonDisc.
DanaHendersonJul 2022E Kalish
Deep GapWataugaJul 2022E Kalish
DelcoColumbusJun 2022P Soroka
DenverLincolnJul 2012E Kalish
DillsboroJacksonJul 2012E Kalish
DunnHarnettApr 1938N/AFormer site
DunnHarnettJul 2022K Kindahl
Durham: MPODurhamMar 1934N/A
Durham: MPODurhamNov 2010J Emerson
. East Durham StationDurhamNov 2004J Gallagher
DurhamDurhamca. 1900N/AFormer site
Eagle SpringsMooreMar 2010J Gallagher
East Flat RockHendersonOct 2020J Emerson
EdenRockinghamAug 2013E Kalish
EdentonChowanNov 2004J Gallagher
EdneyvilleHendersonJul 2012E Kalish
EdwardBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
EflandOrangeJan 2010J Gallagher
EflandOrangeJul 2022K Kindahl
Elizabeth CityPasquotankca. 1900N/AFormer site
Elizabeth CityPasquotank1906N/AFormer site
. Federal Building StationPasquotankJun 2010J GallagherDisc. 2011
Elk ParkAveryApr 2006J Emerson
Elk ParkAveryAug 2013E Kalish
ElkinSurryAug 2010J Emerson
EllenboroRutherfordOct 2011J Gallagher
Elm CityWilsonJul 2022K Kindahl
EnkaBuncombeJul 2012E KalishFormer site
EnkaBuncombeJul 2022E Kalish
EtherMontgomeryMar 2010J Gallagher
EtowahHendersonJul 2012E Kalish
EureGatesNov 2004J Gallagher
Eureka CPO [Fremont]WayneJun 2010J Gallagher
EverettsMartinDec 2009J Gallagher
Fair BluffColumbusJun 2022P Soroka
FairviewBuncombeJul 2012E Kalish
FalklandPittJun 2010J Gallagher
Fayetteville: MPOCumberland1965N/A
. East Fayetteville CPUCumberlandNov 2012J Emerson
Flat RockHendersonOct 2020J Emerson
FleetwoodAsheAug 2013E Kalish
FletcherHendersonJul 2022E Kalish
Fontana DamGrahamAug 2013E Kalish
Forest CityRutherfordOct 2011J Gallagher
FountainPittJun 2010J Gallagher
Four OaksJohnstonAug 2009E Kalish
Four OaksJohnstonFeb 2021J Gallagher
FranklinMaconApr 2014M Wasko
FranklintonFranklinNov 2004J Gallagher
FranklinvilleRandolphMar 2010J Gallagher
FremontWayneJun 2010J Gallagher
Fuquay-VarinaWakeFeb 2021J Gallagher
GarnerWakeFeb 2021J Gallagher
GastonNorthamptonAug 2013E Kalish
GastoniaGastonJan 2007J Emerson
GatesGatesNov 2004J Gallagher
GatesvilleGatesNov 2004J Gallagher
GertonHendersonJul 2012E Kalish
GibsonScotlandJan 2010J Gallagher
Glade ValleyAlleghanyApr 2006J Emerson
Glendale SpringsAsheJul 2022E Kalish
GlenvilleJacksonJul 2012E Kalish
GodwinCumberlandAug 2009E Kalish
GodwinCumberlandJul 2022K Kindahl
Gold HillRowanDec 2008J Gallagher
GoldsboroWayneJun 2010J Gallagher
. Berkeley StationWayneJun 2010J Gallagher
GoldsboroWayneca. 1910N/AFormer site
GrahamAlamanceca. 1936N/AFormer site
GrahamAlamanceJan 2010J Gallagher
Granite QuarryRowanDec 2008J Gallagher
GrantsboroPamlicoDec 2009J Gallagher
Grassy CreekAsheApr 2006J Emerson
Grassy CreekAsheMay 2020J Emerson
Green MountainYanceyJul 2022E Kalish
Greensboro NDCGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
Greensboro NDCGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
Greensboro P&DCGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
Greensboro: MPOGuilford1900N/AFormer site
Greensboro: MPOGuilfordJun 1904N/AFormer site
Greensboro: MPOGuilford1933N/AFormer site
Greensboro: MPOGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
Greensboro: MPOGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
. Battleground StationGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
. Friendly StationGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
. Guilford StationGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
. Summit StationGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
. UNCG CPUGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
. Westside Carrier AnnexGuilfordAug 2013E Kalish
GreenvillePittNov 1937N/AFormer site
Greenville: MPOPittDec 2009J Gallagher
. Carrier AnnexPittDec 2009J Gallagher
. East Carolina Univ. StationPittDec 2009J Gallagher
GriftonPittDec 2009J Gallagher
GrimeslandPittDec 2009J Gallagher
HamiltonMartinJun 2010J Gallagher
HamletRichmondFeb 2007J Emerson
HarrellsvilleHertfordNov 2004J Gallagher
HassellMartinJun 2010J Gallagher
Haw RiverAlamanceJan 2010J Gallagher
HayesvilleClayAug 2013E Kalish
HendersonVanceOct 1937N/AFormer site
HendersonVanceJan 2010J Gallagher
HendersonvilleHendersonca. 1915N/AFormer site
HendersonvilleHendersonJul 2022E KalishExt.
HendersonvilleHendersonJul 2022E Kalish
. Carrier AnnexHendersonJul 2022E Kalish
. Four Seasons CPUHendersonJul 2022E Kalish
HenricoNorthamptonAug 2013E Kalish
HertfordPerquimansNov 2004J Gallagher
HickoryCatawbaMay 1917N/A
Hickory P&DFCatawbaJul 2012E KalishDisc. 2012
Hickory: MPOCatawbaJul 2012E Kalish
. Bethlehem CPUAlexanderJul 2012E Kalish
. Eason's Ace Hardware CPUCatawbaJul 2012E Kalish
. Lenoir-Rhyne CPUCatawbaJul 2012E KalishInt.
. Lisa's Hallmark CPUCatawbaJul 2012E Kalish
. Longview CPUBurkeJul 2012E Kalish
. Springs Road CPUCatawbaJul 2012E KalishExt.
. Springs Road CPUCatawbaJul 2012E Kalish
. Viewmont CPUCatawbaOct 2011J GallagherDisc.
High PointGuilfordAug 1933N/AFormer site
HighlandsMaconAug 2013E Kalish
HildebranBurkeJul 2012E Kalish
HobbsvilleGatesNov 2004J Gallagher
HobgoodHalifaxDec 2009J Gallagher
Hoffman / MarstonRichmondJan 2010J Gallagher
Holly SpringsWakeFeb 2021J Gallagher
. Apex Carrier AnnexWakeFeb 2021J Gallagher
HookertonGreeneDec 2009J Gallagher
Horse ShoeHendersonJul 2012E Kalish
Hot SpringsMadisonAug 2013E Kalish
HubertOnslowDec 2009J Gallagher
HuntersvilleMecklenburgJul 2022E Kalish
IcardBurkeJul 2012E Kalish
Iron StationLincolnOct 2011J Gallagher
JacksonvilleOnslowSep 1966N/A
JamesvilleMartinJun 2010J Gallagher
JeffersonAsheAug 2013E Kalish
Jonas RidgeBurkeJul 2022E Kalish
JonesvilleYadkinOct 1999N/A
KannapolisCabarrusJul 2022K Kindahl
KellyBladenNov 2012J Emerson
KernersvilleForsythAug 2013E Kalish
. Gateway CPUForsythAug 2013E Kalish
Kill Devil HillsDavieNov 2010J Emerson
Kings MountainClevelandca. 1938N/AFormer site
KinstonLenoirca. 1915N/AFormer site
KinstonLenoirDec 2009J Gallagher
. Plaza StationLenoirDec 2009J Gallagher
Kitty HawkDareDec 2018R Bruce
Knotts IslandCurrituckOct 2019E Kalish
Lake JunaluskaHaywoodJul 2012E Kalish
Lake LureRutherfordJul 2012E Kalish
Lake ToxawayTransylvaniaJul 2012E Kalish
LakeviewMooreJan 2010J Gallagher
LandisRowanJul 2022K Kindahl
LansingAsheAug 2013E Kalish
LattimoreClevelandOct 2011J Gallagher
Laurel SpringsAlleghanyJul 2022E Kalish
LaurinburgScotlandca. 1940N/AFormer site
LeaksvilleRockinghamca. 1940N/ARenamed Eden 1962
LeasburgCaswell1974J Gallagher
LeicesterBuncombeAug 2013E Kalish
Lemon SpringsLeeJan 2010J Gallagher
LenoirCaldwellca. 1932N/AFormer site
LewisvilleForsythJul 2012E Kalish
LexingtonDavidsonca. 1912N/AFormer site
LincolntonLincolnApr 1937N/A
LincolntonLincolnFeb 2008J Emerson
LinvilleAveryJul 2022E Kalish
Linville FallsBurkeDec 2011J Emerson
Little SwitzerlandMcDowellMay 2020J Emerson
LouisburgFranklinNov 1937N/A
LouisburgFranklinNov 2004J Gallagher
LumbertonRobesonSep 1932N/AFormer site
LynnPolkNov 2007J Gallagher
MaconWarrenJan 2010J Gallagher
MadisonRockinghamApr 1941N/AFormer site
MadisonRockinghamJul 2012E KalishExt.
MadisonRockinghamMay 2021J Emerson
Maggie ValleyHaywoodAug 2013E Kalish
MaidenCatawbaJul 2012E Kalish
MansonWarrenJan 2010J Gallagher
MapleCurrituckNov 2010J Emerson
Maple HillPenderDec 2009J Gallagher
MarbleCherokeeAug 2013E Kalish
MarionMcDowellca. 1936N/AFormer site
MarionMcDowellAug 2013E Kalish
Mars HillMadisonSep 1966N/A
Mars HillMadisonJul 2022E Kalish
MarshallMadisonAug 2013E Kalish
MarstonRichmondFeb 2007J Emerson
MauryGreeneDec 2009J Gallagher
MayodanRockinghamJul 2012E Kalish
MaysvilleJonesDec 2009J Gallagher
McGradyWilkesJul 2022E Kalish
MebaneAlamanceDec 1939N/AFormer site
MebaneAlamanceJan 2010J Gallagher
Merry HillBertieNov 2004J Gallagher
MicavilleYanceyApr 2006J Emerson
MicavilleYanceyJul 2022E Kalish
MicroJohnstonJul 2022K Kindahl
MiddleburgVanceJan 2010J Gallagher
Mill SpringPolkNov 2007J Gallagher
MiltonCaswell1974J GallagherSusp. 2020
MinneapolisAveryApr 2006J Emerson
MinneapolisAveryJul 2022E Kalish
MisenheimerStanlyDec 2008J Gallagher
MocksvilleDavieAug 2013E Kalish
MoncureAlamanceJan 2010J Gallagher
MonroeUnionca. 1915N/AFormer site
MontezumaAveryca. 2002N, R Hinshaw
MontezumaAveryJul 2022E Kalish
MontreatBuncombeJul 2012E Kalish
MooresboroClevelandOct 2011J Gallagher
Mooresville: Brawley School Hardware CPUIredellJul 2012E Kalish
. North Lake StationIredellJul 2012E Kalish
MooresvilleIredellMay 1937N/AFormer site
Morehead CityCarteretca. 1939N/AFormer site
MorgantonBurkeDec 1935N/AFormer site
MorrisvilleWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
Mount AirySurryMar 1933N/A
Mount HollyGastonOct 2011J Gallagher
Mount OliveWayneFeb 1933N/AFormer site
Mount UllaRowanNov 2007J Gallagher
Mountain HomeHendersonJul 2022E Kalish
MurfreesboroHertfordNov 2004J Gallagher
MurfreesboroHertfordJul 2022K Kindahl
MurphyCherokeeAug 2013E Kalish
Nags HeadDareca. 1950E LeHuquetFormer site
Nags HeadDareSep 1993F Voorhees
NaplesHendersonJul 2022E Kalish
NeboMcDowellAug 2013E Kalish
New BernCraven1900N/AFormer site
New BernCraven1935N/AFormer site
New BernCravenDec 2009J Gallagher
. Downtown StationCravenDec 2009J Gallagher
. Neuse Forest BranchCravenDec 2009J Gallagher
New HillWakeFeb 2021J Gallagher
New LondonStanlyDec 2008J Gallagher
NewlandAveryJul 2022E Kalish
NewtonCatawbaApr 1938N/AFormer site
NewtonCatawbaJul 2012E Kalish
Newton GroveSampsonJun 2010J Gallagher
NorlinaWarrenJan 2010J Gallagher
North WilkesboroWilkesca. 1935N/AFormer site
NorwoodStanlyDec 2008J Gallagher
Oak CityMartinJun 2010J Gallagher
Old FortMcDowellJul 2012E Kalish
OliviaHarnettNov 2012J Emerson
OttoMaconAug 2013M Wasko
OxfordGranvilleca. 1913N/AFormer site
OxfordGranvilleJul 2022K Kindahl
Parmele CPO [Robersonville]MartinDec 2009J Gallagher
PattersonCaldwellAug 1997J Gallagher
PelhamCaswell1974J Gallagher
PendletonNorthamptonDec 2009J Gallagher
PenlandMitchellApr 2006J Emerson
PenlandMitchellJul 2022E Kalish
PenroseTransylvaniaJul 2012E Kalish
PfafftownForsythJul 2012E Kalish
PikevilleWayneJun 2010J Gallagher
Pine HallStokesJul 2012E Kalish
Pine LevelJohnstonNov 2003N/A
Pine LevelJohnstonFeb 2021J Gallagher
PinebluffMooreJan 2010J Gallagher
PinehurstMooreca. 1934N/AFormer site
PinehurstMooreJan 2010J Gallagher
PineolaAveryJul 2022E Kalish
PinetopsEdgecombeca. 1950N/AFormer site
PinetopsEdgecombeOct 2002E LeHuquet
Piney CreekAlleghanyJul 2022E Kalish
Pisgah ForestTransylvaniaJul 2012E Kalish
PittsboroChathamJan 2010J Gallagher
Pleasant HillNorthamptonAug 2013E Kalish
PlumtreeAveryApr 2006J Emerson
PlymouthWashingtonJun 2010J Gallagher
Point HarborCurrituckNov 2010J Emerson
PollocksvilleJonesDec 2009J Gallagher
Poplar BranchCurrituckSep 1993F Voorhees
PotecasiNorthamptonDec 2009J Gallagher
Powells PointCurrituckSep 1993F Voorhees
Powells PointCurrituckNov 2010J Emerson
PowellsvilleBertieNov 2004J Gallagher
ProvidenceCaswell1974J Gallagher
RaefordHokeDec 1965N/A
RaefordHokeJan 2010J Gallagher
Raleigh P&DCWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
Raleigh: MPOWake1901N/ANow Century Sta.
Raleigh: MPOWakeMay 1938N/ANow Century Sta.
. Avent Ferry Road StationWakeFeb 2021J Gallagher
. Brentwood StationWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
. Capitol StationWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
. Century StationWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
. Century StationWakeNov 2010J Emerson
. Crabtree Valley StationWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
. Creekside Carrier AnnexWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
. Five Points StationWakeJun 1995E Southerland
. Five Points StationWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
. Hilburn Carrier AnnexWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
. Millbrook BranchWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
. Westgate BranchWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
Raleigh-Durham Int'l Airport Mail FacilityWakeNov 2004J GallagherDisc. 2007
RandlemanRandolphMar 2010J Gallagher
Red SpringsRobesonMay 1940N/A
Red SpringsRobesonFeb 2007J Emerson
ReidsvilleRockinghamJan 1937N/AFormer site
ReidsvilleRockinghamAug 2013E Kalish
ReliefMitchellApr 1998N, R HinshawDisc.
Rich SquareNorthamptonDec 2009J Gallagher
RidgecrestBuncombeJun 1995N, R HinshawFormer site
RidgecrestBuncombeJul 2012E Kalish
RidgewayWarrenNov 2010J Emerson
RidgewayWarrenJul 2022K Kindahl
RiegelwoodColumbusJun 2022P Soroka
Roanoke RapidsHalifaxFeb 1936N/AFormer site
Roaring GapAlleghanyApr 2006J Emerson
RobbinsMooreMar 2010J Gallagher
RobbinsvilleGrahamAug 2013E Kalish
RobersonvilleMartinDec 2009J Gallagher
RockinghamRichmond1935N/AFormer site
RockwellRowanDec 2008J Gallagher
Rocky MountNashca. 1914N/AFormer site
Rocky PointPenderDec 2009J Gallagher
RoducoGatesNov 2004J Gallagher
RolesvilleWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
RoperWashingtonJun 2010J Gallagher
RoseboroSampsonJun 2010J Gallagher
RosmanTransylvaniaJul 2012E Kalish
RougemontDurhamJan 2010J Gallagher
RowlandRobesonJul 2022K Kindahl
RoxboroPersonMay 1937N/AFormer site
RuffinRockingham1974J Gallagher
Rural HallForsythJun 2003N/A
RuthRutherford1939E LeHuquetDisc. 1958
Rutherford CollegeBurkeJul 2012E Kalish
RutherfordtonRutherfordDec 1932N/AFormer site
Saint PaulsRobesonAug 2009E Kalish
SalemburgSampsonJun 2010J Gallagher
SalisburyRowan1932N/AFormer site
SalisburyRowanDec 2008J Gallagher
SaludaPolkNov 2007J Gallagher
SaludaPolkJul 2022E Kalish
SanfordLeeMay 1937N/AFormer site
SanfordLeeJan 2010J Gallagher
SapphireTransylvaniaJul 2012E Kalish
SaratogaWilsonJun 2010J Gallagher
SaxapahawAlamanceJan 2010J Gallagher
Scaly MountainMaconApr 2014M Wasko
Scotland NeckHalifaxDec 2009J Gallagher
SeagroveRandolphMar 2010J Gallagher
SedaliaGuilfordJul 2022K Kindahl
SelmaJohnstonFeb 2021J Gallagher
SemoraCaswell1974J Gallagher
SevernNorthamptonDec 2009J Gallagher
SharpsburgNashJul 2022K Kindahl
ShelbyClevelandca. 1917N/AFormer site
Sherrills FordCatawbaOct 2011J Gallagher
ShilohCamdenJun 2010J Gallagher
Siler CityChathamca. 1941N/A
Siler CityChathamNov 2010J Emerson
SimpsonPittDec 2009J Gallagher
SkylandBuncombeJul 2022E Kalish
SmithfieldJohnstonca. 1936N/AFormer site
SmithfieldJohnstonFeb 2021J Gallagher
Snow CampAlamanceJan 2010J Gallagher
SophiaRandolphMar 2010J Gallagher
South MillsCamdenJun 2010J Gallagher
Southern PinesMooreMay 1938N/A
Southern PinesMooreJan 2010J Gallagher
Southern PinesMooreNov 2013J Emerson
SpeedEdgecombeDec 2009J Gallagher
SpindaleRutherfordOct 2011J Gallagher
Spruce PineMitchellJul 2022E Kalish
StanleyGastonOct 2011J Gallagher
StantonsburgWilsonJun 2010J Gallagher
StarMontgomeryMar 2010J Gallagher
StatesvilleIredellca. 1900N/AFormer site
StatesvilleIredellMar 1939N/AFormer site
StatesvilleIredellJul 2012E Kalish
. East Broad Street CPUIredellJul 2012E Kalish
. Front Street CPUIredellJul 2012E Kalish
StedmanCumberlandJun 2010J Gallagher
StellaCarteretDec 2009J Gallagher
StonevilleRockinghamJul 2012E Kalish
Sugar GroveWataugaMay 2007J Emerson
SunburyGatesNov 2004J Gallagher
SupplyBrunswickDec 2009J Gallagher
Swan QuarterHydeNov 2010J Emerson
SwannanoaBuncombeJul 2012E Kalish
. Warren Wilson CPUBuncombeAug 2013E Kalish
SwansboroOnslowDec 2009J Gallagher
SwepsonvilleAlamanceJan 2010J Gallagher
SylvaJacksonJul 2012E Kalish
Tar HeelBladenNov 2013J Emerson
TarboroEdgecombeAug 1915N/A
TarboroEdgecombeDec 2009J Gallagher
TerrellCatawbaJul 2012E Kalish
ThomasvilleDavidsonMar 1926N/AFormer site
ThomasvilleDavidsonJul 2022K Kindahl
TimberlakePersonJul 2022K Kindahl
ToddWataugaAug 2013E Kalish
ToptonCherokeeAug 2013E Kalish
TrentonJonesJan 1967N/A
TrinityRandolphMar 2010J Gallagher
TroutmanIredellJul 2012E Kalish
TroyMontgomeryMar 2010J Gallagher
TryonPolkNov 2007J Gallagher
TuckasegeeJacksonJul 2012E Kalish
TurkeySampsonNov 2012J Emerson
TynerChowanNov 2004J Gallagher
Union MillsRutherfordDec 1999N/A
ValdeseBurkeJul 2012E Kalish
Valle Crucis CPOWataugaAug 2013E Kalish
Valle Crucis CPOWataugaJul 2022E KalishExt.
Valle Crucis CPOWataugaJul 2022E Kalish
VassMooreJan 2010J Gallagher
VaughanWarrenJan 2010J Gallagher
VaughanWarrenNov 2010J Emerson
VilasWataugaAug 2013E Kalish
VilasWataugaJul 2022E Kalish
WadeCumberlandAug 2009E Kalish
WadesboroAnsonNov 1933N/A
WadesboroAnsonFeb 2007J Emerson
WagramScotlandJan 2010J Gallagher
Wake ForestWakeca. 1940N/AFormer site
Wake ForestWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
WalkertownForsythJul 2012E Kalish
WallaceDuplinMay 1941N/AFormer site
WallburgDavidsonJan 2012J Gallagher
WarneClayAug 2013E Kalish
WarrensvilleAsheAug 2013E Kalish
WarrentonWarrenJun 1937N/A
WarrentonWarrenJan 2010J Gallagher
WashingtonBeaufortDec 1937N/AFormer site
WashingtonBeaufortDec 2009J Gallagher
WaynesvilleHaywoodca. 1910N/AFormer site
WaynesvilleHaywoodMar 1966N/A
WaynesvilleHaywoodJul 2012E Kalish
. Hazelwood StationHaywoodJul 2012E Kalish
WeavervilleBuncombeAug 2013E Kalish
WebsterJacksonJul 2012E Kalish
WelcomeDavidsonJan 2012J Gallagher
WeldonHalifaxca. 1939N/A
WeldonHalifaxMay 2007J Emerson
WentworthRockinghamAug 2013E KalishFormer site
WentworthRockinghamMay 2021J Emerson
West JeffersonAsheAug 2013E Kalish
WhitevilleColumbusca. 1940N/AFormer site
WhitsettGuilfordJul 2022K Kindahl
WhittierJacksonJul 2012E Kalish
WilkesboroWilkes1917N/AFormer site
WilliamstonMartinDec 2009J Gallagher
WilmingtonNew Hanoverca. 1891N/AFormer site
WilmingtonNew HanoverMay 1937N/A
WilsonWilsonOct 1928N/AFormer site
Wilsons MillsJohnstonFeb 2021J Gallagher
WindsorBertieNov 2004J Gallagher
WinfallPerquimansNov 2004J GallagherFormer site
WinfallPerquimansMay 2019D Thomas
WinstonForsythca. 1900N/APre-Winston-Salem
WinstonForsythca. 1910N/ADisc.
Winston-Salem: MPOForsythApr 1937N/AFormer site
Winston-Salem: MPOForsythJul 2012E Kalish
. Center City StationForsythJul 2012E Kalish
. Cloverdale CPUForsythJul 2012E Kalish
. Hanes Mall StationForsythJul 2012E Kalish
. Jonestown Road CPUForsythJul 2012E Kalish
. Manor StationForsythJul 2012E Kalish
. Mount Tabor CPUForsythJul 2012E Kalish
. North Point StationForsythJul 2012E Kalish
. Station A CPUForsythJul 2012E KalishWSSU Student Ctr.
. Wake Forest University CPUForsythJul 2012E Kalish
. Waughtown StationForsythJul 2012E Kalish
WintonHertfordNov 2004J Gallagher
WiseWarrenJan 2010J Gallagher
WoodlandNorthamptonDec 2009J Gallagher
WoodleafRowanNov 2007J Gallagher
YoungsvilleFranklinNov 2004J Gallagher
ZebulonWakeNov 2004J Gallagher
ZionvilleWataugaAug 2013E Kalish
ZirconiaHendersonJul 2022E Kalish

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